Panini America Rips 2014 Playbook Football with a Video, a Gallery and a Contest

After just a few days on the market, it's safe to say that Panini America's reconfigured 2014 Playbook Football has been a big hit for thrill-seeking collectors feasting on some of the most unique single cards that will be uncovered all season. The one-booklet-per-two-card-pack format has provided an adrenalin rush for those opening the product -- and for those watching it being opened.

Panini America 2014 Playbook Football 32

After just a few days on the market, it’s safe to say that Panini America’s reconfigured 2014 Playbook Football has been a big hit for thrill-seeking collectors feasting on some of the most unique single cards that will be uncovered all season. The one-booklet-per-two-card-pack format has provided an adrenalin rush for those opening the product — and for those watching it being opened.

From the filthy-fabulous return of Down & Dirty Booklets to the simply sublime Game of Inches Booklets, there’s a definitive head-turning quality to 2014 Playbook Football that simply can’t be denied. Below, we provide a must-see episode of Panini Unwrapped starring four boxes of the product and a gallery of some of the most unique hits that have surfaced — either in online breaks, on eBay or during packout. Be sure to watch the Unwrapped episode all the way through for details on a contest that will win five lucky collectors their very own box of 2014 Playbook Football.

Before we get to that, though, let’s check out the eye candy . . .

Now, for the must-see episode of Panini Unwrapped. Remember to watch all the way to the end for contest details . . .


0 Replies to “Panini America Rips 2014 Playbook Football with a Video, a Gallery and a Contest”

  1. As a Packer fan, I am excited to watch the maturation of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. He has made some very good plays so far in his first 8 games and has made some rookie mistakes. However, I think the Packers need him in that secondary and he reminds me of two former Packers safeties that I have seen play, those being Charles Woodson and LeRoy Butler. If he can continue to grow and develop, he will be on their level I believe.

  2. Mr. Prusha and Mr. Hackler,
    Thanks for the contest guys.

    My favorite rookie so far? Brandin Cooks, a speedy receiver for Brees is a big win and with Ingram running, the team looks dangerous.

    Still not my Packers, but in the age of Fantasy Football, Brandin Cooks is a solid player and a definite rookie to keep your eyes on!

    I like Playbook but wasn’t excited about the change to that pack configuration. With just two cards, I think it is a little hard to swallow…

    I had hoped that maybe the product would follow the pack configuration of Black, or America’s Pastime, one fat pack with more than 2 cards, more than 4 even…

    Have a great one Panini America, and keep the innovations coming!

  3. I gotta say the obvious: Kelvin Benjamin. But it’s mostly because he has been a very consistent WR3 for my fantasy team this year. Carolina found a solid replacement for Steve Smith.

  4. Jarvis Landry for my Dolphins….he is getting in a lot of games and is being forgotten by the Defenses and TANNEHILL has found him every once and awhile. He has a few awesome looking cards in Playbook and I hope to grab some for my PC…..watching all the way from Germany fellas!!!!

  5. Who is my top rookie this year? Gotta be Zack Martin from the Cowboys. Probably the most impactful offensive rookie in the league. He has opened holes for DeMarco Murray (along with the rest of the oline) to break records and reach the 1K yard mark half way through the season. For me, without question, it’s Zack Martin.

  6. Favorite rookie so far… Brandin Cooks for the New Orleans Saints. His size had me worried at first, but his speed more than makes up for it. He has immediately made a HUGE impact in the way Drew Brees is handling 3rd downs, and makes opposing defenses now worry about whether he, Colston, or Graham are getting the ball.

  7. Favorite rookie so far this year is Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix. His presence is the Packers defensive backfield has really helped out their pass defense which has been unsettled for a few seasons after Nick Collins got hurt. He is a strong and physical presence at safety and should be a top defender in the league for a long time. Thanks for the contest.

  8. Hey guys! Thanks for the video, and the Playbook cards look awesome. For the favorite for the rookie class for me i have to go away from my favorite team. My team is the Lions so i had hoped to say Eric Ebron, but he has underperformed so far. My favorite rookie so far has been Chargers rookie RB Branden Oliver. I enjoy watching him fight, claw, and scrape for every yard. He is multidimensional and being and undrafted rookie free agent he was not expected to perform as well as he has. Thanks again for the contest!

  9. My favorite rookie so far has to be Sammy Watkins because other than his to early celebration that stopped him from scoring a TD, he’s been a playing great! He started out slow because EJ Manuel was getting him the ball but once EJ got benched and Kyle Orton came in, he’s been spreading the ball and making sure he gets the ball in the young rookie phenom Sammy Watkins hands as much as possible. Playbook looks amazing guys so keep up the great work as always! Panini’s #1

  10. As a Minnesota fan, I have to go with Teddy Bridgewater. In the few games so far, he’s played smart and isn’t trying to do everything. I’m also pleased that the Vikings aren’t trying to rush him. Having him sit out the Green Bay game was one of the smartest decisions they’ve made in years!

