Panini America Ignites Black Friday Frenzy at Card Shops Across the United States

Panini America's Black Friday frenzy arrived in a big way at card shops across the country beginning bright and early this morning, and it didn't take long for card shops to begin lighting up Twitter and Facebook with some sweet scenes documenting the action.

Panini America’s Black Friday frenzy arrived in a big way at card shops across the country beginning bright and early this morning, and it didn’t take long for card shops to begin lighting up Twitter and Facebook with some sweet scenes documenting the action.

Below is a gallery of just some of the hits and highlights created by the Panini America Black Friday promotion throughout the day, compliments of our friends at Sports Cards Plus in San Antonio, Texas, SMP Sports Cards in Grapevine, Texas, D & P Sports Cards in Sacramento, Calif., and Attack of the Baseball Cards in Union, N.J.

Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for more images and on-location video chronicling the sheer madness of Black Friday throughout the weekend.

And if there’s not a participating hobby shop in your area, you can still participate in Panini America Black Friday at


17 Replies to “Panini America Ignites Black Friday Frenzy at Card Shops Across the United States”

  1. Wow!! some great stuff pulled. Great promotion! Its awesome to see people sharing hobby love. And seeing people go out and buy cards and supporting their local LCS. Got to keep what shops are left and way to help out the cause Panini. Last night, I spent 6 hours at Walmart, I stood in line for 2 hours with some stuff for my kids and of course I snuck in a some packs of Panini cards. It was a crazy expierience….but was worth it for the prices and obviously for the cards.

  2. I already posted on Facebook, but I wanted to say Thank You! to Panini. Today’s Panini products yielded me the best hits I have had all year…a 2011 Threads Quad auto of Von Miller Rahim Moore etc… An AP Patch auto , AND a Tebow Breast Cancer awareness autograph….I sm still in awe of how good today was.

  3. Wow..Some nice pulls I see..Just wish I could have had a nice pull like the one’s I seen here today. I didn’t get any auto’s or memorabilia cards, but maybe better luck to everyone else.

  4. I bought three packs of certified 2011 today but I guess it was only for boxes 🙁 I’m sad cuz I saved 30 bucks for 3 certified packs thinking i was at least going to get a black Friday pack :(.
    I guess I have to be an adult and rich to get some of these packs 🙁

  5. Just wanted to say Thanks to Panini, we had some decent pulls today from Packs of Panini FB products plus the Black Friday Packs, hope to see more great hits over the weekend.

    Saw a nice George Blanda/Jan Stenerud Autograph Booklet numbered out of 3 plus some nice Cam Newton Elite cards!

    Tracy, I assume you can see my email address so can you email me, I want to send you some photos of customers with there pulls plus a great shot of a Family of 5 Kids ready to crack into there Black Friday Packs!

    Scott Haas
    Scott’s Collectibles
    Kannapolis NC


    We have usually enjoyed a nice bump in sales on Black Friday.

    This was more like Mt. Rushmore!

    We had enough packs to last for ~5 hours and have started a waiting list for the remaining packs that should hit on Monday.

    Our customers enjoyed some sweet autographed Black Friday cards including an Andy Dalton autographed patch 3/3, a DeMarco Murray auto /10 and, a low numbered Julius Jones autograph and a Marshall Faulk autographed card. I would go over the relic list, but it was too long – lol

    Can I give this promotion a 6 on the 5 star scale?

    Many thanks for all the incredible support and it was encouraging to have people asking if we would be offering the same promotion in 2012.

    Mike Fruitman
    Mike’s Stadium Sportscards

    1. Thanks so much for participating, Mike. Glad to hear things went so well today. Tell your customers we’ll absolutely bring this promotion back — and we’ll continue making improvements to it so it continues to be a success for everyone involved.

      Ryan Schear sent me some great pictures from your shop that we’re going to highlight in a gallery tomorrow. Stay tuned!

  7. man i went to the card shop today, i took 300 bucks out of my savings to buy some boxes and get some black friday pack’s. so i picked up a box of certified, crowne royale and rookies and stars, the guy at the card shop tell’s me ill get a bunch of black friday packs so i open the boxes, i got some ok cards from the boxes but what earked me was he actualy had no black friday packs left! he said he thought he had more and then told me oh well. so overall im very angry with the lcs owner, and realy wish i did not spend 300 bucks at his shop! but on a good note i hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving

  8. GREAT PROMOTION! All my customers had a great time. Everyone was happy and said they would come back for more. I still have more packs and will keep giving out packs with Panini purchases until I run out…. Tomorrow will be another fun day.

  9. i wont be releasing the name of the lcs as i dont feel it would be right of me to do so. all i wanted was what i went there for in the first place. i realy wanted to try and pull a marshall faulk madden auto or some of the cam newton updated base cards. but who know’s maybe ill win the black friday contest and get something good lol

  10. Wish i could have driven up there to bust some packs but i was stuck working all day long helping those crazy people who want to shop at midnight.

  11. Wow! The scope and breadth of the cards included in the promotion is just so impressive! A Blanda/ Auto-relic booklet? That’s thinking outside the Hash-Marks, Panini! Some great pulls, and for these? We are truly thankful!

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