Panini America’s History-Making Mail Day Features Vin Scully’s First Autographs

We're on the receiving end of monumental mail calls almost every day here at Panini America. Such is the case when you're dealing with autographs and memorabilia from the greatest athletes -- upcoming, current, legendary -- in the worlds of baseball, basketball, football and hockey.

We’re on the receiving end of monumental mail calls almost every day here at Panini America. Such is the case when you’re dealing with autographs and memorabilia from the greatest athletes — upcoming, current, legendary — in the worlds of baseball, basketball, football and hockey.

But the fact of the matter is that some mail days are way more historic than others. Today was one of those days.

The epic notification email from our own Magale Rolden hit my inbox at 9:20 this morning. I was back in Acquisitions before 9:21. At long last, Vin Scully’s autographs for the upcoming 2012 Cooperstown Baseball had arrived. The legendary broadcaster has been the voice of Dodgers baseball — and the very voice of baseball royalty — for 63 seasons.

Scully earned the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s Ford Frick Award in 1982 and he was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 1995. No broadcaster in the history of professional sports has been with one team longer. But he’s never before appeared on a certified autographed baseball card — until now.

Limited to 100 copies, Scully’s signature undeniably will be one of the biggest draws from the upcoming 2012 Cooperstown Baseball release. (Speaking of legendary members of the media, Peter Gammons’ Cooperstown autographs fittingly arrived today, too.)

You can get your first look at both Scully and Gammons in the gallery below. Also included: Revealing peeks at some of the Old School signatures from the upcoming 2012-13 Prestige Basketball . . . your first look at some of the autographed USA Baseball content from the upcoming 2012 Prime Cuts Baseball . . . and some jaw-dropping gems from the upcoming 2011-12 Dominion Hockey.

Take your sweet time to soak it all in and stay tuned . . . that next monumental mail day just might be tomorrow.


22 Replies to “Panini America’s History-Making Mail Day Features Vin Scully’s First Autographs”

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  2. Just keeps getting better and better with Panini! What a great impact you have made on the industry in such a short period of time! Keep moving the applaud meter!!!

  3. When I close my eyes and hear a baseball game play out in my head, Vin Scully is the voice. I enjoy watching every Dodgers game I can when we happen to get the broadcast here specifically to hear his call. Truly epic addition to the checklist, thanks Tracy!

  4. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that on-card Fat Lever auto. Beautiful design. As a Nuggets fan, I may be bias, but Lever may be the most underrated player of all-time. Listed at 6’3″/170 pounds, he had 4 straight season of near triple-double averages while being the floor general of a successful Denver squad.

    People get excited about a player like LeBron, who’s 6’8″, averaging a near triple-double–could you imagine if today, a 6’3″ player put up numbers similar to Fat’s (20 PPG, 9 RPG, 8 APG) over the span of a season? Basketball fans would go crazy. It really is a shame that Lever is forgotten, for the most part.

    Any chance of Alex English/Fat Lever dual autos in the future?

  5. Any news on when we will see Cooperstown or Prime Cuts 2012. The USA baseball cards are giving me high hopes that the rest of Prime Cuts will look really good.

  6. Hey Tracy: Just got my packs from the National that were included with my purchase. Included was a Montario Hardesty instant win 8×10 auto only valid at the national- can you guys give me anything for it?? I couldnt make it to the National 🙁 If not no big deal i already scored big by getting an Andrew Luck printing plate in one of the other packs! Thanks a bunch.

  7. You’ve just made a lot of Angelenos very happy. It was way overdue for Vin Scully to have his own, individual, nationally released baseball card. Panini has come through big time with these beautiful on-card autographs.

  8. The Prestige Old School looks great! I love that lately Panini has been giving collectors a chance to get autos from players that have never signed for a trading card company in the past or has been very limited to get one of !! The Dominion Hockey looks nasty and i dont even collect Hockey, but the way these cards look id be a fool not to!!!

  9. I am waiting on a few beauties to get into your hands so they can reach mine … far this season I am impressed with the actual listening to us the fans the ones who are actual collectors we wanted nicer and better and on card and to my great satisfaction have gotten just that ….I am not the type to knock any company because I am a collector but in all fairness you guys have improved greatly with your choices ….now if we can just get redemptions down to a minimum …I am not complaining just hoping…lol…nice stuff to look forward to…

    1. Really appreciate the feedback, Ernest. Collectors are the ones who allow us to do what we do. We crave constructive feedback that improves the final product. Keep it coming — and thanks again.

  10. The Vin Scully will be mine. Oh, yes, it will be mine…

    Was excited to see this set already, but now that I know there’s an autographed Vin Scully to be chased? Count me in and color me excited!

  11. Hey Tracy Ive been waiting for u guys to come out wit some key players autographs that ive been looking for from back in the day! I was wondering if Panini will have any Shawn Kemp,Sean Elliot,Steve Smith,Penny Hardaway, and Kenny Smith! It would be great if u guys could try to get some of the Greats into some future products!!!

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