Panini America 2013 Boxing Day Packs Star in this Episode of Panini Unwrapped

Today is a huge day for Panini America collectors north of the border as the puck officially drops on the company's Canada-exclusive 2013 Boxing Day wrapper-redemption program. Panini America officials have created a special set to help collectors celebrate one of Canada's biggest shopping days of the year -- and the packs are available exclusively inside participating Canadian Panini Roundtable hobby shops.


Today is a huge day for Panini America collectors north of the border as the puck officially drops on the company’s Canada-exclusive 2013 Boxing Day wrapper-redemption program. Panini America officials have created a special set to help collectors celebrate one of Canada’s biggest shopping days of the year — and the packs are available exclusively inside participating Canadian Panini Roundtable hobby shops.

You can see what all the buzz is about in this special episode of Panini Unwrapped starring Panini America’s Tracy Hackler, Scott Prusha and a handful of those special red-foil packs. You can find a complete list of participating Boxing Day dealers right here. And stick around after the video to find out how you can win some Boxing Day packs for yourself.

OK, now that you’ve watched the video, we’re going to give you a chance to win some 2013 Boxing Day packs. All you have to is tell us a) what you think of the 2013 Boxing Day set’s Absolute design and b) what card pulled in this episode of Panini Unwrapped you’d most like to have.

Leave your answers in the comments section below and you’ll be entered for a chance to win some 2013 Boxing Day packs. Thanks for participating and good luck.


99 Replies to “Panini America 2013 Boxing Day Packs Star in this Episode of Panini Unwrapped”

  1. I like the ideas behind all of these promo sets. Interesting that Boxing Day is all one sport rather than Black Friday and Father’s Day being spread across all sports.

    I really like the FIRE on ICE Parallels, but like Jeff the rookie camera man, that cracked ice Tavares auto, yeah, I would love to make it magically disappear!

  2. Love the design and inserts of the Absolute set. pictures and design are both pretty awesome. The card pulled I would want is the Monahan hat card, after all the Habs and Flames are my two teams.

  3. I love the fire and ice and cracked ice cards, I think its an overall great looking design. I would love anything pulled in the video but I’m not picky lol, Blue Jackets are the home team here and I seen some were made for the set, that’s cool. Happy Holidays.

  4. (a) I don’t mind the design but I can’t say Panini hit it out of the park; and (b) the Tavares ‘Cracked Ice’ auto

  5. I love the way the absolute set was designed by Panini, the photography is my favourite. First time hockey has been featured in this set so that’s awesome. I personally like the fire on ice cards and the cracked ice Tavares auto. It would mean the world to me if I won that Tavares auto since he’s one of the best players in the game today.

  6. How you guys do the Absolute product lines is just nasty sick… So nasty that it brings anyone near death when they pull a live cracked ice auto… that’s one of the most beautiful style of cards I have ever seen or want to pull from any pack. You can honestly put ANY sport on the absolute product line and it would look clean, edgy, & awesome.

  7. Absolutely love absolute! So successful in football with its simple but yet clean design. I hope to build a complete of the promo and would love it to be a full set one day. The parallels are great as always cracked ice, fire and ice and icons. So awesome! One card I would absolutely love would be the Tavares cracked ice but the mackinnon would make a great Christmas present.

    All the best and I can’t wait to rip open my Boxing Day box!

  8. a) Absolute Hockey cards are phenomenal. I really love the sharp white background on these cards. I also like how the name of the player is on the center of the card. It really makes the player’s name and the player’s team stand out. In addition, the player’s team colors are displayed on the bottom border of the card. For example, Bobby Ryan’s card has the color red on the bottom of the card resembling the team he plays for, the Ottawa Senators. I strongly believe that these cards are an “absolute” success to the Boxing Day packs.

    b) The card that I would like to have from the Panini Unwrapped episode is the Absolute Hockey NHL Icons card of future Hall of Famer, Martin Brodeur. This set truly exemplifies the players in the NHL that are destined to be NHL Hall of Famers. This card fits Martin Broduer perfectly. Brodeur is the all time winningest goalie, a vezina winner, and a 3 time Stanley Cup Champion. Martin Brodeur is an iconic legend of the sport of hockey. This insert set contains many iconic players and Brodeur is definitely one of them. Martin Brodeur’s NHL Icons insert card is the card I want most from this episode of Unwrapped.

