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  1. I’m not sure who is already Panini exclusive? Is there a list of existing NBA exclusive singers for Panini? I’d wish for MJ or LeBron, but I figure if it were either of them you’d just tell us, and you’d be ready to double your stock value.

  2. Like Alex, I am hopeful it is either LeBron or MJ; but highly doubt either. Better not be a scrub like Jeremy Lin or something!!! My only other guess is Tracy’s mom; bazinga!

  3. I think there is an important distinction that needs to be made – this is about exclusivity for Memorabilia with Panini Authentic – the three core Panini Authentic Exclusives are Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant.

    On the trading card side we have plenty of exclusive signers in the NBA – in fact we have 8 in this current rookie class consisting of Anthony Davis (#1 Overall, New Orleans Hornets), Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (#2 Overall, Charlotte Bobcats), Thomas Robinson (#5 Overall, Sacramento Kings), Harrison Barnes (#7 Overall, Golden State Warriors), Andre Drummond (#9 Overall, Detroit Pistons), Austin Rivers (#10 Overall, New Orleans Hornets), John Henson (#14 Overall, Milwaukee Bucks) and Jared Sullinger (#21 Overall, Boston Celtics).

    Both the NFL and NHL do not allow for trading card exclusives, however other manufacturers don’t always have the same players that we do – those aren’t exclusives though.

    Keep guessing! That silhouette may just keep morphing….

  4. This has to be Kyle Irving.
    We collectors would love it Panini!
    Great NBA player and a future superstar!
    Congrats Kyle!
    Congrats Panini!

  5. There are some decent names here, I would love to see Wade, Rose or Paul join the Panini team but I am going with Anthony Davis. How cool would it be to see Unibrow across Panini’s NBA products?

  6. About Kobe’s height. Situated behind Kobe, but in front of Durant. Probably a current player, but could be a HOFer. I would guess limited GW and auto’s on the market, but has worked with Panini before. Out on a limb, I am going to guess former UDA spokesperson and Tar Heel legend, Michael Jordan!

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