Panini America Behind the Scenes: Packing out 2011-12 NBA Hoops Basketball

For those countless passionate collectors out there who've waited way too long for some new NBA trading cards to consume, we've got terrific news: Panini America's 2011-12 NBA Hoops Basketball is coming -- and it is spectacular.

For those countless passionate collectors out there who’ve waited way too long for some new NBA trading cards to consume, we’ve got terrific news: Panini America’s 2011-12 NBA Hoops Basketball is coming — and it is spectacular.

That’s my quick assessment of the product after spending most of the morning with Keith Hower and Wes Elliott — two of Panini America’s NBA Product Development folks — at the company printing facility across town packing out the throwback juggernaut and quality controlling it.

From the updated photography to the Glossy parallels to the two autographs per box to the bevy of inserts to the price point ($1 per pack at retail; $2 per pack at hobby), 2011-12 NBA Hoops has the look of an instant classic. Oh, and it also has the first base cards and autographs of global sensation Jeremy Lin as a member of the New York Knicks.

Simply there’s something to love in this product from the first pack to the last. The product begins shipping Monday, so collectors everywhere will start discovering that firsthand soon. But until then, the following images taken this morning should provide a jubilant crash course in what collectors can expect.

Enjoy it, and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for tons more coverage of the first NBA product of the new season, including more images and exclusive video from the printing facility floor.


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  1. The first time I ever got into hot water related to cards when I was young was over 89-90 Hoops, a guy at a show yelled at me for going through his packs looking for a David Robinson rookie showing through the opaque white wax packaging to re-sell as a “hot pack” of sorts. So this product will always have a special place in my hobby history. Over 20 years later it’s great to see the product get a nice re-boot, including improved packaging against this generation’s class of troublemaking kids!

  2. Lin it!!! I it!! Hoops being back in town is exciting and seeing the NBA cards out again is awesome and having the players in their new Uni’s is great as well.

      1. Seriously, more redemptions. Here’s an idea that’s true to 1989-90 Hoops product – 2011-12 Hoops 2! You have plenty to offer here – rookie cards, coach cards, JR Smith in a Knicks uniform, Kenyon Martin in a Clippers uniform, ABA throwback uniforms (Memphis Tams bring back awesome memories) and even mascot cards if you so choose. Why not take do this in place of Season Update (which wasn’t in your plans anyways). Listen to your fans!

  3. Oh please Tracy my friend, please tell me the Great Arvydas Sabonis will be in one of these fantastic basketball sets you guys are producing this year?? (Past and Present would be a great program for him to debut in!)

  4. Why no rc’s..this is a miss for Panini with the hobby and retail where is the love for the kids or hobbist. Hoops is the basic design that was a great entry level for kids to enjoy not having rc’s included is a mistake.I guess it really comes down to dollars it’s more profitable to have their first 2011-12 product a 200 box w rc’s.Most people can’t afford a hi value product in this economy. just one persons opinion.

  5. Tracy I noticed you mentioned they go “live” on 2/29/12, but I noticed most of the websites are pre selling them to be shipped out on 3/7/12, now if there’s a place a can get them on 2/29 please let me know lol

    1. Hobby shops get to sell them a week earlier to give them a slight edge on internet stores. If you have a hobby shop nearby you can pick them up there, otherwise if you order online you have to wait until 3/7

  6. Love the cards, great job you guys…I just am hoping to see more cards of Sabonis (especially an AUTO) and Stockton and Malone…

  7. Here are some answers from our own Keith Hower in response to some of the Hoops-specific questions posed on this post:

    Spud Webb has a Slam Dunk Champion card.

    Rasheed Wallace is not in Hoops.

    Parallels: Glossy 2 per box, Artist’s Proof 1 per box, Artist’s Proof Black 1/1.

    Chris Paul has three autographs in Hoops.

    We’re still working on Sabonis.

    We moved the Hoops release date up two weeks and switched Hoops and Preferred.

    1. thanks for the Information tracy.atleast delfino is in there 🙂

      Do you know if he will be in any of the upcoming products?

  8. Tracy, I noticed a Kobe Bryant card from this product on Ebay, its the Black Mamba #1 . What is the odds of pulling this card? Is it really rare that the Ebay seller is charging $125 for it? Please let os know. Many thanks.

  9. Pulled a Kobe Black Mamba from blaster box on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 in Rancho Cordova, CA. Does anyone know what the odds are of pulling the card?

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