    1. a) Absolute Hockey cards are phenomenal. I really love the sharp white background on these cards. I also like how the name of the player is on the center of the card. It really makes the player’s name and the player’s team stand out. In addition, the player’s team colors are displayed on the bottom border of the card. For example, Bobby Ryan’s card has the color red on the bottom of the card resembling the team he plays for, the Ottawa Senators. I strongly believe that these cards are an “absolute” success to the Boxing Day packs.
      b) The card that I would like to have from the Panini Unwrapped episode is the Absolute Hockey NHL Icons card of future Hall of Famer, Martin Brodeur. This set truly exemplifies the players in the NHL that are destined to be NHL Hall of Famers. This card fits Martin Broduer perfectly. Brodeur is the all time winningest goalie, a vezina winner, and a 3 time Stanley Cup Champion. Martin Brodeur is an iconic legend of the sport of hockey. This insert set contains many iconic players and Brodeur is definitely one of them. Martin Brodeur’s NHL Icons insert card is the card I want most from this episode of Unwrapped.

  9. Looks great for an Absolute designed Hockey promo set. The fire and ice is very nice as well. No question, the Tavares auto is for me. I love it.

  10. The idea of putting Absolute into a hockey design was a great idea, as the cards look awesome, especially the Icons set. Also, if i could choose any of those cards to have, I’d choose the Tavares, as it looks absolutely stunning.

  11. Awesome promo. The fire & ice cards are super cool & look awesome. Of course that John Tavares card would look great in my hockey collection and why not it is SWEET! Thanks for the opportunity to win some cool stuff.

  12. You guys know you’re the best right? Love the Absolute design for hockey. I always liked Absolute in football and even back in the day when it was available in baseball. The tools of the trade and the RPM/ SRM cards are great. Mem with auto’s can’t be beat. But my favorite would be the Tools of the Trade. Great card insert theme. My favorite from this recap would have to be the Cracked Ice Tavares. It could have been any other auto, it would still be fav. Always loved the cracked ice design in your redemption themed inserts. One of my favs. Great job Joe on the camera work! You nailed it 🙂

  13. I adore the Absolute set. That’s a design that’s always looked good, and somehow it looks even better with the hockey cards, probably because NHL uniforms are so much more colourful and striking than those in the NFL or NBA or MLB (excluding Colorado).

    This is kind of weird, because I love the heck out of those cracked ice autographs (I was lucky enough to pull a cracked ice Anthony Davis auto out of the Black Friday packs I got for Hanukkah), but those Fire on Ice cards may be the prettiest Prizm cards I’ve ever seen — and that’s saying something, because you guys have made some very pretty ones. So, yeah, I’d love a pack of Boxing Day, but what I really want is a Fire on Ice beauty like that!

    Good job on the camera, new guy! People don’t realize, that stuff is hard to do well, but these videos always look great. Tracy and Scott, y’all are entertaining and informative as always. Keep up the fantastic work!

  14. 1) I like the clean design of this set and seems to be a wide variety of players included.
    2) As an Autograph collector it would be the John Tavares Auto 2nd was the Scott Loughton Fire & Ice since I’m a Flyers fan.

  15. The Absolute design goes perfectly with hockey. Really cool promotion for collectors in Canada. The card i would most like to have is the Ryan Murray Draft Day Materials. I have picked up the other 8 from the 2012 NHL Draft that had been previously released, but it looks like the set is growing! Merry Christmas/Happy New Year to everyone at Panini.

  16. I love that the boxing day packs are only available in Canada because boxing day is only in Canada. I loved that Tavares auto as well.

  17. awesome cards, loved the wide array of memorabilia and variations of cards. The card that i would want most…. hard choice, the draft hat patch cards are by far my favorite!

