Panini America Presents Must-See Scenes & Memories from Father’s Day 2012

On a day when collectors across the country are celebrating the greatness of their dads, we here at Panini America join you all in wishing you all a wonderful Father's Day. Our special promotion this year has bestowed an undeniable collecting twist to this year's annual day of dads.

On a day when collectors across the country are celebrating the greatness of their dads, we here at Panini America join you all in wishing you all a wonderful Father’s Day. Our special promotion this year has bestowed an undeniable collecting twist to this year’s annual day of dads.

And thanks to the miracle of social media, we’ve collected just a few of the great images that have come across the Panini America Twitter and Facebook pages in the last few days to share with you in the gallery that follows.

But we’d be remiss if we didn’t share one story in particular from Charlie DiPietro, the owner of Sports Cards Plus in San Antonio, Texas, who blessed my email inbox this morning with the following day-maker of a message:

“The Panini America Father’s Day Promotion is awesome. Great response from my customers. This weekend, the Panini America Promotion brought collectors into my store from California, Indiana, Florida and New York (here on business or vacation). We had a collectors drive from Killeen, Texas (145 miles away), Uvalde, Texas (89 miles away) and Corpus Christi, Texas (159 miles away) just for the Father’s Day Packs. Sales were great; but best of all, we had lots of happy customers. This program is great customer relations for Panini America and Sports Cards Plus of San Antonio.  It got my football collectors to try Panini America Baseball, and the added value of the Father’s Day Packs made every Panini America box they bought a winner! Sports Cards Plus received a total of 1,090 Panini America Father’s Day Packs, and we will continue to celebrate Father’s Day until we run out of packs to give away to the ‘World’s Greatest Customers.’

“I wanted to share with you a few picture of one of my best customers, Chris Schoenfeld. Chris and his wife have three children of their own and have adopted a child from Africa. Seeing Chris interact with his children, I am sure his children would say, he’s the world’s greatest dad. Chris and his two sons opened about 70 Father’s Day Packs in my store. Their favorite Panini America Father’s Day Card was a Kobe Bryant Shoe Card! The shoelace eye made this an extra special pull.

“Happy Father’s Day!”

Charlie, we can’t thank you enough for sharing your story and Father’s Day promotion experiences. And thanks to everyone else for sharing your experiences and great Father’s Day pulls — many of which are included below, including images from collectors as well as Mike Fruitman at Mike’s Stadium Sports Cards and Steve Mandy at Attack of the Baseball Cards.

For more great Father’s Day memories, and for a chance to win some of the scorching-hot Panini America Father’s Day packs by sharing yours, check out our contest blog by clicking here.


14 Replies to “Panini America Presents Must-See Scenes & Memories from Father’s Day 2012”

  1. Some of those pulls were monsterous Wow I would be smiling to…lol…The fathers day promotion is top notch Panini nice way to give back to the collector ….

  2. Thanks to Panini for helping my store share the fun of collecting with so many incredible people. We saw customers that had not been in for quite some time, loads of regulars and some people who are brand new to the hobby. Clearly this was a 10 on the 10 star scale.

    We still have loads of packs left and can’t wait to share them still.

    Is it Black Friday yet? 🙂

  3. I thought the Father’s Day promotion was a terrific idea, but somehow the execution was a bit flawed. I am a football collector with my daughter and we have long abandoned the LCS due to the steep disparity in pricing, variety, etc. vs. the internet shops. We miss the experience, but the premium for this was just too much. The Father’s Day promotion was a breadth of fresh air, a chance to go back to our roots, and we decided to venture out to check out this promotion, even knowing we could pay a 15 -20% premium. We went to two LCS (each within a 20 mile radius of us) that were listed as participants, but found that even by Saturday early monring, the bonus / redemption packs appeared to be picked through, the counter guys didn’t know how many bonus packs came with different product (or maybe they did and were trying to give us one less and keep the other), prices were 25% higher than internet prices, and production selection was inconsistent (they had boxes of Totally Certified, but no bonus packs). It was just very suspious and unsatsifyng. So, I wanted to say the that the promotion had the intended effect. It got us back out to the LCS. Bravo! However, the executionand experience at the LCS level just reinforced why I order online. We buy thousands of dollars in cards every year. It is great bonding experience and enhances every Sunday during football season and beyond. I would love to extend that experience to going back to picking product off shelves, rather than waitng for the mail, but it just doesn’t make any sense. Thanks for trying!

  4. Have been checking out all the Panini Retweets of the hits people have been pulling. Very nice! As usual a great program for collectors put out there by collectors!

  5. Great promo! I opened packs..didn’t get any of the sick hits like above but got some nice looking base cards and I liked the Elements inserts. Esp the Tom Brady one (despite being a Giants fan I will never again admit liking a Tom Brady card) that I got because of the snow elements to it. Makes it sweet. Thanks again everyone at Panini!

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