Panini Peek: 2012-13 Prestige Basketball

The nontraditional nature of Panini America's 2011-12 NBA collecting season -- with its limited product roster and RC-less releases that accompanied the shortened season -- is swiftly paving the way for a more normal, incredibly stacked 2012-13 lineup.

The nontraditional nature of Panini America’s 2011-12 NBA collecting season — with its limited product roster and RC-less releases that accompanied the shortened season — is swiftly paving the way for a more normal, incredibly stacked 2012-13 lineup.

Last week we shared the first glimpses of 2012-13 NBA Hoops, the premiere product of the new season due out in August. Today, we deliver hot-off-the-presses preliminary information for product No. 2 on the schedule: 2012-13 Prestige Basketball, due out in late August and delivering a staggering 100 Rookie Cards from members of the 2011-12 and 2012-13 draft classes.

If the Dual Rookie Redemption program featured in 2011-12 Past & Present, 2011-12 Limited and 2011-12 Gold Standard gives collectors a taste of the rookie excitement to come, 2012-13 Prestige provides the all-you-can-collect buffet with one Rookie Card seeded in every pack.

Prestige also will deliver three autographs and one memorabilia card in every 24-pack box, including brand new on-card-only signature sets Distinctive Ink and Old School Autographs and several updated designs of venerable Prestige favorites such as Inside the Numbers, True Colors and Prestigious Pros.

We’ll have additional coverage of 2012-13 Prestige Basketball and our other exciting plans for the new season right here on The Knight’s Lance in the coming weeks. Until then, get your first look at Prestige in the preview gallery below.


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  1. Looks great, in-game photos of rookie cards too, haven’t seen that in awhile. What’s the price point for the Prestige?

  2. like to see photos of rookie autograph cards. the 2012-12 rookie cards will feature players in uniform, assuming this set is coming out after NBA draft?

    1. Should be, as this set will also be coming out after the Rookie Photo shoot as well. And to my knowledge, no rookies have signed anything yet, which is why they can’t really show any rookie autographs.

  3. Between myself as a brick-and-mortar shop owner and my rabid basketball customers, a sense of incompleteness was felt by all during the lockout shortened 11/12 season. Until this post, I didn’t realize how missed Panini basketball products like Prestige, Certified, Elite, Crown Royale, etc. were. With the number of improvements Panini has made since 2009, I hope stretching the positive changes across a larger spectrum of products unobtainable.

    When it comes down to brass tacks, collectors have very few demands in a product: consistent base design, serial numbered inserts, thoughtfully selected rookies, a checklist of players for memorabilia/autographs that are at least *mindful* of secondary market value, and (if they must be used) quickly returned redemptions.

  4. Prestige is always one of my favorite brands and one I buy yearly for football (can’t wait for that release) and basketball. I really missed it not being released this season.

    Out of curiosity…will Beckett call these rookie cards…rookie cards?????

    1. Not speaking for Tracy but I think the entire basketball card collecting community as a whole will consider the 2012 base cards as their “True Rookie Cards” as well as Beckett should.

      On a side note, Tracy has the design/development team ever thought about using a seal to denote a players “rookie card”? I know of another brand in baseball and football that do this currently.

  5. I am truly excited about this product i think every year Prestige hits it on the nail for almost every collector, and this year is no different!!! I just read that there will be 3 autos instead of being just 2 puts this product at the top of my list!!! Hey Tracy thanks for putting more Durant up I collect him @ OKC, so its nice to know what i have to look forward to!!!

  6. Really loving the look of this set. 100 rookies kind of seems like a lot, since I’m a set collector as well as a Pistons collector, but hopefully they won’t be too hard to obtain. With 100 rookies, it’d be nice if there were 2 rookies per pack which would still mean you’re 52 rookies away (at the minimum) from completing the full set. But all of the cards look pretty nice (though Blake looks like the rim should be placed elsewhere). Can’t wait to see what the checklist looks like.

  7. lol finally a product without a picture of kobe on the front
    we need pierce and garnett on front now

  8. Tracy, as a die-hard Tar Heel fan, I would be curious to see a rookie checklist and an idea of the number of auto’d RC’s being offered in the product. I can’t wait for the release! Go Heels!

  9. We can’t wait! With a strong group of Rookies from UNC and Duke last season and the one upcoming this stuff should be smoking hot around here! Throw in a Bobcats high draft pick and it only gets better! The 3 autos per box instead of the normal 2 is a nice addition as well!

    Should be a great fall, moving into a bigger store and a sweet rookie crop with Panini trading cards!


  10. With 100 Rookie Cards, does that mean we can expect a roughly 100 card count rookie auto set, say like Prestige Draft Logo Signatures?

  11. When will The Elgin Baylor Elite Black Box 2010-11 “Elite Series Signature” /23 be produced? I been waiting since September 2011. This is a sticker auto. There are a lot of Baylor sticker autos that are pack pulled from every 2011-12 product. I would like to receive the Baylor auto card that was promised to me on the redemption. It is 1 of 2 Lakers autos that I need of the “Status & Elite Series” Check out my Elite Black Box Lakers auto collection….

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