  18. these packs are very nice. the look of the cards are amazing, cant expect anything less from Panini! The card i would like to have would hands down be the cracked ice auto, the look was unmatched to anything i have. hope the camera guy didnt swipe it lol

  19. I am an absolute fan of the design. I love the light background with the players having the appearance that they are popping out of the card. The “Icon” cards are unique and identify players that are truly a master of their craft. Absolute is a perfect mix of simple but an innovative design that Panini continues to develop with each new product. A busy card is not always better and appealing to the collector so great job on the look.

    As for my favorite card pulled I have to say the cracked ice auto of John Tavares just stopped my in my tracks. That card not only screams “rare” but the technology behing that card incorporated with an autograph is a must have of any collector regardless if you love hockey or not.

    Thanks again for the contest and that you guys continue to listen to the collectors. Happy Holidays!

  20. I really liked the design of the Absolute rookie cards. Nice and clean looking with a large image of the rookie

    My favorite pull of the video however was the Cracked Ice pull of the John Tavares auto

    Great job this year. Good luck next year


  21. Love the ideas u guys have for these promotions Love the NHL icons Set But Love that these packs are NHL cards You would think some other teams from Sports would interest guys in canada but I know NHL Is Big Out their Hope they Enjoy these packs like we do with Black Friday And Fathers Day

    Man i would love to have that select Fire On ice Thomas Hickey Refractor Love the concept of the card Stands out gives it a great look I would like to get this if us yanks from the states would be able to qualify LOL As A FL Panthers fan i love collecting Hockey In General lately !!

    P.S The Cracked ICE ARE FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  22. The Absolute design for this set is awesome. It has always been a a favorite of mine. This set has it all from base cards, rookie cards, memorabilia cards, parallells and autographs. What more could you ask for. Another great job from Panini, but what else would you expect!

    I would love to add the John Tavares cracked ice autograph to my personal collection. Thank you for all the many contests you do!

  23. Such a clean, beautiful set. The Fire and Ice and Cracked Ice parallels make those cards look like something extremely special. My pick of the set would be the Rookie Showcase Materials. They do a nice job of exhibiting the player and material. Great job guys

  24. Sweet cards! I love the Absolute design, think you should do a version of them for all the sports. Just even the designs of the base cards are nice, & really like the fact you chose from a few different of the Absolute designs from the past. As far as the cards you pulled, after flipping a quarter 5xs cause I couldnt decide tween the Fire & Ice or the Draft Day Materials Hat relics, I’m going with the Fire & Ice of Scott Laughton. Love the way the colors bounce off the light from the Prizm technology & then add in the Flyers orange, wow! Like it more so than the Cracked Ice ones. LOL a lil disappointed no Florida Panthers love with a Jonathan Huberdeau or Aleksander Barkov being pulled out, but hopefully I’ll win some packs & pull my own 😉 Dont look now, but them Cats have the #RedRising! #GoCatsGo!

  25. I think the Absolute design is a great fit for hockey, and definitely gives a classy feel to the cards. The Fire on Ice is a really cool looking concept.

    Of all the cards pulled, I think I would want any of the goalie cards for my son, who just started collecting and is a pee wee goalie. Either that or the Scott Laughton Fire on Ice, since my son loves the Flyers.

  26. I think the design is great – clean look. Hard to pick just one card from the episode, but would probably go with the Tavares followed by the MacKinnon patch. Great job again guys.

    Thanks for the contest.

  27. Thanks Panini and Tracy for another sweet giveaway. I really like the overall designs of the cards and inserts. The Fire on Ice cards are really my favorites. I also really liked how on some cards the players name and their team is written in very large letters across the center of the card instead of being pushed to the bottom, or pushed to the side.

    As for what pulled cards I would like to have. I would really like to be the owner of the John Tavares cracked ice auto Tracy pulled. I love the cracked iced desgin, and when you add an auto, it makes one sweet looking card. In pictures and scans, it can be hard to read the auto on a cracked ice card. In hand though, there isn’t many better looking cards than a cracked ice auto in my opinion.

    Thanks again and I wish everyone the best in the coming new year.

  28. The set left me without words. I mean the set was just phenomanal. The technology used on the cards, the quality of the players, and the memorbillia is just stunning, it left me thinking how will panini ever top this. I still do not know how you can. I recently ordered a box of rookie anthology from a us store but I guess that means I do not get the packs.

