Panini Peek: 2012-13 Limited Basketball

Limited Basketball -- one of the hoops hobby's most beloved releases -- returns to the hardwood in late November with a revamped 2012-13 edition that includes a clever new technological "twist" and a radically reconfigured Rookie Card design.

Limited Basketball — one of the hoops hobby’s most beloved releases — returns to the hardwood in late November with a revamped 2012-13 edition that includes a clever new technological “twist” and a radically reconfigured Rookie Card design.

Those two noteworthy developments, in concert with the continuation of Panini America’s massive and historic Double Rookie Class, should give longtime loyalists their most loaded Limited yet.

For starters, there’s the cutting-edge RC design that’s printed on clear acetate stock, hard-signed and die-cut to mimic the shape of the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. There will be 100 Rookie Cards total, including the likes of 2012 NBA ROY Kyrie Irving and 2012 No. 1 overall pick Anthony Davis, with none numbered to more than 399.

Limited also features the debut of Panini America’s “Revolution” memorabilia card concept in the Home & Away insert. The suspended two-sided memorabilia piece in the middle of each card spins to reveal a swatch of home game-worn jersey on one side and a swatch of road game-worn jersey on the other.

The 2012-13 Limited Basketball base set features 250 cards (including 100 Rookies), as well as three base-set parallels (Silver, Gold and Platinum), six unique memorabilia inserts and five unique autographed inserts. Each seven-card box will deliver two autographed cards (including one hard-signed RC) and one memorabilia card.

Limited’s other highlights include . . .

  • The return of the popular Glass Cleaners insert with multiple versions including Memorabilia, Prime Memorabilia, AutographsAutographs Memorabilia and Autographs Memorabilia Prime. Each version features a unique player roster highlighting the game’s best rebounders.
  • Look for five other autographed insert sets including Unlimited Potential, Masterful Marks, Spotlight SignaturesMaterial Monikers and Material Monikers Prime.
  • The debut of the Lights Out memorabilia insert focusing on the game’s best scorers doing what they do best: Shooting the lights out.

Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for additional updates on 2012-13 Limited Basketball in the coming weeks. But until then, enjoy this extended first-look gallery:


22 Replies to “Panini Peek: 2012-13 Limited Basketball”

  1. Looks like another fantastic release from Panini for hoops fan, can’t wait to see a 3-D view of this spinning memorabilia card or video to see how it works. Thanks for the sneak peek Tracy!

  2. Love the overhaul on the rookie design..but out of all of these really sweet cards the one that stands out and catches my that Kobe Home/Away jersey card…wow to say the least. Nice size swatch really does it well!

  3. Product looks cool ….a nice grey bleed on the sides of the “rookie” from light on the extremity to darker towards the center would have made it really pop …just my two cents…

  4. Limited looks better than ever!! I love the new RC design and the revolution insert looks great too! To everybody mad at Panini about redemptions, I know they hate having to put redemptions in their products but because of the players busy schedule, they don’t have a choice. If they keep pushing the release date back to get as much live autos as they can, then people would complain about Panini not releasing when it’s supposed to. Panini CS has been working hard on redeeming all outstanding redemptions and they have done a great job. Keep up the great work Panini!!

  5. Very slick design the way that the signatures have a clearly defined area so there can be no mistake when guys go to sign. The Home and Away card is something quite interesting and different really looking forward to hunting one down on the bay to see how they are in hand.

  6. Way to kill the value of any rookie cards (or XRCs) from the 11-12 release. They might not even be redeemed by November, or at the very least they will be just sent out.

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