Panini Peek: 2011 Totally Certified Football

As football collectors around the country anxiously await the arrival of 2011 Certified Football to the market, officials inside Panini America headquarters already are hard at work preparing for the January release of its technology enhanced counterpart, 2011 Totally Certified Football.

As football collectors around the country anxiously await the arrival of 2011 Certified Football to the market, officials inside Panini America headquarters already are hard at work preparing for the January release of its technology enhanced counterpart, 2011 Totally Certified Football.

That’s right, the pioneering brand that introduced the basketball world to Panini America’s revolutionary Panini HRX video trading cards and a stunning new Rookie Card design earlier this year is coming to football. And yes, it’s bringing HRX with it.

2011 Totally Certified Football will arrive in late January with HRX cards devoted to some of the top names in the game. Just like their trendsetting predecessors in basketball, Panini America’s first NFL HRX cards will include several minutes of exclusive video footage, autographed versions and 1/1 Gold Autograph versions.

The brand-new product features a 236-card base set that consists of 100 base cards, 50 Immortals, 50 Freshman Phenoms and 36 hard-signed Freshman Fabric rookies. Each six-pack box of 2011 Totally Certified will deliver one hard-signed Freshman Fabric card numbered to 499 or less, one additional autograph numbered to 299 or less and four memorabilia cards.

Other highlights include:

Stitches in Time — Four-player, four-piece memorabilia cards matching some the greatest players ever together on one card (numbered to 249, with Prime versions numbered to 49)

  • Totally Certified Future Materials — 36 Cards that include jerseys worn by the top rookies that attended the 2011 NFL PLAYERS Rookie Premiere
  • Immortals — A 50-card tribute to the greatest players of all time, with every card autographed
  • Pieces of the Game — A 75-card set that includes pieces of game-worn jersey from the top NFL stars
  • Heritage Collection — 64 of the most-collected retired players in NFL history come together for this game game-worn jersey tribute

You can get your first extended look at 2011 Totally Certified Football in the gallery below. Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for additional announcements regarding the NFL debut of Panini HRX.


23 Replies to “Panini Peek: 2011 Totally Certified Football”

  1. Wow!!!!!! These are sick!! I remeber totally certified and still have some of the cards from the 1997 year. Those were terrific cards. Had some great rookies. Warrick Dunn, Tony Gonzalez and Jake the snake Plummer to name a few. I am so happy to see these make a comeback!! Great job Panini! That is one nice Cam Newton Card. Cant wait to see more images.

  2. All I can say is WOW! What a design, the layout is fantastic and if these hits are any indication of the quality the average box will hold I can’t wait until January to crack into one! Great work as always Tracy and Panini America!

  3. DANG!!!! Man you guys at Panini keep on putting out the best cards out there!! I LOVED Totally Certified Basketball last year and now i cant wait for the football version!! I cant wait to bust some boxes in January. Hey Tracy, if you get any images of my boy Aaron Rogers auto please put them up on here so i can druel a little bit more. Keep up the GREAT work Panini!!!!!

  4. I am not pandering to Panini here, and since I’ve become active upon the Panini message board/blog and within the community I have commented about things I don’t like. Panini needs feedback along with Kudos.
    That said, I think the HRX Rookie cards, with clips from the athlete’s rookie year, are brilliant…and just might redefine the rookie card as the industry evolves. Instead of saying, “remember Cam Newton’s first game as a pro…400+ passing yards?” a collector could, in theory, pop in the rookie HRX and watch a clip from the game.
    Man, as a librarian…I picked the wrong field. Should’ve applied to work at Panini 8)

  5. I love the design of the quad patch, never seen a card with the patches out on the corners and the pictures of the player in the center. Also a big fan of the landscape rookie patch autos, i just think they look better than the vertical ones that were in basketball.

  6. Really loved the design of Totally Certified basketball, I’m excited that it’s being brought to other sports.

    Will this be the future replacement for regular Certified or do you think that you will be doing both products again in the future?

  7. Panini has really steped up their game this year! Good job! Does this yeild sould like topps platinum, or is it just me??

  8. Holy Crap this set looks amazing!! Can NOT wait to get my hands on some of this!! Looking forward to it, Panini!!!!

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