    My favorite card in this video that I would do just about anything for is the Cracked Ice Autograph of John Tavares.

  29. The Absolute design for all the inserts are sick. I especially like the goalie ones. However, on the base cards, I’m not so much a fan of the name in the center of the card over the player. That name should be moved down a tad at least, maybe to the 2/3 area of the card instead of smack in the middle.

    Who wouldn’t want a Cracked Ice auto of anybody? Those things are hard to pull. Only got my first auto from promo packs during the Toronto Expo promotion this year (was a Cory Conacher cracked ice auto). But pulling one of those can always brighten your day no matter who it is. 🙂

    Oh, and teach your rookie camera man to NEVER put his thumb right on a card like that, especially on a type of card that picks up finger prints like crazy! That’s one of my pet peeves. Getting rid of the finger prints is almost impossible sometimes on some of those cards. 🙁

    Hope there are some Penguins in the set. 😉 #LetsGoPens

  30. I think this is a great set the designs are very similar to the Black Friday cards. I think it is cool how you put together some hockey cards with other panini products like absolute.i think the cards look really nice.

  31. Great promotion!! Wonderful idea on the game used hat cards. Do not see that type of card much. Would love to get my hands on some of these packs in the US!! Keep up the excellent work!!!!

  32. Nice cards! so to answer the questions:
    A) Design is cool but do not cut the heads of and there should be some logo silver or gold stamped on it just to give them some feel in the hand.
    B)Everyone wants the cracked ice card but I have to say eather of the massive jersey cards, but as a Swede I must say that the Gabriel Landeskog card is the one I would like to have the most! Time to share this 🙂
    Keep up the great work and happy hollidays.

  33. I think the Absolute design to a promo like this works perfect. Well actually this is amazing. I really think that’s the way to go with this promotions, to make products which haven’t been released in that particular sport to a “promo product”. I would really prefer to pull that, instead of like some odd parallel from a “real product”. That just feel bad to me, to give set collectors of that particular set that I just pulled a card from another parallel to hunt.

    The Absolute design, though, works great to hockey. From what I’ve seen of Absolute Football I really like the design all over the product, and that really continues with the hockey players on them. What I really love is the cropping of the player images. Just like in Absolute Football it’s very unique, and it seems to have some effects added to the images which makes them even more unique. I have to say that they are great cards! And as I said I loved the design in Absolute Football, so of course I love the design for Absolute Hockey as well.

    The card I most would like to own is, of course, the John Tavares cracked ice parallel. It is a great card, and the fact that you can pull such a big name autographs out of this is fantastic. Though, I have to say I would prefer you to save most of the “better players”, both rookies and veterans, autographs for products which isn’t promotions. The same thing is with the jerseys, that you only use things which isn’t game used in promo products.

    Another card I really like is actually the Teemu Selanne NHL Icons. Selanne is a big active hockey legend, and in that particular card the colour scheme and design works great along with the darken image and colours on it. That makes it a set I would love to collect.

    So overall I have to give you guys a huge applause for this Boxing Day promo, maybe the best one so far, in my opinion! Keep on walking this way in the future as well!

  34. Again another absolutely amazing unwrapped episode. I always loved the Absolute product!! It would be great if there was a full line of absolute. I would love the cracked ice auto. But that multicolored mem card would make an awesome addition to my slowly growing hockey collection. Looking forward to see what 2014 brings!! You guys are the best!!

  35. I love the absolute design and I hope there will be a full product available one day since it is so successful in football with its simple yet sleep design. Fire and ice and cracked ice parallels always continue to impress. Keep up the good work as always

    One card that anyone would love to have is that Tavares cracked ice… but the one that draws my attention is that mackinnion materials. Man that kid is special and I wouldn’t mind building a pc around him.

    Thanks again for all you do!

  36. Another great promo set! As I mentioned in a previous post, the design for Absolute was my favorite of the year. Glad to see it make its way to hockey. Would love the Tavares auto. Again great job and thanks for another great contest! Happy Holidays!

  37. I like the Absolute design. It’s nice and clean, and the picture is the dominant part of the card.
    It’s a tough call between the Tavares Cracked Ice auto and the MacKinnon jersey rookie, but I’d go with the MacKinnon jersey rookie because I’m another of the people who doesn’t like the Cracked Ice design on some of these sets. It makes dark backgrounds way too dark.

