Panini America Provides Specifics on Plans for 2013 Fan Expo Canada (Gallery)

August 15, 2013

Panini America 2013 Toronto Fan Expo (1)

On Tuesday we provided your detailed first look at Panini America’s special wrapper-redemption set coming to next week’s 2013 Fan Expo Canada. Today, we’re getting a little deeper into our grand show plan, a multifaceted attack that includes the return of the Live Redemption Trade-Up Program, Cracked Ice Prizm Autographs and so much more.

Let’s begin with the Live Redemption Trade-Up Program, which is coming off another customer-satisfying run at the 2013 National Sports Collectors Convention. Fans who attended the 2012 Toronto Fall Expo also likely fondly remember the initiative and will greet its presence at the 2013 Fan Expo Canada with open arms.

The unique initiative will be conducted live at the Panini America booth beginning next Thursday and will afford those hockey collectors at the show holding multiple outstanding redemption cards (FOUR MONTHS OR OLDER AND ALREADY PENDING IN THE PANINI AMERICA REDEMPTION SYSTEM) the opportunity to trade them in for a card or cards of higher value.

For example, a collector holding four outstanding redemption cards with a combined Beckett value of $100 will have the chance to swap those four cards for one $100 card via a carefully constructed grab-bag system. The Panini America Customer Service team has assigned values to replacement stock and will offer grab bags containing one autograph or prime memorabilia card at $50, $100 and $200 levels.

Each grab bag will offer minimum values at the depicted levels but many will deliver more than the listed value. Some $50 grab bags will contain cards valued at as much as $80; $100 grab bags will contain cards valued at as much as $140 and $200 grab bags will contain cards valued at as much as $250. Each grab bag may also include live onsite redemption cards good for boxes of product.

For this show, the Panini America Live Redemption Trade-Up program will be available for hockey cards only.

Now, for some specifics regarding the Panini America 2013 Fan Expo Canada wrapper-redemption program that will be conducted at the company booth. To participate at the show, collectors must purchase boxes of select Panini America NHL trading card products from the Fan Expo Canada show floor, bring that unopened product to the Panini America booth and open it in front of a Panini America representative. In exchange for their empty wrappers, collectors will receive the appropriate number of wrapper-redemption packs.

Below you’ll find the complete list of eligible products and the number of packs you’ll receive for each box opened at the Panini America booth. After that, you’ll see a spectacular gallery of some of the special Cracked Ice and Prizm Cracked Ice autographs randomly inserted into the wrapper-redemption packs.

Product Redemption Packs Per Box
2012-13 Limited Hockey 10
2012-13 Rookie Anthology Hockey 10
2013-14 Score Hockey Hobby Jumbo 8
2013-14 Score Hockey Retail 5

Now, for the must-see gallery. (But before you get to that, be sure to stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance in the coming days for a complete preview of the Original Player Sketch Cards that will be included as instant-win redemptions in the wrapper-redemption packs.)