Panini America Unveils the World's Longest Football Card in 2011 National Treasures

Congratulations. You're about to witness trading card history. What follows is the exclusive world premiere of the world's longest trading card, a 36-player record-breaker from Panini America that includes 36 autographs, 36 pieces of oversized prime memorabilia and, when fully unfurled, stands more than 8 feet tall.

Congratulations. You’re about to witness trading card history. What follows is the exclusive world premiere of the world’s longest trading card, a 36-player record-breaker from Panini America that includes 36 autographs, 36 pieces of oversized prime memorabilia and, when fully unfurled, stands more than 8 feet tall.
Five of these behemoths — including one with inscriptions on every autograph — were inserted into 2011 National Treasures Football via special redemption cards (after all, you can’t really fit something this mammoth into packs). But since words alone come up woefully short in doing this beauty justice, we present the following visual unveiling. Stay tuned after the gallery for a special video unveiling, too.


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  1. Good to see you rolling around the floor with this card instead of keeping it safe and well protected. Quick, tweet Rovell so he’ll give you a crumb of mainstream press. Desperate times…

  2. Wow! That is amazing! Guess it just sold me on buying another case!! Those patches, auto’s and inscriptions make that thing look amazing. Other than the fact that it is such a huge card(s)!
    Once again, you have outdone what we previously knew to be the best cards in the industry. I want one, I want one, I want one!!

  3. OMG! That is TRUELLY AMAZING! So these redemptions were put into 2011 National Treasures, so have they all been fullfilled? Or are there still some out there? I understand there are only 5 of these right? So have all 5 been pulled and redeemed? If not I’m going on the HUNT for these! Please let me / US know Tracy OK! Thank you! And what an AMAZING FEAT to do something like this!! HIGH 5’s ALL AROUND! ^5 ^5 ^5 ^5 ^5 !!!!
    Dave in Mass

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  5. wow!!! GREAT STUFF!! 1 Question…the one you show in the video is lacking the inscriptions…how many of the 5 have the inscriptions with the autos?
    Thanks again Panini for another groud breaking, history making card!!

  6. Incredible card made by Panini, innovative and epic for sure. How long is a typical uncut sheet of base cards, to compare to these monsters? Thanks for bringing us this preview Tracy, tell Scott nice midriff lol!

  7. Now… Will you provide winners with maybe an 8′ 1/4″ long sleeve? That card is, like the rest of the NT product, artwork. But how do you top such a thing?
    UPI. Armenia Keteyian reports that Panini will embed an actual athlete within a card. “We wanted to push the envelope” said spokesman Tracy Hackler. Reports have Brett Favre coming out of retirement for this purpose. The card will come with health insurance for Favre.”

  8. WOW, Amazing card Panini!!! I thought there was only one of them but now that i know theres still a few of them out there to be pulled, i still have a chance to pull it! Ive busted 2 boxes of National Treasures so far becasue thats all my cardshop was able to get and i have to say this years NT looks AMAZING and i think it is the BEST one yet and thats saying something becasue National Treasures is ALWAYS the product of the year! I just really hope my cardshop can get me another box somehow because i LOVE this stuff! BIG props to everybody at Panini for putting out the BEST National Treasuers FB yet!

  9. Nice shirt man!! You always have a rocking T Tracy
    Quite a rocking tune to unveil something so marvelous. My kids were jamming to it. I was however a little disappointed you and Scott weren’t dancing at the end to it with the 8 ft long cards doing the wave or something.
    Great stuff. Wished I could afford National Treasures to have a shot at something like this. But been waiting for this unveil. Way to go panini!

  10. Personally, I don’t care for the card. The autographs look like crap because they bleed into the fabric. If I got one of these, I would cut it up and sell them individually. Cool concept, just a big swing and a miss for me.

  11. Cool card but if you want a realistic 8 foot card you need to put a redemption card about every third one down!

  12. Seems pretty dumb to me, a cheap shot at coming up with something “unique”. But nothing unique was made, you just took a design and made it ridiculous. How about using different materials, textures, colors, die-cuts and *gasp* designs to make cards cool (and fun) like some of the 90’s and early 2000’s inserts that obviously showed effort and an appreciation for the consumer.

    1. “Dumb” seems a little harsh, but you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. We think it’s a fun, innovative concept — and it seems that a lot of other collectors think that, too. Clearly, it doesn’t appeal to everyone. But one thing is certain: We’ll continue pushing the creative envelope. Thanks for weighing in.

      1. Hi Tracy. Feedback from Sports Cards Plus customers is “THIS IS THE BEST FOOTBALL PRODUCT OF THE YEAR!” Design is great and value is consistantly more than the $400 retail price. My customers keep coming back for more. Check out our site for pictures. Great job Panini!

      2. I think, Hackler, that while I’ve heard people express valid frustrations relative to Redemption cards…which are a necessary evil due to the remarkable time demands signing a sleeve of cards places upon an athlete..,decrying a concept card such as the 8 footer as “stupid” is something very few of us would do. I am thrilled that Panini thinks outside the box, unlike other manufacturers. However, should someone pull the 8-Foot card redemption and NOT want it, I’ll be entirely delighted to trade the lucky collector a few sets of late 90’s Insert cards…Cause they rock 😉

    2. Jamey, all I was saying is that this design is not “innovative” as stated. All that was done, was attach an entire set of cards together – what a creative breakthrough. My point about the 90’s inserts is that some sort of thought went into making them, not “how cool would it be if we taped together the whole set and then made it a redemption even though we are unable to keep up with our current redemption system as it is”. But if that’s what you like, then go ahead and be a mindless drone and buy every single card Panini throws at you. I was just saying I like cool looking cards, not white cards, with a partial border, and a patch in it (they may or may not be game worn). I’m just getting tired of the same old cards over and over again. I understand that I am in the minority here (it is Panini’s blog) and that you will disagree with me no matter how valid my points may or may not be because of the fear that you might upset your precious, wonderful, and god-like Tracy Hackler.

      1. I’m neither precious, wonderful nor God-like. Although I’d like to be more of all of those things. You’re absolutely entitled to your opinion, William. The World’s Longest Card was a small — well, in relation to the rest of the set — inclusion into National Treasures. You don’t like it. That’s cool. A lot of folks do. That’s cool, too.
        We do lots of other things here, too. Here’s hoping there’s something in our wide roster of products that appeals to you.
        Thanks for your candor. We wish you all a wonderful weekend.

  13. What are the chances a winner gets one of these monstrosities but is missing 36 autographs? Like the 2010 Panini Prestige John Wall #151 Rookie that I got with no autograph. Will he get his replaced with one that actually has 36 autographs? Or will he be kept waiting without a response for over 3 months like I been?

    1. Either you are ill-informed or too lazy to search for answers. Every un-numbered Rookie card from Prestige 2010-11 Basketball has the same error in misprint at the back of their card with states “The attached autographed is guaranteed by Panini America, Inc.” I believe it was reported in this blog as well due to the recent Linsanity with people making the same claim that Panini forgotten to attach an autograph.

      1. That’s all fine and dandy. I just want my damn autograph that should of came with the card. But it’s pretty much looking like that won’t be happening

  14. AG- So not necessary. You made your statement earlier and let everyone know you were angry, we get it. No need to keep it going, and I think I can speak for most of the community when I say… we’re not interested in your further displeasure about things unrelated to the thread at-hand.

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