  38. I think the absolute set looks just as good as it did in Football, would really like to this see this as a full product for 14-15.

    As for the card I’d like to have the most, that Tavares is just stunning. Cracked Ice cards really are the pinnacle of epicness.

  39. I like the overall design of the cards,particularly the Fire on Ice. But-I have to say that the Cracked Ice Tavares card is “absolutely” beautiful. I can’t even imagine pulling a card like that,but it would definitely be something to hang on to. Thanks for the contest,and great camera work!

  40. The Absolute set looks great! I like how the colour around is faded because it really puts the focus on the player. I would like to have that MacKinnon GU the most, because I collect him! Thanks, Merry Christmas Panini!

  41. I really like the action photos that are on the Absolute. The design is very sharp; I also like the innovative backgrounds on the Absolute. The card I like the most in the video is the MacKinnon jersey card towards the beginning.

  42. Joe-you did fine-no Dramamine needed!!!

    Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day, and Happy New Year to all at Panini and to all the faithful Knight’s Lance readers!!!

    Once again, I am impressed at the number and variety of Panini t-Shirts you guys have come up with!!!

    Anyway, I agree that it is nice to see the base cards be from a non-existent product line. I think the Absolute line looks good in hockey!!!

    My favorite card was probably the Laughton Fire Ice card, as I am a big Flyers fan. That base Giroux was also cool to see.

    As one of the people that commented about the autos being hard to see on the cracked ice and lava flow background-I can understand what you said in that they are nicer to see in person than on a scan.

    Quick comment in general-can you start putting decoys/spacers in packs?? That way it isn’t easy to tell which packs have the mem cards in them.

    Boxing Day packs is another great promotion from Panini!!! I can understand the hockey-centered nature of it. Makes sense to me.

    Thanks again for another great Panini contest!!!!

    Happy Boxing Day everyone!!!

  43. 1. Very nice, glad to see other sports’ sets are coming to hockey. The design is very clean. I like it. If I could have any card from the video, 2. I would have to go with the Tavares Cracked Ice Auto. It looks amazing, and features an autograph of a NHL star.

  44. (a) I really like the absolute hockey cards. I think it would make a great addition to an already great list of hockey products Panini has. I especially like how the border on the base and rookie cards transition from one color to another, it really adds a nice flare to the design.
    (b) hands down favorite card is the John Tavares , Cracked Ice Auto. although that Mackinnon RC jersey card aint bad either.

  45. Great idea to put this new set for a promotion to get an idea of what the consumers think, like last year’s Prizm in Rookie Anthology. From the video, I like the design, and hope it will be a full product. Nice work Panini!

    Can’t go wrong with a GU card of the 1st overall pick… but I feel MacKinnon has some extreme potential. So, if I were to get a card from the video, it would have to be the Nathan MacKinnon game-used card.

    Hope you guys have a great holidays at Panini!

  46. nice, love the names square in the middle of the card on the base absolute set. reminds me of action movie credits! great job!

  47. how can u not want a Tavares auto like this… wow. missed the promotion but hope to grab some if any are still available in store! my favorite cards, apart from the auto, are the fire on ice numbered inserts. like the colors.

  48. dominion, the upcoming titanium and now this bonus set… shut up and take my money! what… it’s free… even better! :-). i want all these nice absolute cards. great design and awesome names in the set.

  49. Absolute has ALWAYS been my favorite football set (got about 40-50 packs one year). Please make this an ongoing hockey set!! The rookie oversize materials are amazing!!! There are so many nice cards, but it’s impossible to go against the Tavares Cracked Ice sig. Thanks again!

  50. It was only a matter of time before Hockey made its way into Absolute. I think it looks great. The base cards translate well into the sport, and I hope you guys are considering putting out a future Absolute Hockey set in the future. My favorite feature is the Retired numbers set. They were great in Basketball and look great here. I’ve got a feeling though that the Absolute Goalie set would make for a wonderful collection to collectors out there. Reminds me of another popular product from another company that specializes in hockey.

