On the Routing Table: Zenith Hockey, Gold Standard Basketball, Prestige Football

March 24, 2011

It’s been way too long since last we visited the fabled Panini America Routing Table, what with its seemingly never-ending stack of early looks at products in various stages of early development.

Admittedly, its location in the new building near Product Development and Design — far, far away from the marketing department — makes frequent sojourns to its four-legged loot more difficult, but no less bountiful.

I made the journey late last week to take pictures aplenty but failed to get them posted before we departed on Sunday for the 2011 Industry Summit. Well, we’re back now and the following gallery should give collectors of our basketball, football and hockey cards plenty to think about and salivate over for the next few months.

Some of what you’re about to see? The Solid Gold cards (think “Golden Tickets”) headed for 2010-11 Panini Gold Standard, previews galore from 2010-11 Luxury Suite and 2010-11 Zenith Hockey (including the Dare to Tear jumbos) and a few glimpses of 2011 Prestige Football.

Keep in mind now as always that many items on the Routing Table are so early in the production cycle as to be “for position only” or FPO.

As for your position, take a seat and enjoy this high-brow hobby harbinger . . .