Panini America Shares List of Hobby Shops Participating in Father’s Day Promotion

One of the most-asked questions we've received at Panini America HQ in the last week or so is, "When are you going to post the list of hobby shops participating in the 2012 Father's Day promotion?" At long last, we can finally say, "Now."

One of the most-asked questions we’ve received at Panini America HQ in the last week or so is, “When are you going to post the list of hobby shops participating in the 2012 Father’s Day promotion?” At long last, we can finally say, “Now.”

After a few days of waiting, organizing, consolidating and with massive amounts of cooperation from our partner distributors, the complete list of hobby shops in the United States and Canada participating in this weekend’s Panini America Father’s Day promotion is ready to share.

You can access the list below as an Excel spreadsheet or in PDF format. We’ll keep you posted on any additions to the list in the coming days. Here’s hoping your local hobby shop is on the list. But if it’s not, stay tuned — we’ll have information soon on how you can participate in the Father’s Day frenzy online if there are no shops in your area.

Here’s the list in Excel format: Father’sDayParticipatingDealersList

Here’s the list in PDF format: Father’sDayParticipatingDealersList


66 Replies to “Panini America Shares List of Hobby Shops Participating in Father’s Day Promotion”

  1. Nothing close to me 🙁 I guess I miss out, that is unless you guys are doing something for those of us not in an area that is participating.

  2. Sports Cards Plus of San Antonio has 638 Panini Father’s Day Packs to give to those who buy qualifying Panini Boxes. We also have a limited supply of Black Friday Packs. Get one BLACK FRIDAY Pack FREE with any Panini Hobby Box you buy. Wait, we’ve got more. Win $100 for the “Best Pull” (My decision final) from a Panini Father’s Day Pack open in store. There’s more! Everyone who buys a Panini Box this week gets an extra $100.00 entry into our $500.00 Drawing!

    Everyone invited. Come to Sports Cards Plus and have some fun!

    1. My distributor just called. They only had a few more Panini Father’s Day Promotion Packs left, so I bought more great Panini products. Sports Cards Plus will have 732 Father’s Day Packs!

  3. The hobby shop list looks great! Now- what is the promotion? That will help us Dads figure out how much $ will need to be spent for dads to get Father’s Day cards.

    1. Wrapper redemption program for purchasing Panini Products. Checklist with your local hobby shop for details…

  4. What products are elligible (I’m assuming just 2011-12) and how much do i have to purchase to get free packs?

    1. The program tends to vary a little from dealer to dealer but typically will be conducted incorporating the products purchased by them to participate in the Father’s Day promotion.

      1. ok thanks for the reply. fedex came to my house to deliver what i had won on twitter the other night (well i’m assuming its from you guys…its from Texas from what i can tell)…can’t wait to see what it is. you guys rock!

  5. Not a single store in the Greater Vancouver area. It really is sad how poor the choices for hobby stores in this neck of the woods are.

  6. Hey Tracy Dave here so now what if u dont live near any of those places is there any other way u can try to get these packs? What about the Panini store on there web site?

  7. SWEEET!!!!!!! Chuck & Barbs here in Columbus OH will have some packs!!!!! Lets just hope somebody buys me some Panini Boxes for Fathers Day so i can get some of those nice redemption packs! Im going to have to remind my Mom and my daughters about it, fingers crossed! Thanks for the great promotion Panini and to Scott Prusha, if you did as good of a job as you did with BLACK FRIDAY last year, this will be a BIG hit with collectors! My daughters and i appreciate all of your hard work brother!

  8. Another correction:

    FCB Sports Cards
    9850 Nesbit Ferry Rd.
    Alpharetta, GA

    Was saying Alapharetta. 🙂

  9. Strange…the guy who has been in the hobby longer then most hasn’t even got his store on the list. I guess 35 years in the hobby means nothing nowadays.

      1. Tracy, we have recently bought 2 Contenders cases from Grosnor and we have the Father’s Day packs as well. I guess if we can get missed by the other guys Panini is entitled too. For the record we are:
        105 Consumers Drive in Whitby, Ontario L1N 1C4

        1. Our apologies for the omission, man. Thanks for adding your address and store details. We wish you great success with the program. Please let us know how it goes. And, if possible, send us some pics.