    I have to agree with what was said about the cracked ice autos, they are hard to read because of the design. Surprisingly, the card that I would like to own are either of the Retired Number cards pulled from the break. Like I said, they are my favorite.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  51. Very impressed with the design. Can not specify on one part of the card that makes it so appealing, but everythings works nicely together. If it ever becomes its own set I would definitely consider going after the set.

    Wanna give me a card? 🙂 Ill take the Sean Monahan relic you pulled. Great kid, I think he can become a premier player league. But I really like the Tavares and Mac too.

  52. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s Tracy and Panini! Thanks for a year full of fun giveaways and great cards!

    For the 1st part of the contest, I think making this a set of it’s own should top your New Year’s resolution list. Looks great, and I think it would be very popular among collectors.

    For the 2nd part, I want that Nathan MacKinnon! It sure is tough to say I’ll pass up that beauty of a Tavares, but Nate tops my list. 🙂

  53. A) The Absolute line is really attractive – just so clean, and the white top / team color bottom is a really good look. I like it a lot for hockey – thanks for talking us through the thought process behind it.

    B) Well, the Tavares Cracked Ice auto is the hit of the break, and I’d join everybody who picked that one (and you’re right – Cooperstown taught me how much better Cracked Ice looks in person). But that large two-color memorabilia patch is awfully nice (some Blues rookie, I think), and I really liked the Murray rookie card with a piece of his draft day hat – having mem that’s in the photograph is always just great.

    And Happy Holidays to all of you – thanks for everything you do, and best wishes for 2014.

  54. a) love the cracked ice design. you have really “cracked” into collectors minds and found out what they like. amazing set. however, a suggestion for the autos: they are a little tough to see. how about designing a spot for the auto to be placed with a plainer background? b) i want that tavares auto! amazing pull! but sure wouldnt mind that ryan murray rc or nathan mackinnon gu 🙂 happy holidays guys

  55. a) The Lava Flow Rookie Showcase cards are my favorite. They look great! b) I wouldn’t mind having the Draft Day Materials Hat Card. I like the fact that they brought that idea from NFL set.

  56. Awesome cards! Prefer the name at the bottom of the card as opposed to the middle of the card as this tends to take away from the fantastic photography. Other than that everything else is top notch. The Retired subset cards are extremely sharp with the gray background allowing the player to stand out.. The Fire On Ice cards have to be favorites as who doesn’t like refractor rookie cards. The hat cards with the picture of the rookie wearing the hat on Draft Day is one of the more innovative ideas in the hobby. The Mckinnon jersey rookie with the Schwartz and Landeskog Rookie Showcase Materials are probably the nicest looking cards out of the bunch. If I could choose one card out of them all I’d really like to add that McKinnon card to my collection.
    Joe did a terrific job on camera and I never would have guessed he was a rookie. Does he have a rookie card out? lol
    Thanks to all at Panini, Tracy and to everyone else who makes this hobby truly enjoyable.

  57. The designs look great, especially the hat cards. Never seen that before. Pretty cool. Wouldn’t mind that Sean Monahan Hat Card. I think anything new like that, with worn clothing is collectible. Good job Panini Boxing Day!

  58. This is a great looking product!! The cracked ice looks awesome. If I had to choose one from the video it would have to be the Nathan MacKinnon Rookie jersey. What a great card! Thanks for this awesome promo!

  59. Hey Tracy! I am glad Canada is getting some love, they are a very under appreciate group for sure! I am alright being left out in the cold here.

    But, since Panini has managed to turn me into a 4+ sport collector, I wouldn’t mind a shot at some packs!

    A) I like the Absute design. It is simple, elegant, and yet has a hint of brutal awesomeness, kind of like Hockey.

    B) I wouldn’t mind having the Bobby Ryan card pulled. I like having the latest and greatest for guys in their new uniforms!

    Thanks and happy holidays!

  60. I really like the design of the cards and the inserts are all sweet. It’s cool to have a set that has never been released in hockey.

    The lava flow Jaden Schwartz jersey card would be a great one to have. Love the technology of it!

  61. Such a great way to capitalize on the retail boom of Boxing Day in Canada. Panini is keen to latch onto these holidays! Great way to corner market!

