Panini America’s ‘Name That Segment’ Contest Down to Three Finalists

November 03, 2010

A few weeks back, during a must-see break of 2010 Absolute Memorabilia Football, your humble hosts seemingly had it all — charm, charisma, personality, wisdom, humor. Well, at least one of them did.

What those hosts didn’t have, however, was a name for the segment.

So they asked the viewing audience for suggestions. In true Panini collector fashion, the great ideas came in bunches. Over the last several days, we’ve spent some quality time poring over the candidates to arrive at a final list of three.

Now we need your help one more time. Simply select the name below that you like best and the one with the most votes at the end of the weekend is the one we’ll go with.

Thanks, as always, for helping.

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