  11. In my opinion Martavis Bryant has been the biggest rookie game changer this season. Steelers did not activate this kid in the first six games and struggled to score points avg 20.5 the last 2 weeks with him on the roster and playing all he does is run great routes and catch everything thrown his way. They avg over 40 per game with him

  12. I am going with DeAnthony Thomas. He had been hurt and is just now getting a chance to show what his potential can be for a team nobody has been paying attention to – KC CHIEFS!


  13. My favorite rookie is Sammy Watkins, by far. I don’t watch a ton of college football anymore, but seeing the highlights and a game or two of him, he just looked electric. He really is a special talent, and the Bills landed a major gem. Already he’s made some unbelievable catches (albeit he did learn the “don’t celebrate to early” lesson already two days ago) and had some monster games getting balls thrown to him by the likes of EJ Manuel and Kyle Orton. Not taking anything away from those QB’s, but it sort of reminds me of when AJ Green was a rookie having balls thrown his way by a younger, more raw red head Andy Dalton. Watkins will be an absolute superstar in this league and make any QB look good, and I can’t wait to see how he progresses over the next couple years. That catch he made in the middle of the field with the ball thrown behind him when he tipped it up with one hand and caught it was one of the sickest catches I’ve seen all year from any player. I do like Bortles but unfortunately with all the INT’s he’s thrown, I think Watkins will be a lock for ROY if he continues the pace he’s at right now, especially with the Bills actually winning some games! Good work on Playbook guys, the price drop and per-pack drop has made it a lot more reasonable for most collectors, and yet the contents within the product are still awesome, which is a recipe for success, keep up the good work!

  14. My favorite rookie this year has got to be Brandin Cooks. His speed makes for exciting plays. And not only has he been doing it for the Saints but also for my fantasy team. The Cooks booklet and Bengals triple jersey you guys pulled both look amazing! Thanks for the contest!

  15. Bradley Roby has been pretty solid as a rookie in the already loaded Broncos secondary. Kid’s showing some potential early on in his career

  16. Even though we haven’t seen a lot of him yet, I think Donte Moncrief might be the next Marvin Harrison. Super impressive rookie. As a Texans fan, it’s a bit disturbing, but that guy is sick. On a complete side note, can the Colts trade Luck to H-town? 🙂

  17. My favorite RC this year – Isaiah Crowell. Under the radar, undrafted running back who has played well when given chances.

  18. Bradley Roby is my favorite rookie so far because he’s for my Broncos 1st. round pick even though he is from the hated The Ohio State University.

  19. My favorite rookie so far this year is Sammy Watkins. He’s been a big part of why the Bills have been doing so well this year, and he just seems like a clutch player!

  20. Biased here as a Denver Broncos Fan, I’ve gotta say I’m loving Bradley Roby right now. After watching him drop in the draft due to some issues he ran into off the football field, I was a little skeptical of the pick. But watching him really put his mind into the game and develop into a solid corner has been a treat! He’s been making some clutch plays at the end of a few games to seal Denvers victory. I think he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

  21. I am a huge Eagles fan and Jordan Mathews is definitely my favorite rookie this year. He’s got great hands and I think he is a star in the making.

  22. My favorite rookie this year is johnny manziel. He caught all that flack for being rude and obnoxious and you haven’t heard one peep about anything like that from him. Sitting back, learning the offense and getting ready to do work!

  23. My favorite rookie this year is Teddy Bridgewater, Watching my favorite team, the Lions, eat him up for 8 sacks and 3 INTs earlier this season makes me glad that he’ll be in our division for years to come!

  24. I would have to say Brandon Cooks. Every year with teams like the Saints, Patriots, and Packers you have teams that have soooo many offensive weapons you never know who is going to hurt you next. With lots of mouths to feed it is easy to get lost in the shuffle, but Cooks has been a consistent contributer every week it seems like. It looks like he has been playing with Brees for years now with his chemistry. His smarts and speed will make him exciting to watch.

  25. Not a Saints fan but I have loved watching Brandin Cooks so far this year. They have needed someone to step up this year and so far Cooks has done that. Big things come in small packages.

  26. There have been some great rookie performances so far with Watkins, Cooks, etc, but I am most excited about Donte Moncrief of the Indianapolis Colts. With Reggie Wayne going down, he got a chance and he didn’t let us Colts fans down. He put up 113 yard and 1 touchdown this past week. I think he continues carrying the torch that Harrison, Wayne, and Hilton have carried.

  27. I know everyone likes the flashy dynamic players but as a hardcore fan of the game I look at long term impact in players and I have to go with Cleveland Browns left guard Joel Bitonio.
    For a second round draft pick he looks to me like he’s the best lineman the Browns have and has made a bigger impact than any rookie so far this year.

    Love your product have always been a Panini fan keep up the good work!

  28. First off those cards in the gallery are amazing so hopefully there is some left for the rest of us?

    As for the contest my favorite rookie so far is got to be Anthony Barr from the Vikings, because he was supposedly a project player and he has looked amazing so far, expecially sealing the overtime victory over the Bucs with the strip, recovery, and td.

