Panini America Unravels the SP Mysteries of Recent Contenders Football Releases (2017)

January 04, 2019


One. Short. Week. Seven days. That’s all that stands in the way now between 2018 Contenders Football and a ravenous collector base ready to rock when the product arrives in hobby shops across North America next Friday. Obviously, when it comes to the landmark Contenders product, the primary drivers of the product every year are the Rookie Ticket Autographs RCs and the relative scarcity of Short Prints, Super Short Prints and variations.

Over the last several years, Panini America officials have released general information regarding SPs and SSPs but nothing definitive in terms of exact print runs. But this year, that’s changing in a big way as Product Development Director Rob Springs has decided to remove any ambiguity and release actual print runs of all key SPs — and not just with 2018 Contenders Football, either. Springs is taking this numbers game all the way back to 2015. As part of our countdown to next week’s release of the 2018 edition, we’ve been revealing those numbers from previous seasons here on The Knight’s LanceWe began two weeks ago with a breakdown of 2015 Contenders Football and continued last week with 2016. Today, we’re bringing 2017 Contenders Football under the microscope.

Enjoy the numbers and stay tuned for additional information on 2018 Contenders Football.

Here’s the list in Excel format: 2017 contenders football sp numbers

Here’s the list in PDF format: 2017 contenders football sp numbers