Panini Peek: 2012 Rookies & Stars Football

So much has changed in the collectibles hobby since the Rookies & Stars brand first burst onto the football landscape way back in 1998. To be sure, the product has undergone many changes, upgrades, modifications and revisions in that time.

So much has changed in the collectibles hobby since the Rookies & Stars brand first burst onto the football landscape way back in 1998. To be sure, the product has undergone many changes, upgrades, modifications and revisions in that time.
But as Panini America officials ready the 15th-anniversary edition to launch in mid-August, know this: 2012 Rookies & Stars Football is ready to perform like the polished, battle-tested veteran that it is, with a rousing mix of, well, rookies and stars, and a vast array of collectibility.

Each 24-pack box of 2012 Rookies & Stars Football will deliver four autograph or memorabilia cards, 24 Rookie Cards, seven True Blue parallels, four Greatest Hits, three Statistical Standouts, two additional inserts and one Longevity parallel. Also highlighting the product? The flag-waving return of die-cut Team (two per box) and Player (one per box) Pennants sure to be well-received by collectors who remember their presence in Playoff-branded products of years gone by.
Other product highlights include:

  • Rookie Material Signatures: Highlighting the 35 rookies who participated in this weekend’s 2012 NFLPA Rookie Premiere, these cards will feature oversized swatches of event-worn jerseys and autographs, with prime versions numbered to as low as 49.
  • Rookie Premiere Slide Show Signatures: The NFL’s hottest new talent will make a photographic splash with these rare cards that include an autographed film slide; numbered to 50 or less.
  • Prime Cuts Materials Jumbo: Featuring an oversized prime piece of game-worn jersey, this insert honors the NFL’s marquee players on cards numbered to 25 or less.
  • Department of Defense Materials: The game’s hardest-hitting players are often overlooked in the hobby, but they get their due in this game-worn memorabilia insert that includes prime versions numbered to 49 or less.
  • Rookie Crusade Materials: This venerable insert captures the 35 young stars from the 2012 NFLPA Rookie Premiere on a variety of color-coded parallels, including an autograph version numbered to 49 or less.

We’ll have more details on 2012 Rookies & Stars Football right here on The Knight’s Lance as the release draws closer. Until then, enjoy your first extended sneak peek at the product below.


26 Replies to “Panini Peek: 2012 Rookies & Stars Football”

  1. Always a highly anticipated release, this year’s product looks like it won’t disappoint. Excellent write-up and gallery, love that Luck! Thanks Tracy!

  2. I always love Rookies and Stars. It seems to deliver every year and is a great product I look forward to seeing every year.

  3. Did Panini get rid of the manufactured team logo auto’s that they have used as the base rookie auto’s? Really hope not, they were always one of my favorite products, was really looking forward to this year’s.

      1. Awesome. Thanks for the quick response. Probably my favorite set the past 2-3 years (even more then Contenders). Cant wait to see them, this was one of the best classes that I can remember to attended the rookie premiere, all skill position players. Going to be a good year for the hobby.

  4. Sweet. Love that Brady photo and the Fitzgerald pennant. Will the pennants be fuzzy like the old ones? I actually just came across one a couple months ago while sorting through an old box. It was oversized though.

  5. Sweet!! I love this product! I love the inclusion of the not so big name rookies that turn out to be stars later on. This is kind of a prospectors product. I love the design of it every year. Esp the rookies.
    Hey Tracy, is that Giants Pennant a die cut? And is it felt too?

  6. I gotta say this years Rookies and Stars looks absolutely amazing!!! Its always been one of my favorite boxes to break!!!

  7. Tracy,
    This is what I am talking about, I have been waiting for this peek? Do you have a tentative release date yet?
    Thanks and I cannot what for the manufactured patch rookies of Tannehill, Egnew, and Miller.
    Great Work, any pictures of those signed manufactured patch cards from the weekend?

  8. Always look forward to Rookies and Stars ….one of my favorite Panini products to bust year in and out….always pull something nice…

  9. This all looks nice, good step forward for the product.
    However, I’d like to hear if Classics will be back this year. I think I speak for many when I say that it was sorely missed.

  10. WOW!!!! Rookie & Stars looks even better this year!!!! Hey Tracy will you show us some pics of the Photo SLIDE autos when you get them? I always loved that set when you guys put it in LIMITED Football in the past! Cant wait to bust a bunch of boxes with my daughters!!

  11. Love the designs and the die-cut inserts. I know I’ll be looking for my team and favorite players with those pennants. Any chance there is enough room for an autographed version? 🙂

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