  29. With Wayne out and Nicks not doing so great, been enjoying Donte Moncrief make a big splash! When the Colts need him, love watching him go. Really look forward to and enjoy Playbook. Thanks!

  30. My favorite Rookie so far is Ka’deem Carey of the Chicago Bears! I think he is just waiting to have a huge game! Being a backup for Forte is tough, but if given more playing time I believe he will shine! Thank you guys for the contest and good luck to everyone!

  31. Thanks for the immediate contest opportunity for those of us that havent had the luck of winning any contests yet. The prizes are incredible and I was checking the website last contest everyday with no prevail. I am a die hard Jets fan as we have had season tickets for 18 long and tuff years. I cant say Calvin Pryor is the most impressing all though I would love to so my choice has to go to Sammy Watkins as I watched him torch my Jets on Sunday at metlife stadium. It is still up for debate if he was worth the picks the Bills gave up for him but he has really turned it on the past few weeks and I really dont see any sig of him slowing down. I predict he will have a better season than Keenan Allen did last year.

  32. as a vikings fan i will go with anthony barr. he is making plays every week being a consistent play maker on defense. zimmer has even came out and said barr is the best player on are defense.

  33. The most impresive rookie this year in my opinion has to be from the cardinals, Chandler Catanzaro 16-16 and has been clutch along with John Brown. But Catanzaro is on fireChandler Catanzaro

  34. I have thoroughly enjoyed rookie free agent Branden Oliver of the San Diego Super Chargers. The kid is such a good runner as he gets low to the ground, which isn’t hard considering his size, and just runs with authority and purpose. Very quick as well for a guy his size. He reminds me of former Charger Darren Sproles in both stature and ability. Oliver has been a key piece to San Diego’s success thus far this season and that is what you call great value from a free agent.

  35. Thanks for contest, guys.

    As a Cowboy fan, my favorite rookie has been Zack Martin. His blocks and created openings are one of the main reasons Dallas’s run game is off the charts this year. I think I like him the most though because he took all the grief and hate people had for the Cowboys drafting him and not Manizel with the 16th pick, and shut them right up with his performance on the field. Zack is a pro bowl talent for years to come.

  36. Teddy Bridgewater – Favorite Rookie
    Good arm strength and great mobility
    Shows signs of being a future franchise QB
    Maybe in 2 or 3 years he can lead that team to the playoffs.

  37. Through this part of the season it has to be Jarvis Landry for my Phins. Guy is showing that he can not only be a dependable receiver but also be a deadly kick returner. Dual threat with his speed. Gotta love what he has done so far!

  38. My favorite rookie this year is Carlos Hyde. Even though he’s still the #2 RB on the Niners, he has shown that he is able to handle the workload, and eventually be the starting RB. Plus, he went to Ohio State, which is my alma mater.


  40. My favorite rookie so far is Jace Amaro. I think he wiil be a great asset for the Jets in the future (if they can ever get a decent QB to throw to him)! I think he has been under the radar because of the success of Mike Evans in college, but Amaro has the size and ability to be a great TE for many years to come.

  41. Well I’m being impartial living in Chicago, but the biggest surprise until he got hurt was Kyle Fuller. This kid came out of nowhere and made a big splash and stepped it up when Charles “Peanut” Tillman got placed on a season ending injury. Fuller’s quickness, ability to read the offense and anticipation of plays is remarkable. This kind of talent you don’t see often in a late round draft pick but to adapt to the NFL so fast has made a lasting impression on me!

  42. As a Colts fan I have to go with Donte Moncrief. He hasn’t played a ton, but he has shown potential. Hopefully he can develop here in Indy and become a valuable part of our offense.

  43. Bills Fan Here. Last year was a great year to collect, but obviously EJ hasn’t been who Bills Nation hoped he would be. That being said, Sammy Watkins aka ROY has been my favorite this year. He has been all that was advertised and more, plus he’s been one of the best 1st rd, bills picks to live up to the hype, (99 obviously as well). acrobatic catches (detroit), game winning (vikings), and crazy tds. this guy will learn from the early celebrating incident,and continue to be one of the best young WR’s for years to come.

  44. I like Brandin Cooks personally. He’s quick and has been doing great as a slot receiver. Big game against the Packers on Sunday. I drafted him in my fantasy team as well since we need one rookie keeper for next year. I have high hopes for him!

  45. Browns OT Joel Bitonio Has been amazing, even tho he was a bit of a unorthodox pick to some. Bitonio has shut up the critics with his strength and determination. An excellent example of Bitonio’s pull-blocking ability came against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1, when he decleated strong safety Troy Polamalu in a running lane on the right side to spring Terrance West to a 29-yard gain. Bitonio can also use his forward explosiveness to accelerate to the second level and pick up downfield blocks on linebackers, like he did on an 11-yard run by Isaiah Crowell against the Tennessee Titans. With his skill, and once Manziel hits the field, this team will show some extreme talent not only box-score wise. Thank you for the opportunity to win, and letting everyone talk about their favorite/best in their opinion rookie so far. Good luck to everyone!

