Panini America Wants Your Best Caption for this Odell Beckham Jr. Photo (Contest)

Panini America Odell Beckham Caption This

We’re switching things up here this weekend on The Knight’s Lance with an all-new contest that requires little more than maybe a sense of humor and a flair for the creative. You don’t have to find anything. You don’t have to guess anyone’s autograph. All you have to do is provide your best caption for the sweet photo of New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. that appears above.

We’ll give you until the end of the weekend to provide your caption as a comment to this post below. Early next week, we’ll pick our five favorite captions and award winners with a box of the upcoming 2015 Clear Vision Football. It’s that simple. Good luck and thanks in advance for your participation. Now, let’s see your best caption . . .


222 Replies to “Panini America Wants Your Best Caption for this Odell Beckham Jr. Photo (Contest)”

  1. “My Spidey Senses are tingling… else do you think I caught that ball.”

    Thanks for the contest as always.

  2. The Giants manage to sneak a hamstring test into the photo shoot.
    OBJ to them “I see what you did there Mr Mara.”

  3. I’ll just be sitting here, waiting for the season to start, then its time to catch footballs like teenage girls catch feelings!

  4. Here we have the amazing, elusive OBJ. Often only barely seen in a flash, running wildly across fields, snatching his prey straight out of the sky and beating defenses with precision and speed.

  5. Who am I? I’m a New York superhero that everyone cheers for. Everything i touch sticks like glue. I even wear a tight tacky uniform. I am your amazing friendly neighborhood Odell Beckam Jr.

  6. SpiderDell, SpiderDell,
    Does whatever a spider can
    Dekes the corners, all of them
    Catches balls with just one hand…
    Look out!
    Here comes SpiderDell

  7. Watch out everybody, this year I’ve been practicing my 1 hand helmet catch. you aint seen nothing yet…..

  8. “I am about to poop on this clear toilet” or OR Throw me something bigger I will catch it one handed too maybe even with my eyes closed while squating on this piece of glass sitting on the floor #TouchdownNY13

  9. Of course, you want to make a good impression to card companies when they’re taking your photo for a new card release. You don’t want an ugly looking caricature card with your name on it, don’t you?

  10. If you don’t believe the greatness from my highlight tape, wait til I bring Lombardi back to the Empire State.

  11. Having hands this sticky……great for catching footballs…..not so much for other things…like going to the bathroom

  12. Having hands this sticky….great for catching footballs…not so great for other things….like going to the bathroom

  13. Dear Dallas,
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to posterize your CB. Now look what I can do with two hands.


    Congratulations you have just received an event worn piece of OBJ memorabilia…

  15. If palming this helmet doesn’t already impress you, just know that I’m not using my thumb to hold onto the ball!

  16. When you have a chance at winning a free box of clear vision football from panini….( does the whip )

    Thanks for the contest!

  17. “Okay, Odell, I know it’s hard, but just 1 more oughta’ do it; now push….PUSSSSHHHH! Congratulations Mr. Beckham, meet your new Football!”

  18. I am electrify. I flash through New York with my magnificent electric magnet hands catching anything up in the air. Nothing can stop me.

  19. When you say jump, I say how high
    I ain’t never seen nobody, how they catch so high
    Like a bird, like a plane
    MetLife got me insane
    SB L got me insane
    So jump, catch, SCORE!

  20. “Beckhams aren’t just good with our FEET, we are also good with our hands…that’s why you’ll never see me “BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM”…but you’ll see me “CATH IT LIKE BECKHAM”!!!!

  21. You stole my Panini NFL cards, and now you get the stare for not being able to do my amazing catch.

  22. Valued Collector, a reservation for this Odell Beckham Jr caption can be secured when you submit your request to Panini America Inc.

  23. ” Alright we’re running out of time to find a spot for the photoshoot so the next place we see, we’ll pull over and take the picture. Ummm, the next place is that old roller rink up ahead…”

  24. Corner be afraid, be very afraid!!…I am healthy for 2015 and my hands can hold on to ANYTHING!!

  25. I’m gonna crouch down behind here until everyone leaves the stadium so I know I go home with this game ball.

  26. “If there are any questions that I’m the best,
    Let’s lay it down and put them to rest.
    First I’ll need a funky beat for this rap,
    My boy Tracy will spin it while you all clap.

    I’m Odell Beckham if you didn’t know,
    It’s time to make these rhymes all flow.
    I make sick plays with just one hand,
    With full possession I always land.

    Sorry Dez your weak attempts don’t fly,
    Not while Eli throws them up high.
    My epic feats grace many a card,
    Panini makes collecting ’em not that hard.

    In the new product called Clear Vision,
    To get my sig I had a few provisions.
    I said ‘Don’t put me with those new scrubs,
    Cos cards become coasters down at the pubs.’

    Panini listened like I knew they would,
    So draft me high in fantasy if you could.
    Together well take’ em all to the cleaners,
    Who do I look like, Colby Fleener?”

  27. let you in on my secret, you know the super heroes flash, spiderman and superman, well when I catch a football, my hands have spidey grip, and my speed, flash has nothing on me and when they try to tackle me they bounce off me because I am the real man of steel, I guess I’m no secret, now back to doing business with Panini America Inc, see yall.

  28. 95 % of the time I’m zooming past defenders or hitting the whip and the other 5% I’m signing cards and taking pictures with the best company in the world, Panini America!

  29. So maybe I did accidentally glue this helmet to my glove, maybe I did the same thing to this football, either way I still look better doing it than you ever will

  30. “When the Giants SELECTed me as their HOT ROOKIE, I wasn’t an ELITE player. But now I am not only CERTIFIED, I am TOTALLY CERTIFIED to be in this game. My game is not LIMITED. I ABSOLUTEly had the most IMMACULATE one handed catch in the history of the NFL…. It was a FLAWLESS catch that was not drawn up in any PLAYBOOK. It was my big hands and CLEAR VISION that made that catch possible.

    So I crouch before you with PRESTIGE and say I am a NATIONAL TREASURE & the GIANTS will be PLAYOFF CONTENDERS this year.”

  31. If any one needs their box or case of 2015 Clear Vision Football “hand” delivered then call Odell Beckham Jr. He is extremely “handy”;)

  32. “Eli Manning just threw this helmet to me and I caught it like this, I’ve actually had a more impressive catch, believe it or not”

  33. Caption–”This deep squat workout enables me to make all of my acrobatic catches !!”

    Sent on the new Sprint Network from my Samsung Galaxy S®4

    1. “YOU’RE”

      Not trying to be an a$$, I like your entry a lot actually, kind of wish it was my own haha! Good luck man

  34. We have winners! Thanks to everyone for participating. Some very creative entries. Good, good stuff. Congrats to our five winners this time: Chris J., Ryan K, Troy Curtis, Quinn McClurg and Adrian Markowski. Winners, we’ll be in touch to get your mailing addresses. Thanks again!

    1. A caption is usually a few lines or less to describe a photo. I feel by picking those longer answers, even if they are very creative, is unfair to people who attempted to create something within the contest parameters. Thanks for the opportunity.

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