Panini America’s Newest Arrivals Foretell of Nastiest National Treasures Football Yet

February 10, 2013

Panini America 2012 National Treasures Football Early Returns (12)

Panini America’s recent release of back-to-back juggernauts in 2012 Prizm Football and 2012 Contenders Football have served to set the stage for a blockbuster three-product finale to the 2012 collecting season. Over the course of the next seven or eight weeks, 2012 Totally Certified, 2012 Playbook and 2012 National Treasures will afford collectors three final opportunities to cherish one of the greatest collecting seasons in modern history.

Today, amid the still-frenzied activity surrounding Prizm and Contenders, we’re going to shed a little light on some recent arrivals at Panini America HQ destined to make 2012 National Treasures Football the most impressive edition in the brand’s proud, super-premium history.

The dramatic introduction to National Treasures of more legend and veteran superstar on-card autographs than ever before, and the addition of fantastic Jumbo autographed rookie booklets, have sent collector expectations for this year’s edition to previously unseen levels. In the gallery that follows, we showcase some of each: Early on-card returns from the likes of John Elway, Barry Sanders and Adrian Peterson, and some of the as-yet-unsigned Jumbo booklets that were delivered to the office late Thursday evening before being expedited to the respective players on them for signing.

Also included in the gallery are must-see first glimpses of a bevy of Andrew Luck National Treasures gems that will bear on-card autographs from the Panini Authentic exclusive the next time you see them.

Enjoy, and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for continuing coverage of 2012 National Treasures Football.