Panini America Delivers a Stunning Pre-Ink Peek at 2013 Black Football (30 Sweet Pics)

November 18, 2013

Panini America 2013 Black Football Pre-Ink Peek (8)

Just last week we brought you the initial PIS glimpses of three upcoming Panini America products, including 2013 Elite Extra Edition Baseball, 2013 Black Football and 2013 Crown Royale Football. Seeing as how PIS previews typically come several weeks, sometimes months, before any cards are ever printed, you can imagine our surprise when we discovered this afternoon that the first shipment of hot-off-the-presses gems from for Black Football had just been delivered.

So before Panini America’s Elizabeth Abundiz could catalog, QC and ready those cards for expedited shipment to the respective players on them for on-card autographs, I had to act fast to grab as many sweet preview images as I could.

As you’ll see in the preview gallery that follows, 2013 Black Football promises some inviting new designs and technologies sure to be well received by those collectors who thoroughly enjoyed the brand during its inaugural run last year. Keep in mind that the cards you’re about to see will be autographed the next time you see them.

We just didn’t want to wait that long to give you an initial taste of 2013 Black Football, including the must-see Shadow Box Jersey cards. Enjoy.