  46. Shazier FOR SURE! That hairless WONDER makes him more wind-resistant and allows him to chase down all the AFC North RB’s! He is a FREAK of nature and hopefully he heals up (coming back from injury) so the STEELERS D can match their recent production from Big Ben and the crew!

  47. I Like Beckman for a new 2014 rookie because hes just starting to get some field time And is starting to show the reason he was selected-lets just see if he will get on the field more and stay away from injuries

  48. My favorite #Rookie of the season is Lorenzo Taliaferro outta Coastal Carolina, a 4th RD Draft Pick (#138) of the Baltimore #Ravens, He is my Fav because he is a smashmouth downhill physical RB that Nobody outside of Bmore gave a second thought, BUT They are NOW……….GO #Ravens #BallSoHard ……………Whats UP #Panini STILL NO 2013 Playbook “JOE FLACCO” Booklet Autos(Redemptions)….Been a Year

  49. I’m no Oakland fan, but Derek Carr is looking pretty good – without a ton of help he’s looking like a keeper at QB. 4 TDs in a big rivalry game against San Diego has got to be encouraging to Raider Nation.

  50. -Thanks for the contest-

    This answer is easy to me, it’s Brandin Cooks. I’m a huge Oregon State Beavers fan so I’ve been watching him destroy Pac-12 defensive backs for the last 3 years at Oregon State. I always knew he had the potential to be a beast in the NFL with his speed, great hands and his amazing foot work. When the Saints drafted him with the 20th pick in the 1st round of the 2014 NFL Draft I knew playing with Drew Brees and having Sean Payton as his coach it was the obsolete perfect destination for him to take his talents too. So far as a rookie he’s played great and it will be fun watching continue to get better and better each week and in coming seasons.

  51. I’ll admit my bias as a Raiders fan…but I LOVE Derek Carr!
    Its, seemingly, been forever since Rich Gannon we as fans can say we have what amounts to be a reliable signal caller under center.

    The kid can make every throw. Spreads the ball around. The pro game is far from too big for him. He’s not afraid to get in the faces of the veterans on the team to get them in the right spots. You can see his confidence growing each week he plays, and that’s important on an 0-7 team at the moment.

    And if you can say anything about the guy…he really did seem to learn from the failings of big brother. He’s definitely more mentally tough than David.

  52. I would assume not a lot of people would have said this name, but my favorite rookie thus far has to be Allen Robinson. Him and Bortles seem like they will be a pair to watch for a long time to come.

  53. I kinda like Philly Brown. An undrafted guy who steps right in & is helping his team to lead their division. Does some kick returns, does some receiving. Was one of his teammates that made the difference in a close game with his TD on Oct. 5.

  54. I’ve been leaning towards Kelvin Benjamin as my favorite rookie thus far. The guy is giant, even for a WR. Got arms like Dhalsim from Street Fighter, huge wingspan. He’s got size and strength over almost any corner in the league. He’s a tremendous athlete and should be an elite weapon throughout his career. He’s just fun to watch. Too bad the Cowboys didn’t pick him up. Haha

  55. Favorite rookie — has to be Zack Martin. Fighting Irish and Cowboys, doesn’t get much better than that. With the way the ‘Boys line has been playing can’t really argue with the pick at this point.

    I really think donte moncrief from the colts has had a really good season so far! He’s had a lot of playing time and some great catches. With him and ty Hilton as receivers the colts have a really good passing offense!

  57. Thanks for the contest and video guys!! My favorite rookie is Brandon Oliver. Coming on the scene as an undrafted rookie free agent, Chargers got a steal!! He has surprised people with his amazing talent & fight to get every yard possible.

  58. With the emergence of the quality WR’s in this years draft. Cooks, Watkins, Benjiman, Lee, Evans just to name a few, I believe Martavis Bryant in Pittsburgh is my favorite! Being a member of Steeler Nation and seeing Bryant stretch the field even more for Big Ben. Only activated the last 2 games he is already making his mark with 3 TD’s! I only see more coming!!!

  59. I’ve gotta go with Brandon Oliver as well. He’s been the best rookie RB so far- I think. It took several injuries for the Chargers to finally unleash him, but once he got a significant # of carries, he’s been great. A great receiver out of the backfield as well. We’ll see how much playing time he gets once Matthews comes back, though. A real find out of perennial powerhouse Buffalo college lol.

  60. I’m gonna go with Terrance West as my favorite rookie so far. It could also be Isiah Crowell, but I think West has played a little bit better. I’m picking him because he stepped up and played well while Ben Tate was down with a knee injury. Playbook looks as sweet as ever and thanks for the contest!!!!!!

  61. My favorite rookie this season has to be John Brown. A 3rd round draft pick by the Cardinals, he wasn’t expected to be a big part of the offense with Fitzgerald and Floyd already there. On Sunday, he caught the game winning 75 yard touchdown catch against the Eagles to put the Cardinals at 6-1.

  62. Not only being a lifetime Dallas Cowboys fan but also from Iowa my favorite rookie this year has been Anthony Hitchens, a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys who also played at the University of Iowa. He really hasn’t got a whole lot of playing time but I always root for any of the players who played at Iowa or Iowa State. Thanks for this contest!

