Panini America Offers a Sneak Peek at the New 2011-12 Past & Present Basketball

For most Panini Peek posts here on The Knight's Lance, we'd try to think of a few witty transitions that bridged us into the real meat of a new product preview. But the never-been-done-before 2011-12 Past & Present Basketball is far from your ordinary new release.

For most Panini Peek posts here on The Knight’s Lance, we’d try to think of a few witty transitions that bridged us into the real meat of a new product preview. But the never-been-done-before 2011-12 Past & Present Basketball is far from your ordinary new release.
It’s a product with no road map and no legacy of predecessors to help shape new iterations. Given these special circumstances, we thought it best to quote directly from the brand identity statement crafted by the Panini America NBA Product Development team.

  • “2011-12 Past & Present Basketball is a new Panini America brand designed to embrace the extreme differences between vintage cards and cutting-edge print technologies in one unique product. The product will incorporate four new print technologies in the Breakout, Changing Times, Fireworks and Raining 3s inserts  showcasing water, fire and special texture effects.”
  • “2011-12 Past & Present will incorporate sleek, clean and crisp designs allow the autograph to really pop off the card.”
  • Elusive Ink autographs feature some of the hobby’s toughest autographs while Modern Marks autographs
  • feature the signatures of today’s biggest stars.”

The 2011-12 Past & Present Basketball base set will feature two different vintage-themed designs with a short-printed third variation. In addition, the product will mark the beginning of Panini America’s Dual Rookie Redemption program and will include the first redemption cards for 2011-12 and 2012-13 Rookie Cards.
The product is slated to release May 9 and every 20-pack box will deliver three autographs, one memorabilia card, four Bread for Energy, three Bread for Health, one Bread for Life, four Changing Times, two Raining 3s, two Fireworks and four Breakout inserts.
You can get your first extended look at this refreshing new-meets-nostalgia launch in the gallery below. Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for additional information.


53 Replies to “Panini America Offers a Sneak Peek at the New 2011-12 Past & Present Basketball”

  1. AWESOME!!! I will sure be anticipating this for the coming 2 months!!
    I have a question for Tracy Hackler about autographs. I pulled a Jeremy Lin NBA HOOPS auto and showed to my friend. He said that I shouldn’t be so proud because all Panini autos are printed. So my question is, are your autos printed, or hand signed?

  2. Any basketball products coming out this year with base rookie cards that doesnt require redemption and is affordable?

      1. Very disappointing to hear as the means a lot of later drafted and undrafted rookies will never get made and likely never see cardboard unless they become a top player on their team.
        How come you guys ended Adrenalyn after all the money you spent promoting it and building its awareness around America last year?

      2. Tracy,
        so much for the fans the Kids I mean I guess trying to include that bottom line is not worth the effort huh?This constant Over-Use of redemptions may not keep your products afloat for long. Panini needs Mj and Lebron. Tell me why the descision on the redemps over base rc’s. Guess it’s that bottom line again ….just saying
        Tom W

  3. YES!!!!! I cant wait for the first chance to pull one of the rookie redemptions!! Especialy Kyrie Irvings first auto!!!! This dude is the real deal and i cant wait for the chance to pull his first auto card! Please show us more pics as you get them in and dont forget to throw some Kobe and Durant autos in there, lol.

    1. instead of pumping out more products, maybe panini should take care of there customer service problems. Leaving numerous voicemail’s for a month & never receiving a call back is enough to make my decision on buying anymore Panini products pretty easy..

  4. It would be nice to get some nice full card action shots. Player cut-outs do get boring set after set. Some like the 90s Stadium Club would be great!

  5. I must say, this looks like one of the most original and interesting releases I’ve seen in a while. I kind of get a modern Skybox feel with the blue splashes on the dirk and the flames off the ball.
    My basketball collecting has been sparse, but this could be the product to make me pick it back up. Looks great!

  6. Looks solid, I really love the clean designs of ‘Elusive Ink’ & ‘Modern Marks’. I’m anticipating seeing who’s included in the ‘Elusive Ink’ checklist.

  7. I thought that the rookie redemptions for 11-12 rookies and 12-13 rookies were supposed to be in just Limited and Gold Standard? Was I confused? Can I get some clarification on which products the dual rookie redemptions will be in?

  8. Seeing that Totally Certified Football will be out next week, is Panini planning on releasing Totally Certified Hockey, too? That would be sweet!

  9. I hope I’m wrong, but is Hoops the only NBA product available at retail this year? That means no RC’s for us guys without a card shop.

    1. Scott, that means there will be no true rookie cards period this year. That will be an unfortunate first for the basketball card industry. I guess we will have to wait until next year to get a true rookie card of the 2011 draft class to include Kyrie Irving. I am extremely dissapointed.

  10. when will they sell panini cards nba 2011-2012 trading cards at a local target or walmart store……………………………i go every week (i only collect nba cards) and they still dont have have them there

      1. i always find panini nfl cards and nhl but never basketball can u tell me why they dont have nba cards ?

  11. Love the look but more redemptions have been waiting for my Patrick Paterson auto for a while and noticed he has signed for preferred .
    What’s up with that?
    Ticket no 228471

  12. I have a couple questions
    What do the base cards look like? Are those the Base cards^^^?
    The redemption cards. Will they be ordinary cards of that rookie or autographed or numbered?

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