Panini Peek: 2012 Cooperstown Baseball

In February, Panini America inked a multiyear trading card agreement with the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Almost immediately after that announcement, company officials set out to create a unique product devoted to and befitting the men and memorabilia lining the Hall's hallowed halls.

In February, Panini America inked a multiyear trading card agreement with the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Almost immediately after that announcement, company officials set out to create a unique product devoted to and befitting the men and memorabilia lining the Hall’s hallowed halls.
The result: 2012 Panini Cooperstown Baseball, a stand-alone, 24-packs-per-box tribute to the greatest players in baseball history — and the museum they call home — that releases in late July and will reward one lucky fan with a dream trip to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

On a recent trip to Cooperstown to research this very product, several Panini America officials received unprecedented access to the Hall’s archives. Stay tuned in the coming days for a piece from Panini America Editorial Director Jeff Sullivan documenting that dream trip.
Each box of 2012 Panini Cooperstown Baseball will deliver at least one Cooperstown Signatures autograph, three Bronze History cards, three Crystal Collection parallels, two Voices of Summer inserts, two Induction inserts and two Credentials inserts.
Other Cooperstown highlights include:
A Famed Cuts checklist featuring cut signatures from the likes of Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Sandy Koufax, Dizzy Dean and more.

  • A 200-card base set that includes 20 short-printed Color Tint cards.
  • The chance to win a trip to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.
  • Wooden Induction Year cards featuring Hall of Fame induction years.
  • The compelling Fameous Moments insert that details the greatest memorabilia (and the men who used it) en route to induction.

We’ll have much more on 2012 Panini Cooperstown Baseball in the coming days. But for now, enjoy this extended first look . . .


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  1. Interesting looking product, any info on SRP for packs and/or boxes? Also, are there any game used memorabilia cards or just these (I’m assuming) manufactured patch cards? Thanks as always Tracy!

  2. I live about 45 minutes away from cooperstown and been to the Hall Of Fame many of times! When u go there its breath taking because u can feel the history not just see it!!! Some even say that its haunted by some of the legends themselves!!! I think its a great that Panini is coming out with a Cooperstowns Collection we need to always remember the ones that made this sport what it is today!!!

  3. I much prefer the way these images either never had any team logos or were simply cropped in such a way as to eliminate them from the card without airbrushing or photoshopping. They look much more natural that way.

  4. GReat looking product and i cant wait to bust some boxes of this stuff!!!!! I would just die if i pulled one of those Mickey Mantle or Joe Dimaggio cut sigs!! GO YANKEES!!!

    1. Dude… why the hate?
      This IS different for Panini. I, for one, loved “Greats of the Game” and at first blush, it seems a reasonable product to compare Cooperstown Baseball to. I have to say, I’m really excited to see how Panini, a company who in my opinion excels at “outside the literal box” thinking, interprets Cooperstown and those enshrined within.
      Can’t wait!

      1. Your right. I forgot how good a job this outside the box company did on limited and prime cuts. Those were both filled with so much value and creativity. Store owners all around couldn’t keep up with the demand. Panini knows baseball. Can’t wait to get a manu patch…sweet!

      2. So… when you gave Panini your feedback on earlier Baseball products, how was it received? Oh, wait…you didn’t send the company your thoughts? Hmm, neglected to provide feedback in an effort to help Panini improve the collecting experience?? Well…then, good thing we live in a democracy and no one is holding a gun to your head. Likewise, when LCS owners purchase 2 cases of product as opposed to 5, Panini strikes me as the kind of company that will not hesitate to ask, “why?”
        I found Limited to be a disappointment, but I liked Contenders and my 2 Prime Cuts boxes & were stacked. My apologies, as a fellow collector, that your experiences didn’t match my own.

      3. Ummm…he did give feedback to the company when he said this product wasn’t exciting or different. Prime Cuts was trash. I don’t think it was anywhere near the type of product Panini advertised it to be. And, at first glance “Cooperstown” appears headed in same direction. I think they do a fine job w/ football & basketball (maybe only bc of licensing) but, to be blunt, I think their baseball products suck. Im sure they’d love to hear you singing their praises, but a contrary opinion is just as valuable, if not more so.

      4. Mike Esq: Counselor, that consumer feedback of any sort has a positive impact upon products and production values is understood. That said, if i am unhappy with a product… SO displeased that the purchase of another such product is inconceivable to me, then a mere blog comment would be insufficient. I would let corporate know.
        Panini doesn’t need my approval, and their feelings on what I have to say are irrelevant. Everybody’s breaks differ, everyone’s expectations differ.
        I don’t like the products because they are Panini, rather…I like the proucts AND they’re Panini.

  5. Hope the price point isnt too high on this. Looks very similar to Prime Cuts, Limited, etc. Panini’s formula for baseball just isnt working.I applaud your efforts, but I really feel bad for my LCS.

  6. Tyler, I have an update to your question. Although “Fameous” was the intended name for this insert. It has since been changed to the more traditional spelling. Just wanted to pass that along.

    1. lol @ “the more traditional spelling”. I didnt think it was a big deal (people make mistakes/forget to spell check) but either own up to it as an error or just correct it quietly and move on. when you try to spin something as insignificant as a typo, it makes us wonder what other BS ur feeding us, lol.

      1. While I guess I can understand your cynicism, I was just trying to be as transparent as possible. Why would we make something like that up regarding one word on a mocked-up card? The fact of the matter is, we submitted “Fameous” as a play on the Hall of Fame name and the Hall asked us to change it. So we did. That was communicated to me this afternoon and since a commenter asked about it, I was just following up.

      2. I was just busting chops. Seeing the mock-up it seemed more plausible that it was a typo rather than an intended neologism. Surprised the Hall has that kind of influence on the design process. Thanks for the insight and transparency…enlightening

  7. what a great way to pay tribute to Cooperstown HOF and the Legends that are in it! These cards seem like a breath of fresh air! Panini defiantly pulled all the stops on this one and hit a home run!

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