  63. Hi Guys! Loved watching you break open those boxes. You can really tell your love for the product went directly into the design of the Playbooks.

    I think Kelvin Benjamin has been a stud so far this year. He has been very consistent in his play, and you can’t ask for much more from a rookie.

  64. Big fan of Kelvin Benjamin myself. The dude is an absolute monster! at 6’5″ he is way taller than just about any player covering him and athletic enough to make use of his size. He’s already made an impact on the field and as he learns the NFL game you can expect more big games. He’s gonna be a blast to watch for a long time.

  65. My favorite rookie for this year is my Bengals man Jermey Hill RB. When he gets his opportunity’s behind Gio he is doing a great job. A future starter at the running back position.
    Thanks for the contest.

  66. Kelvin Benjamin is a rookie I think will have the greatest long term impact. He was very impressive in college and I think that will carry over to the pros. He has all the tools to an All Pro.

  67. Sammy Watkins was a beast at Clemson and will be a beast in the NFL. He even makes Kyle Orton look good! He’s that once every few drafts type of WR that any team would be lucky to have.

  68. Greetings!

    I’ve deliberated long and hard when thinking about which rookie I’m most excited for. I’ve got to go with my gut despite the entire dynamic changing this last week in London. The Detroit Lions have arguably the best defensive unit in the NFL right now. Perhaps one of the most underrated rookies looks like he’s healthy enough to come off the IR list and hopefully join the Pride of Ford Field:

    Kyle Van Noy

    Now, despite losing Nick Fairley, I’d still wager that the Lion’s defense is a force to be reckoned with. Van Noy is extremely athletic, determined, and versatile. At BYU he finished after 4 seasons with 7 INT’s and 17 forced fumbles, and 26 sacks in 52 games. He is without question a play maker who is going to wreck offenses whether in pass coverage, pass rushing, or stopping the run. With Fairley likely out for the season, there is a big hole (literally) that needs to be filled and having a LB like Van Noy behind Ansah and Suh is really going to help fill in that void. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see what he could do among the trio of Suh/Fairley/Ansah, imagine the pressure on the opposing QBs! Yikes!

    Despite that, him getting healthy and hopefully getting some ‘PT’ (I’m used to this being physical training, not play time, but I need to shift contexts!) because I am excited to see him play. The Lions got him at an absolute steal in the 2nd round as I think he should have gone in the 1st round easily.

  69. My favourite rookie is Odell Beckham Jr, ODB! I’m a huge NY Giants fan, and with Hakeen Nicks regressing and being let go, we needed to get Manning a receive who could make big plays. Now with Victor Cruz also getting injured, ODB is stepping it up. I hope he comes out strong after the bye week because the Giants have a super tough schedule ahead of them.

    PS – we also have the two time Superbowl winning Manning…not the one-timer 😉

  70. Thanks for the contest!!! I’m really excited for all of this hype surrounding Playbook!

    My favorite rookie so far has to be Kyle Fuller of the Bears. This may seem like sort of an oddball pick, but the man has brought some much-needed talent to a struggling bears defensive front. After going under the radar in the draft, Fuller has 3 INTs and almost 40 tackles even after struggling through a hip injury. His strong start to the season earned him the September Defensive Rookie of the Month Award, and this is just the start of what looks like a long and promising career for Fuller.

  71. Thanks for the video, gallery and contest! My favorite rookie thus far has been Bishop Sankey. He has had a slow start to the season, but I think his confidence grows each week and as he starts to get more carries for the titans he will have a great end of his rookie campaign!

  72. Being a Colt’s season-ticket holder, I’m stoked to see Donte Moncrief grow and develop. Hopefully, Luck to Moncrief will become as synonymous as Manning to Harrison and/or Wayne in the coming years. But the rookie I’m most excited about is Blake Bortles. Jacksonville has been such a doormat for the last 10 years, it is exciting that in the NFL an outstanding young QB can totally turn around a franchise’s fortunes. Instead of being disappointed about having to watch the Jaguars twice a year against my Colts, hopefully this rivalry will become one of the highlights of the season as 2 promising, young QBs face off against each other. Thanks Panini for the great Playbook series and I can’t wait to see the Flawless cards in person!

  73. My favorite rookie this would have to be Austin Seferian-Jenkins for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Even though Austin fumbled the ball in OT when they were facing the Vikings (Not a happy moment for me) I believe he has a high potential to be a star tight end. His 6’5 height and his catching abilities make him like a younger version of Jason Witten.

  74. My favorite rookie this year is Cody Latimer, I am a huge Broncos fan and I really think that he will he a steal in the draft. While he hasn’t played this season I know his time is coming. Hopefully the Broncos can re-sign DT and those two can wreak havoc on the outside while Emanuel takes on the slot. Great product would love to add to my collection. Go Broncos!