  62. a) Love the Absolute hockey design..guess it comes with loving the game of hockey! I like the names across many the front of the cards..makes it feel like we are watching a TV Game and the names pop out at you! The rookie cards look great and the images seem newer. Nice touch. Hats off to your graphic artists! Fire and Ice chrome looked cool! Fun set! Do you use your own photographers?

    b) I bleed and white as a Blackhawks fan so I love the Crawford card!

    If only hockey was bigger in the states..and we could participate in such a great promotion!

  63. I think that this absolute idea is terrific for hobby collectors I jumped on this promotion earlier today and the product is phenomenal!! The john Tavares cracked ice auto is pretty nice!!!!

  64. Really great idea too allow collectors to collect a mini set of a product that the sport doesnt have. Big fan of absolute in the other sports and to have it in hockey now is super cool.

    Didn’t get a chance to go out today because of the weather but its a pretty awesome promotion. Adds a lot of incentive to buy products on boxing day.

    Thanks for the great contest as always, you guys are the best in my books. Merry Christmas and a happy new years,

  65. First, I really like this Promo and the design. Anything to help get hockey some positive vibes its way is worth it. I really like the Absolute design also, with the Goalies and Retirees, very neat.

    I would love to have either of the Fire on Ice inserts or the Prime Rookie Materials that was pulled.

    Really cool, guys. Good job!

  66. I love all of them and quite frankly I would love the taveres cracked ice auto, mackinnon blue jersey card, or the jaden schwartz lava flow card, but really, truly, honestly, believe me, I would be happy with any of the hit cards pulled in the video, or even just a couple packs. Sincerely, collector, Jordan Freeman.

  67. I like absolute Hockey, dont collect hockey but im sure so many collectors that do would love to see absolute hockey someday…think i would like the Monahan hat card because it was taken from the hat right off his head.

  68. For me it’s the photos and overall design of the cards that makes it worth collecting. Absolute seems to have nice images as the focal points and then backgrounds that do not detract from the image but help enhance them. Also, like the different themes in product like the Rookie Jersey Collection (nice MacKinnon card) and Rookie Showcase Materials.

    If I was able to choose – the Tavares cracked ice auto, nice looking card.

  69. I’ve always liked the Absolute design and thought it would be great to see it move into the hockey market, it’s minimal design is striking. And being a Colorado fan, of course I would love the MacKinnon.

  70. i really like these packs. They have a sleek and stylish look to them. The mem cards are filled nice pieces of the rookies materials. That cracked ice card was something else. Love how the color mesh together on these cards. I still have a Kyie cracked ice I pulled at the 2012 National in Baltimore, and it is a favorite for me in my collection. Even better their limited to /25. You guys really kill it with these packs, its never a let down. The absolute was a great idea Scott, and I never put it together why there wasn’t a Absolute Hockey product, maybe you guys can get that idea going, because it looks like these are gonna be a Huge hit. Happy Holidays to you guys at Panini, I look forward to another great year of collecting and busting boxes of Panini products. Take care and may your family have a blessed Holiday

  71. Wow..I never seem to be able to participate in most of these incredible promotions. But I think the design and uniqueness is what sets these apart from most cards. Another plus of the promotion. These are most of the times cards you cannot find in every hobby box so its a fun chase. Great job again guys!

    If I chose a card, that Tavares Cracked Ice auto! Sick, sick looking card!

  72. I really like the absolute design for hockey. I’m a fan of the having sets that dont exist in these types of promo packs. Its like having a preview of what the set would be like. As far as what card I’d most want, of course it would be the Tavares cracked ice auto.

    Great job once again!

  73. This set is awesome! It was a great idea to use absolute for this set design and maybe is a sneak peak at expanding the absolute product to hockey in the future (fingers crossed)? 🙂 Congrats on a great promotion guys! If I had to choose a card in the break, I’d definitely choose the Chris Chelios legend insert. As a HUGE Blackhawks fan and a Chicagoan as well, he is one of my favorite hockey players!

  74. I really like the Absolute design for hockey, especially the retired stars format. I’d love that Tavares, saw a lot of his teammates play for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers (Islanders AHL affiliate). Thanks!

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