Panini Peek Gallery: 2011 Certified Football

Panini America -- with the help and handiwork of 2011's top rookies -- will begin penning a new chapter in the proud history of one of its most popular brands when 2011 Certified Football hits in late October.

Panini America — with the help and handiwork of 2011’s top rookies — will begin penning a new chapter in the proud history of one of its most popular brands when 2011 Certified Football hits in late October.

For the first time ever, the product’s heavily chased Freshman Fabric Rookie Cards will feature on-card autographs.

“2011 Certified represents our continued commitment to delivering the top rookies to collectors with on-card autographs,” says Ben Ecklar, Panini America’s Director of Product Development. “The popular Freshman Fabric Rookie Card subset has never included on-card autographs before. This year it will. That’s a huge leap forward for this brand and it should be openly embraced by collectors who’ve been loyally chasing Certified for more than a decade.”

The product also features the return of several familiar favorites, including the cornerstone Mirror parallels and such memorabilia-tinged Certified calling cards as Fabric of the Game and Shirt Off My Back.

Each box of 2011 Certified Football will deliver four autograph or memorabilia cards (with at least one autograph guaranteed), one Mirror parallel numbered to 250 or less, two New Generation RCs numbered to 999 or less and two additional inserts, parallels or Rookie Cards.

Other highlights:

  • All Freshman Fabric Rookie Cards will be numbered to 499 or less
  • Autographed memorabilia cards numbered to 25 or less from the likes of Emmitt Smith, Dan Marino, Jerry Rice, Joe Namath, Barry Sanders and Brett Favre
  • Mirror Material Gold, Emerald and Black cards with prime memorabilia pieces or autographs numbered to 25 or less
  • Platinum Hot Boxes inside which every base card is replaced by a limited parallel card

“Collectors know what to expect from Certified and they see it as a product that consistently delivers value every year,” Ecklar says. “It doesn’t need a universal overhaul from year to year. But with a few minor tweaks, we hope it continues to be one of the most collected products of the football card season.”

Enjoy this exclusive sneak peek gallery and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for complete updates on 2011 Certified Football.


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  1. O.M.G those are AWESOME lookin!!! Please release soon so i can get my hands on them!!!! SWEET
    mike Druga

  2. holy crap :0 this product looks AMAZING 😀
    i am guessing its going to be like last years certified with 10 packs?

  3. that cam newton looks sick. whats the deal with his number its on the box cover a 1 then in the card as 15 then on other cards as 2? is it just guesses until the lockout is lifted and we know for sure?

  4. Hey Tracy, Thats awesome you guys are moving towards more on-card autos. Please keep up the great work. We do appreciate that!

    Also, Will this be true for all of the 36 Rookie Premier attendees?

    Interested to know, Please put in a word to get some unique inscriptions in your products this year. Really hoping for an on-card auto set like that in 2011 NT !!!!

  5. no 15 that was a typo. i wonder if clausen is gonna give up that number 2 . id rather have number 1 if i were cam it looks like number 2 will be the right number for clausen lol.

  6. Love the on card autographs. Love that it looks better than last year. Love some of those sweet materials in a lower priced product (you won’t find that with other companies). Looks good!

  7. I was afraid this was going to look like the Totally Certified basketball. Thank God you stayed away from that design.

  8. Certified is always sweet!! This is the one brand i always do well at other than prestige…you always get your box value plus more in return. The commons look great. The inserts are sweet. Freshman fabric is terrific. Fabric of the games design always is tops. the Dan Marino and Andre Johnson up top look wow!!

    This is such an awesome product. And i cant wait til its released. I hope to get some this year. I missed out last year because i was short on $.

  9. Will there be full NFL Shields this year for the Vets 1/1’s? Or the little window version like last year.

  10. These look nice, but how about sending out some of the redemptions from last year’s Certfied or replacements? Jonathan Dwyer & Emmanuel Sanders come to mind. Sure, all these blogs and previews are nice, but finish what you started before moving onto the same product the next year – terribly dissapointed!

  11. Tracy what do i have to do to get a response to my emails about my unfulfilled redemptions? I have emailed once a week basically for last 2 months and haven’t got one single reply. Is this really how your company wants to handle customer service? I want to buy your products but will not do so until my 9 remaining redemptions are fulfilled. Really frustrating to not even get a response to an email when your customer service manager assured me she would check these daily. This is beyond belief that i spent all this money on cards and have nothing but a cardboard IOU to show for it. Can someone please respond to my emails on the status of my redemptions.

    1. Customer service has been in the process of gathering cards for all of your open request since Monday morning. As this is timely measure customer service was unable to contact you until all of the cards were ready to be processed for mailing. This process should be complete by the end of the week.

  12. Hmmmm, Looks great, as do the timeless tribute, however thinking about investing in some golf clubs. BTW, like the auto’s on sticker thing myself, I seem to be different in that aspect!

  13. WOW i am speechless, which is hard to do to me, but even more on card autos!?! NO WAY!! may have to buy a few extra boxes of this product this year… my only question is, the joe namath auto, will that be an on card auto?

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