  75. Odell Beckham Jr. is my rookie of the year so far. He is an explosive player and has done an excellent job filling in for Victor Cruz. Btw I have a rookies and stars longevity auto relic of him so I’m really glad he is doing well! I thought that Longevity was an awesome this year! Thanks for the opportunity to win a box of one of my favorite products even though I’ve never had a chance to bust a box.

  76. My vote for favorite rookie this season is Brandin Cooks. In a league where it seems bigger receivers get most of the accolades and targets it’s nice to see a speedster like Cooks getting some significant playing time and making the most of it when he can. (Doesn’t hurt that I pulled a killer Cooks Patch/auto from 2014 Rookies and Stars /10). Awesome job on the 2014 R&S by the way. Had some amazing hits I’ve pulled so far (Manziel jersey/auto /25, Taylor Lewan auto /10, Bruce Ellington auto /25, EJ Manuel patch/auto /15, etc.). I collect for fun, don’t sell, and Panini R&S has been my favorite product by far this season. Thanks for making collecting fun!!

  77. Jordan Matthews is best looking Rookie Receiver. Former Vanderbilt Star is going to be top 20 WR next season. Guy has all the tools and great route running.

  78. Love watching your videos! Andre Williams has had a major impact on the giants offense also along with fellow rookie Odell Beckham. Andre stepped it up after the key guy Rashad Jennings was hurt in week 5 vs the falcons. Andre is built he is a working machine and this guy is only getting greater everyday. He was drafted in the 4th round but he’s showing that he should’ve been a #1 pick. Thanks for the contest!!

  79. You set the Barr high this time with Playbook. I do request more content in the box. Maybe a hobby version with the same as last year, two books and two cards? Speaking of the Barr, I think the Vikings Anthony Barr is pretty good. I would go for someone from Seahawks but there is no top rookie there so far. Keep up the great work guys!
    I hope Chris will enjoy his vacation to Italy! He deserves it big time!

  80. Thanks for the contest Panini!

    I love watching Sammy Watkins. He is so explosive and fast. It was all on display last week versus the Jets, even his immaturity with his showboating that prevented the long TD. But his speed and big play ability is fun to watch! Plus he has been a great addition to my fantasy team!! Haha.

    Thanks for the contest and Playbook is looking great as ever!

  81. My favorite rookie so far is Anthony Barr. He was supposedly a very raw, athletic player when he was drafted. I heard some analysts say he was a reach. Well the only thing he is reaching for is every player that touches the ball. He even wore the helmet to relay the defensive plays when Greenway was out . Doesn’t sound raw at all to me. That is difficult for a rookie that is still learning on every play and in every practice. He is all over the field and very disruptive. He truly looks like the face of the Viking defense for the next decade. He looks to me like the Defensive ROY. He is really fun to watch and I’m exciting about his future!

  82. My favorite rookie so far is a little peculiar but it would have to be the 3rd string running back for the Broncos right now, Juwan Thompson. As a Duke fan we have to celebrate when anyone of the players makes it to big stage on the NFL but Juwan’s journey has been incredibly amazing to watch. starting out as an undrafted free agent that little to no people had heard of, fighting just to make a roster spot, and now moving his way up the depth charts. Due to some injuries he has even got some solid PT and now has already 3 TD’s on the year. He runs hard and with a purpose and I hope he continues to shine on the big stage.

  83. Has to be Sammy Watkins on the Bills. He’s one of those guys when he gets the ball people in the stadium get on their feet.
    Is he going to blow past a guy, lmock him over, or do something crazy like celebrate before he actually gets in the end zone. He’s def got that Dez Bryant/Ocho Cinco/TO “something”!

  84. Awesome Looking product. My favorite rookie is Sammy Watkins because he is living up to his hype. He is going to make an impact for years to come. Hope I win a box this is much easier than trying to find the panini america symbol. Thank and have an awesome day! 🙂

  85. Surprised there isn’t more love for Kelvin Benjamin! Probably the odds-on favorite for ROY and I really enjoyed the piece you did on him. I really like athletes that take time to show fans their appreciation and give back to the kids and community as well.

  86. My favorite rookie so far has been Martavis Bryant of the Steelers. He had hopefully his breakout game last Sunday against the Colts. He is a nice complement to Antonio Brown and will give Big Ben a much needed red zone target.

  87. My favorite roookie so far has to be Carlos Hyde. He’s been a great starter running back behind Frank Gore He reminds me a lot of Frank Gore with the way that they both carry the ball and try to just turn through the defense as opposed to eluding defenders with diques.

  88. my favorite rookie so far is Sammy Watkins, on a bills team that has injurys he has come through with the plays and is a fantasy player every week

  89. Favourite Rookie – C.J. Mosley

    What a linebacker! He’s going to continue the Ravens long tradition of defensive excellence. Already one of the top rated LB’s in the game he has 2 INT’s, 1 FF and 76 tackles halfway through the season. He plays the run exceptionally well and is a true middle lineback who can cover sideline to sideline. He has a knack for creating turnovers which is always a sign of a great instinctive player. He is going to be a joy to watch for many seasons to come.

