Panini America’s Prizm Technology Dazzles in 2012-13 Crusade Basketball (Gallery)

June 03, 2013

2012-13 Crusade Basketball Only Crusades (43)

Now that Panini America’s NBA Product Development team has completed the Quality Control process for 2012-13 Crusade Basketball and the product is safely on its way to hobby shops across North America, we can begin sharing — and basking in — the poignant glow of the product’s namesake Crusade inserts.

We provided a brief glimpse of the splendor to come in our QC preview gallery yesterday. Today, though, we’re fixing our starry-eyed gaze exclusively on those captivating, colorful, six-per-box Crusade cards. From the base blue-and-gold versions to the budget-breaking Golds (#’d to 10) and Blacks (#’d to 1), 2012-13 Crusade Basketball’s headlining inserts are sure to command as much secondary-market money as they do secondary-market attention.

The following gallery details just some of the Crusades that surfaced during the QC process over the weekend. In fact, every version is represented below with the exception of the extremely rare Blacks (for looks at those, you’ll have to settle for this). Enjoy the gallery and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance later this week to check out the autograph and memorabilia cards that surfaced during QC.