  10. Sweeeeet they are on there!! Now completely confirmed for me!!!!!!!

    I don’t know if these are dumb questions or not or maybe I missed it….but how many cards come in a pack of those and how hard is it to hit some of these beauties you guys keep showing off to us?

  11. Come on, we want Des Moines Iowa – The Rookie Card Shop. The owner Anders is on the local sports radio every week talking cards and collection.

  12. Can stores participating start “giving” away the packs as soon as they arrive at their stores? or is there a STREET DATE

    1. We have asked participating dealers not to start the program until Saturday; and the wrapper redemption program will vary slightly from store to store based on inventory.

  13. More shops added to the list, compliments of our friends at Universal:





  14. Were we supposed to get info on this? I don’t remember seeing anything at all, and we definitely would have been involved, but I thought it would be like the Black Friday, which wasn’t open to Canadian stores, was it?

    1. Black Friday was not. But Father’s Day certainly is. Contact your distributor to see if it’s not too late. Oh, and stay tuned for the triumphant return of Black Friday this fall.

  15. Collecting In Colorado? Mike’s Stadium Sportscards will have 700+ Panini Father’s Day packs available starting at 9:00AM Saturday morning. You can reserve your boxes ahead of time to guarantee your bonus packs and please call (303) 699-9808 with any questions.

    Thanks to Panini for putting this incredible promotion together and we can’t wait to hook so many collectors up!

  16. I appreciate the efforts on behalf of Panini. Black friday 2011 was my single biggest day in 12 years of business. Panini dominated the day with about 80% of the sales.I hope the father’s day promo goes at least 1/2 as good. Finnigan’s Sportscards in Albany, NY, will have 300 packs ready to roll. Every pack will be given to instore Panini buyers only. Thanks for the list and the support. Tell a friend today about the fun of collecting!

  17. i just opened a couple of packs and pulled a Luck card 5times the thickness but no auto or jersey on it… anyone knows what gives?

    1. Thanks Tracy. Three Stars Sportscards will have lot of Father’s Day packs available for all of our customers. Stop by or call to reserve your boxes.

  18. Addresses for participating Dave & Adam’s stores:

    2217 Sheridan Drive.
    Tonawanda NY 14223
    Phone: (716) 837-4920

    5575 Transit Rd.
    Williamsville, NY 14221
    Phone: (716) 689-2273

    Orchard Park
    3217 F Southwestern Blvd.
    Orchard Park, NY 14127
    Phone: (716) 677-1840

    Niagara Falls
    1595 Military Road
    Niagara Falls, NY 14304
    Phone: (716) 299-0777

  19. dear tracy hackler i see your responding to everyone elses comments but you still havent responded to my comment about julio jones signing and sending back those autos from playoff contenders rookie tickets autos #221. what should i do because im starting to get very angry and impatient with panini and i was hopeing you can shed some insight on the whole deal… im on the verge of never collecting cards again, can you help me Tracy Hackler???

    1. The brutally honest answer is that we’re trying hard to coordinate a signing with him. As soon as we get that signing scheduled and completed, those cards will be redeemed.

      1. Thanks Tracy for responding and careing, thats all i wanted was to know that you guys at panini care about your customers. once again thanks and i appreciate your respose very much.

    2. Tracy said it, it’s not that we don’t want to answer, we just don’t have an answer. We have spoken with all those involved and emphasized how important these cards are to collectors. We’ll keep you update, but until he decides to sign these, we will keep fighting for you guys to get it done…

  20. This promotion is a very good thing for all of the shops that do not order products until they get a bonus. I order nearly all of your football and basketball products direct but I am not in on the promotion because I bought my boxes at the wrong time. Does this make any sense? I also noticed that there are shops participating in this promotion that are not on your list of Panini stores. How is this possible? Thanks, Lenny. K&L Cards.

  21. There’s so much stuff on eBay – can’t wait to see the complete checklist of base cards and all the inserts…….

  22. Would be Very Nice if My store would be on this list.. I have told my distributer Magazine Exchange 3 times about it and nobody seems to do nothing about it!

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