    This picture says is all:

  90. Love playbook!!

    My favorite rookie this year has to be Zack Martin. Lineman never get much love but watching him on the field makes him look like a vet. Great blocking skills!!

    Thanks guys!!

  91. Derek Carr Oakland Raiders QB …..He is my favorite rookie. Derek Carr set a new radiers rookie passing touchdown record

  92. Jarvis Landry as a Dolphin fan. Also, because I didn’t think we’d see much from him this year and get shadowed by Wallace and Hartline but he is making his name known. He’s going to be a great player in my opinion.

  93. Donte Moncrief, i don’t watch NFL but if i would i would cheer for the Colts, and when i found a list of rookies he was the only Colts player on it. I don’t collect football cards but a little excitement what all thees contests are provide always good. 🙂

  94. Teddy Bridgewater still my favorite. I know he’ll be solid in the long run and he’s getting better all the time.

  95. Derek Carr Oakland Raiders QB. It looks like he can be special when the rest of his team shows up to play. I say build around him, as a Raiders fan we need a ton of help, but it’s all part of the process. One piece at a time. Looks like a high draft pick next year for sure so that will hopefully help.

  96. Favorite rookie(s) have to be my Seahawks wide receiver duo of Richardson and Norwood. With the departure of Harvin these two are going to get even more opportunities to make plays and from what I’ve seen so far i am excited to watch them progress and improve!

  97. Thanks Panini for the contest.
    My favorite rookie this season is Paul Richardson.
    He has lightning quick speed, great hands, and explosiveness.
    Hopefully we can see more of him soon.

  98. The rookie that I am following most closely is my fellow UW alum Austin Sefarian-Jenkins. I think ASJ can become a big time NFL tight end with his strong work ethic and continued reps in the Bucs offense. GO DAWGS!

  99. My favorite rookie so far is Martavis Bryant. I’m happy he finally got some playing time and does wonders to open the top of defenses (which the Steelers have been lacking since Mike Wallace went to the Dolphins). I think he is only going to be a positive force moving forward and can’t wait to see how he does against the Ravens this weekend! Thanks for the contest!

  100. One kid that I’m excited about is the rookie we haven’t got to see but for only a few plays during the 1st game of the season. Houston Texans Jadeveon Clowney! If the few plays we did get to see are any indication, I cannot wait to see him back with JJ Watt and company. This defensive line is going to be unbelievable. And with all the penalties we have to deal with on a weekly basis, I’m looking forward to watching Clowney dominate these offenses. I think everyone has all but forgotten about him. But I think he will still make the all defensive rookie team in just half a season if he does get back in the next couple weeks. I mean look at all these offensive rookies dominating defenses that have one hand tied behind their backs. It’s a joke. This will be an even playing field where offenses will not be able to use the NFL’s pathetic defensive rules to stop Jadeveon from dominating them for a change.

  101. Thanks for contest.
    Brandin Cooks is my and my sons favorite rookie.
    He has the speed and ability to catch a difficult pass.
    He will be a huge asset to the saints.

  102. My favorite rookie is Derek Carr.As a raider fan i think he is finally that quarterback that the raiders need to help us get back to the playoffs. I think he is a star and will lead Oakland back to the playoffs. Thanks Panini for the contest i love playbook

  103. Thanks as always for the contest Tracy (and Scott).
    My favorite rookie this season is Donte Moncrief. He is doing a great job rounding out the WR ranks in Indy, beginning the transition towards the dynamic Hilton/Moncrief tandem of the future to supplant Reggie Wayne as Luck’s favorite target. He’s made some spectacular catches already and seems to be improving at an above average pace for his position.
    Any time I see a new Panini card with Donte Moncrief it’s exciting. I am looking forward to every Panini release this year to see his latest, greatest rookie card!

  104. Teddy Bridgewater is the future of the Vikings. Just stay healthy and he will drive my Packers nuts for years to come.

  105. My favorite rookie this year has been Khalil Mack. He plays for my favorite team, and he is playing extremely well – 10 tackles for losses in his first 7 games, and already one of the best runstoppers in the NFL..

  106. It’s too early now, as he’s only had the 1 start-but Zach Mettenberger. He was pretty solid in his debut last week, and if the Titans are finally ready to move on from Jake Locker, he has a ton of upside. Nobody’s talking about him yet, probably because of the team he plays for. But I plan on investing in several of his RC’s before they get up there in price!

  107. First off the game used dirty patches are just insane and some of the besti have ever seen!
    For the fact of personal collections I have to choose Kelvin Benjamin because his cards are not ridiculously priced and with Cam getting better and the addition of better wide receivers his cards are definitely going to rise over the years.

    But for the most impressive rookie in my opinion I will have to choose San Francisco’s LB Chris Boreland. He has some huge shoes to fill with Willis and Bowman being hurt and he has done an admirable job filling in.

  108. My favorite rokkie is Derek Carr I am die hard raiders fan and glad we drafted a local qb with accuracy and tons of potential especially after all the qbs we have had after rich gannon I can see him being a starter for a long time in the league and he was pretty good at Fresno I would say ridiculous pass yards.also love the playbook cards their the best hands down hoping I win Derek carr 1/1 drawn play auto on eBay and your box of cards would make my year since raiders winning this year is not likely to happen .

  109. Playbook is an outstanding product. Kudos to the product design team for their great work.
    I have been very impressed with the play of Cowboys rookie guard Zack Martin. He has really contributed to the team’s success with his outstanding run blocking and pass protection.

  110. My Favorite Rookie this season has to be Kelvin Benjamin. He has that rare mix of speed and height that rarely seen. Being that he plays with former Memphis Tiger, DeAngelo Williams, is just a plus.

    The Playbook cards were absolutely SICK guys. The Down and Dirty are my favorite by far.

  111. Kelvin Benjamin is my rookie to follow this season. He is an absolute beast and exciting on every single play that he is involved in. Huge potential and career ahead of him I hope!

  112. This may sound dumb, but my favorite rookie is Zack Martin. Im a big Cowboys’ fan and its great to see us add another big, talented lineman to this o-line. He is an absolute beast and will be a stud for years to come. The block he threw late in the game on Monday Night out in front of Demarco was nuts. The Washington player got cut down, tried to get back up and could barely run after that block.

  113. Thanks for the contest!
    My favorite rookie so far this year has been Brandin Cooks. He brings another dimension to the Saints offense and special teams. He catches and runs the ball effectively and he can lead all rookies this season in recieving!

  114. My favorite rookie is Blake Bortles – quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has all the physical ingredients to become an outstanding NFL starter!

    His card looks awesome 🙂

  115. My favorite Rookie this year is Donte Moncrief
    Because he is a player on my favorite team the Colts. He also brings more weapons top the team. He will be a hall of famer Thanks for this Sweet contest. I love Playbook. ????????

  116. Sammy Watkins has a chance to turn the Bills back into a quality team like back in the Jim Kelley/Thurman Thomas/Andre Reed days. He just needs someone better to throw the pigskin to him.
    And the Game of Inches books are pretty awesome. Put some ink on them next time

  117. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the contest to win some awesome prizes. My favorite rookie this year has been Brandin Cooks. I am a huge Saints fan, and we needed a player like Cooks to fill that void that was made when Sproles left. I was so happy when we signed Speoles because I knew he would make the plays we expected Reggie Bush to make. I hated to see Sproles go. Then the Saints drafted Cooks, and that same excitement hit me. He’s a small guy with big-play potential. So far, he’s met my expectations and probably out performed the expectations of Saints fans who did not know who he was before being drafted. I remember jumping up and down when they called his name out. Then my dad called to ask if I knew anything about Cooks. He is now a Cooks fan as well.

    I’m also an LSU fan, so I’m happy to see Odell Beckham Jr. doing well. We are talking about the NFL and not the NCAA though, so my favorite rookie this year is Brandin Cooks.

    WHO DAT!!

  118. I will go for Kyle Fuller, because he is filling some big holes for the Bears. Now that Tillman is out, he should wear those Big Boy pants and lead the league in takeaways!
    Never opened Playbook before, it sure looks sweet!

  119. I believe that the best rookie of this 2014-15 NFL season thus far is a tie between 3 players at different positions because the positions require different skills. My selections tied as triplets:

    1) Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Vikings-He has a strong arm and great agility at this position. He is accurate with a 60% pass completion rating. He can scramble and is a good rusher too. If he stays healthy he is the best starting rookie QB on the field.

    2) Brandin Cooks, WR, Saints-He is an exciting player to watch. He has amazing speed and agility. His size has not been an issue he averages over 9 yards per reception. He gives Drew Brees another great player in an already talented wide receiver team. He averages over 11 yards per carry in rushing too.

    3) Bishop Sankey, RB, Titans-He is a real work horse who always puts out a great performance. He has great speed up the middle. He has over 300 yards rushing with over 4 yards per carry. He is an outstanding blocker and receiver too with over 8 yards per reception.

    The Panini Playbook Football Hobby product definitely illustrates these 3 great rookie players in amazing card technology equaled by none. Keep the great products coming. Even though a couple of cards, it is great anticipating what you will see upon ripping the pack!

  120. I’m huge on ha ha clinton-dix….cool name, great player…under rated but fun to watch…thanks for the giveaways…

  121. As a cowboys fan I’m super stoked about Z. Martin bc he is part of the great play in Demarco Murray! He has to get a ton of credit for Murrays performance so far this year! Much better 1st rnd pic than what could have been.

  122. I would say Derek Carr has been the best rookie so far. He has done a great job leading the Raiders even without a win. That being said I still can’t get over the cheer by the Raiders fans when Khalil Mack was selected & he has been a force on defense as well.

  123. We have winners. First of all, though, thanks to everyone for your feedback. We love hearing about all of the different rookies everyone is collecting this season. Although we initially said five winners, we’ve decided to give way six prizes! Congrats to Ryan K., Brandon Holt, B-Rad Pauly, ericn316, Jerry Cowart and Jon. Thanks again. Our next contest is always just around the corner.

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