Panini America Offers a Retail Roadmap for 2018-19 NBA Hoops Basketball (Gallery)

November 05, 2018


Panini America’s season-opening 2018-19 NBA Hoops Basketball released to the hobby almost two weeks ago and has been met with a warm embrace from basketball collectors who were anxiously awaiting the chance to collect for the new season. In the coming days, a retail edition rife with exclusive content will finally arrive on mass-retail store shelves. We brought you a tiny glimpse into some of the retail-exclusive content in 2018-19 NBA Hoops Basketball a few weeks back. Today, we’re taking a deeper dive.

In the revealing gallery that follows, we offer a visual roadmap of sorts detailing the various exclusives for the Retail Box, Blaster Box, Gravity Feed, Fat Pack and Dollar Tree SKUs. Enjoy the imagery and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for additional coverage. But before we get to the visuals, here’s a quick snapshot of the retail-exclusive content:

Retail Box: Blue Checkerboard (numbered to 75) and Red Checkerboard (numbered to 15), Great SIGnificance Gold (numbered to 10)

Blaster Box: Blue (unnumbered), Red (numbered to 49); Rise N Shine Memorabilia (unnumbered), Rise N Shine Memorabilia Prime (numbered to 25), Rookie Remembrance Memorabilia (unnumbered), Rookie Remembrance Prime Memorabilia (numbered to 25)

Gravity Feed: Teal (numbered to 49) and Orange (numbered to 25)

Dollar Tree: Yellow (unnumbered)

Fat Pack: Teal Explosion (unnumbered) and Orange Explosion (numbered to 25)