Panini America Presents 10 Intriguing Sales from 2013 Pinnacle Baseball (Gallery)

August 27, 2013

Pinnacle Sales 2

Now that Panini America’s 2013 Pinnacle Baseball release has enjoyed the luxury of a few weeks on the secondary market to marinate, this much has become clearly visible: Collectors greatly missed the venerable brand in the 14 years since it last existed — and they’re happy its back. And if you don’t believe us, a quick scan of recent sell prices on eBay seem to echo that sentiment.

Big prices being paid for key autographs from the set isn’t a terribly surprising development, which explains the handsome sums being paid for, say, Ken Griffey Jr., Alan Trammell and Kris Medlan. What is at least somewhat surprising, however, is the resounding success of 2013 Pinnacle Baseball’s Artist’s Proof parallels and the rarest versions of the unique Clear Vision insert.

On Sunday, a 2013 Pinnacle Baseball Clear Vision George Brett Home Run card closed for the seemingly staggering sum of $141.49. An Austin Jackson Cycle 1/1 brought $56 at auction and a Cal Ripken Triple brought almost $48. Keep in mind those cards hail from an insert that includes neither autographs nor memorabilia — just cool technology and several degrees of scarcity.

And then there’s the timeless appeal of the short-printed Artist’s Proof parallels, which have generated several key transactions, including a Ripken that sold for $50 and a Yasiel Puig that sold for $45.

Given that backdrop, here are 10 intriguing sales so far from 2013 Pinnacle Baseball: