Panini America Shares Another Pre-Release Look at 2013-14 National Treasures Hockey

Panini America 2013-14 National Treasures Hockey Final Packout Stages (48)

Treasured Steel. Buried Treasure. Spectacular booklet cards. Notable Nicknames. Sweeter by the Dozen 12-piece memorabilia cards. Booklet cards with 24 pieces of memorabilia. Flawless inserts embedded with real diamonds. Treasured Twigs autographed game-used stick cards. A splendid ensemble of cards honoring the historic #PaniniDoubleRookieClass. Make no mistake about it: If 2013-14 National Treasures Hockey truly is the last Panini America NHL product you ever see, it’s going to be one for the record books.

We’ve shown you so much of what’s coming when the product releases on Friday both right here on The Knight’s Lance and with live Twitter updates from the hand-packout process. Today, to help add some spice to your Sunday, we’re bringing you more revealing images, including many from the aforementioned aspects above and some showcasing some of the first hand-packed boxes.

The packout process entered its final stages this weekend and will likely be completed in the next few days. Stay tuned in the coming days when we examine the first completed boxes. Until then, these images should whet your appetite . . .


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  1. WOW! Those are, with out a doubt, the sickest batch of hockey cards that I have ever seen. This Friday will be a very exciting day for hockey collectors like me. It also will be a very sad day, knowing this could be the last hockey release we see from Panini. I will surely be heading to my local hobby shop (LTD SPORTS in Westport, MA) to buy my box. I really hope that it’s not that last time i do so for a Panini hockey release. I have really enjoyed all the great hockey products from Panini over the last few years, some of which are my favorites (Prime,Dominion,Titanium,and surely National Treasures) I will be truly lost without new Panini hockey to rip for the foreseeable future.
    You guys really rock! I really hope Panini gets the HNL license back soon….:(

  2. Wow! I wonder if there ever going to be enough of these boxes because they going to run out fast in all the boxbreaks. hope you got my email Tracy?

  3. Product is just AMAZING, I Pre-Ordered My Case A long time ago and I cannot wait to crack it!!! Thank you Panini for truly going out with a BANG!!! This will be missed.

  4. This ridiculous product is the only silver lining to you guys losing your NHL license. I posted back in the thread where you made the announcement asking for a finale like this and it appears I won’t be disappointed. Kudos !

  5. Get your orders in now everyone, this stuff will hit the market and disappear. Great addition with the Flawless subset, what a draw to this already stacked product. Thanks Tracy!

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