Panini America Peeks the Memorabilia and Autograph Cards Headed to 2012 National

One week from right now, the 2012 edition of hobby heaven on earth known as the National Sports Collectors Convention will open its Baltimore Convention Center doors for the first of five straight days full of memorabilia, autographs, excitement and fun.

One week from right now, the 2012 edition of hobby heaven on earth known as the National Sports Collectors Convention will open its Baltimore Convention Center doors, kicking off five straight days full of memorabilia, autographs, excitement and fun.

And that’s just at the Panini America booth.

Simply, there’s not a more action-packed, hair-raising, goose-bumpy time of year for all of us here than National time. And today, we continue to count down these final pre-show days by previewing just some of the National-exclusive autograph and memorabilia cards loaded into this year’s Panini America wrapper-redemption program.

While autograph cards tend to speak for themselves (and we have plenty in the gallery below that will do a lot of talking), we’ve also produced some of the most memorable memorabilia cards you’ve likely seen in quite some time. Among the most unique? Cards incorporating massive swatches of player-used, sweat-soaked towels from the 2012 NFLPA Rookie Premiere, and jerseys and hats worn on stage during the NFL Draft the last two years.

And we may have another trick or three up our memorabilia-card sleeve in the coming days, so stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for that. In the coming days, we’ll also provide additional information on other aspects of our wrapper-redemption program, including previews of our autographed instant-win prizes, a few more National-only cards and more.

But for now, enjoy this savory sneak peek — including behind-the-scenes images showing cards being built — at many of the hits guaranteed to keep the Panini America booth buzzing all National long.


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  1. WOW. I wish I could make it. I am planning to go to next years… please keep this kind of stuff going then. Please!

  2. Holy Drool Gallery Batman!!! MAN I REALLY WISHED I HAD A SHOT AT ANY OF THESE!! These are more mouth watering and make me drool more than a Turkey Club with extra bacon!

  3. You guys are so LUCKY!!! I wish the National would come to Hawaii!!! Or I am going to have to save ALOT of money to go one day!!! Have Fun at the Nationals!!! One day hopefully I will be able to go!

  4. Truly impressive gallery, love the towel idea so that teams with just 2 jersey patch colors like the blue/white of the Colts can have some different looking memorabilia cards. Great job as always Tracy!

  5. The point of memorabilia in cards is to give the collector a piece of history, a piece of the thrill of victory, a piece of the agony of defeat, a piece of game. These towel cards are just an excuse to get swatches of material that are colorful and busy. Towels have as much to do with the game of football as crumpled Gatorade cups one the sideline and empty popcorn tubs left in the stands. This time it has gone too far. Less cheap gimmicks, more authentic game used relics please!

    1. NM… just saw you’ve been answering this question quite a bit Tracy. And for anyone reading this, the answer is 2.

  6. wow very impressive. I really like the New Era on those draft day relic cards.. Looking forward to snagging some of these, well try to at least. Thanks for the gallery

  7. So broken hearted that im not gonna be able to make it due to my injuries from my car accident but no matter what i will be there next year! Hope everyone that does go has a blast!!! 🙁

  8. Tracy,
    That Tannehill towell card is awesome. Will we be able recieve packs if we buy online as well again? I can’t wait to see what Tannehill you roll out next.

  9. I say again, I am hopeful that Panini will have the foresight to investigate attending the annual Comic-Con in Manhattan, at the Javits Center. The entertainment properties are ideal for the forum, they would be the sole card manufacturer present…though s number of Independant vendors were selling such materials, and the “Panini to patron” experience would be simply unique. Panini would also be able to reach a segment of the marketplace that, heretofore, has had neither the opportunity nor thought to attent a National such as that which Baltimore is geared up to host.
    I just see a Panini presence at the annual event, one that draws some 10-15,000 people each day, as a natural progression.
    Nuff’ Said

    1. Jamey, you’ll be happy to know that we had a small set-up this year earlier this month and will look to expand that in the coming years. It was quite an experience.

      1. Hey Tracy, the NYC Comic-Con is like nothing else!
        I attended the event in March, in a professional capacity, representing both my library and the Bergen County Library system. At a conference following the Con’, I discussed the absence of, and wide-open opportunity for, Panini with a large group of youth service librarians & program coordinators.
        Towards that end, I have created and implemented a number of programs and activities that make use of entertainment snd sports cards (utilizing statistics and geographic information), as rewards for Summer Reading program participation.
        This is exciting news, Hackler. Panini has a fantastic opportunity to craft a display designed to appeal to educators, both formal and informal, that will foster literacy and enhance reading skills!

  10. Tracy,
    Have asked what happens to all of the items worn on stage at the draft, and you guys answer again in a big way. These memorbilia pieces are some of my favorite as a hockey and football collector.
    Thanks and keep it coming.

  11. These look incredible! Cannot wait to try to pull one! Will the wrapper redemption start Wednesday during the VIP sneak peak or will the first day be Thursday? Thanks Tracy!

  12. Wish I could attend and check everything out first hand but regardless I think I can survive the anticipation for that extra day. Thanks for the posts, quick responses to questions, picture galleryt and great job with the cards obviously, Panini is def on the top of my list for companies staying relavent andkeeping their products hot and fresh. Keep up tjhew goo

      1. authentication emboss. I’m all for authenticating an autograph but for the stamp to partially damage the signature seems a little much no?

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