Panini America Peeks the Bat-Knob Nirvana Hitting 2012 National Treasures Baseball

Make no mistake about it: The inaugural edition of Panini America's 2012 National Treasures Baseball is a history-making endeavor of the highest order. The high-end heavyweight's long-awaited introduction to baseball features a jaw-dropping array of rare memorabilia cards -- buttons, booklets, cut autographs and more -- honoring some of the greatest legends of all time.

Panini America 2012 National Treasures Bat Knobs Main

Make no mistake about it: The inaugural edition of Panini America’s 2012 National Treasures Baseball is a history-making endeavor of the highest order. The high-end heavyweight’s long-awaited introduction to baseball features a jaw-dropping array of rare memorabilia cards — buttons, booklets, cut autographs and more — honoring some of the greatest legends of all time.

But easily some of the most spectacular cards in the entire product are the 50 Bat Knobs 1/1s — true one-of-a-kind masterpieces that account for some of the thickest, sickest baseball cards you’ve ever seen. Seriously. Boasting a checklist that includes Shoeless Joe Jackson, Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig and Honus Wagner to name just four, the Bat Knobs insert promises to deliver as many massive, historic hits as did the bat ends they encapsulate.

You can get an extended, drool-inducing peek at some of the 2012 National Treasures Baseball Bat Knobs in the gallery below. Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance this week for continuing coverage as we countdown to Wednesday’s release date.

Until then, well, spend some quality time hobnobbing — or is that hobknobbing? — with history . . .


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  1. I am in aww!!! This is what its all about and collectors are gonna go nuts over this! Panini has stepped it up big time, hey Topps just try and beat this! Tracy can you tell me if you guys did a George Brett Knob??? Lol But Anyways this is a huge step for collecting!!! Happy Hunting!!!!!!!!

  2. Roberto Clemente… Ty Cobb… Joe D. … Tris Speaker… Holy smokes!
    The $400/pack price puts the product out of reach for all but the most well-heeled of collectors. That said, the early indications are a product positively laden with once-in-a-lifetime hits! That Clemente? Wow.

    1. You should try to get in on some type of group break for this product. I convinced some fellow local collectors to split a case with me and it brings the price way down. I dont know what price your local card shop has on these but for discussion sake, @ $1380 per case you can split with 5 more collectors/friends and do a divisional break where everyone gets a full division for $230. Or if you Local shop is willing to host a break, have him get people to sign up for a random team and the cost would only be $46 per team.

      I have found this is the best way to get in on $400-500 products that i wouldn’t normally be able to afford. Good Luck everyone, these look amazing!

      1. Bruce, my LHS, the only hobby shop within an hour-drive, refuses to stock super high-end products due to the omnipresent threat of being stuck with un-sellable boxes. He is not Panini-direct, despite the pleas of several collectors, such as myself, who purchase Panini products and are willing to drop…say, $300/box. Dropping $400+ will put me at odds with my wife, who would much rather see our revenue frittered away upon luxuries such as… our mortgage, electricity, auto insurance, and food. I have spent an enormous amount of time trying to get her priorities approriately aligned…but she continues to overvalue heat and hot-water.
        I have perused the eBay “group break” listings, but saw nothing about purchasing by division. To drop $100 on Cleveland, only to have the case yield no Cleveland athletes, would send my blood pressure to unhealthy heights.
        If you are going to be part of another divisional break, or another member of this wonderful Panini community has such plans or interest, please let me know. As Hackler & Co. have demonstrated, the Panini community is capable of wonderful things when we work together!
        ‘Nuff Said.

  3. Looks like there is going to be a few of baseball purists disappointed in the fact that this historical artifacts were cut up.
    I’m of the thinking that if there is more than a few out there than it’s alright. And it gives some young collector a chance at a piece of an historical artifact that they wouldn’t normally get.

  4. Okay is it just me or is it wrong to put the PSA/DNA sticker right on the bat knob. It’s too late now but pulling a Roberto Clemente bat knob with the PSA/DNA sticker right on it would piss me off to no length. Put the sticker on the back of the card. Just saying but tell me I’m wrong with this.

  5. Will own a Bat knob one day, and would really be nice to have one from the first National Treasures Baseball!! There are some serious sub-set the this product. Should be a blast to open and do group breaks with Congrats on such a masterful collection of true baseball cards. Give my best times ten to the guys over at the factory. Take Mr Hackler

  6. One day away…. Hope I’m lucky enough to land one of these bad boys tomorrow… Only downside is the Big Hurt didn’t make it into the set 🙁

  7. On this day in Baseball history spring was in the air and the stands packed with crowds of the masses.The hope for a great season was on everybody’s minds.We all sat on as the intensity built and we nervously thumbed through our programs. Its been a long time since this town had a winner.Something to talk about at work and barbuces as the radio plays in the background.There was a player that adults and children alike heard of. A player that was destine to be a star.We were all their to bear witness when finally the announcement was made. This massive player approached the plate with the swagger of confidence in every stride. Now quietness cast down upon the stadium. Standing there with lumber shoulder staring down the competition and sizing them up at the same time.Now the pitch.The swing was a mighty one.It was one that legends are made of. One that changed the game for good. Like the shot heard round the world you knew you just witnessed greatness in its truest form. Tomorrow that legend arrives to us all. National Treasures will be live and I for one want to look back and say ” I was there” Hats of Panini The season is yours. MVP

    1. Dude, you had me at “on this day…”

      I will try and scrape together the sheckles needed for a box. I reviewed the sample case-break THack posted, and while the small bat pieces and single-color Mem’ card swatches are a bit of a let-down, the Rookie autos, the patch autos, the Nap Lajoie, the Verlander button… that cross-section of autos, memorabilia, rookies, stars and legends was really impressive.

      1. Thought i’d have a little fun with my blog tribute to what will be a classic beautiful baseball product. Great in both quality and content.

  8. Kind of makes me sad to see some of those bats cut up. Modern player bats…no big deal, they’re a dime a dozen. I guess it’s the only way I’ll ever own something game-used by one of the greats though. My big pet peeve is when autographed photos or cards are cut up to create cut cards. Cuts should only be created from index cards, checks, and similar items. A recent product cut up a bunch of nice autographed Bettie Page 8x10s to make cut cards. Now which would you rather have, the original 8×10 or just the auto on a card?

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