Panini Peek: 2012 Panini Black Football

In late November, Panini Americawill introduce a bold, new product to its already-potent 2012 NFL roster with the release of 2012 Black Football, a stunning addition to the football card landscape that delivers a luxurious collecting experience with at least three autographs and two additional hits per 12-card box.

In late November, Panini America will introduce a bold, new product to its already-potent 2012 NFL roster with the release of 2012 Panini Black Football, a stunning addition to the football card landscape that delivers a luxurious collecting experience with at least three autographs and two additional hits per 12-card box.

This new chapter in Panini America’s NFL history will be bolstered by the striking Rookie Signature Materials Prime (hard-signed, prime-memorabilia Rookie Cards numbered to 349 or less), the unique Black Printing Plate Redemption Program and Black Materials Quads Prime (featuring four legendary players and four pieces of prime memorabilia).

Panini America officials will also use Black to unveil a new spin on the printing plates by inserting only black plates for the 100 base cards in the set. Collectors who pull the Black Printing Plate 1/1s can redeem them for the remaining three Printing Plates (cyan, magenta and yellow) of that particular card.

Other highlights . . .

  • In addition to the minimum three autographs and two additional hits, each 12-card box also will deliver two base cards, two Rookie Cards, two additional inserts and one parallel
  • Stat Line Materials Prime features between two and four prime pieces of memorabilia housed behind a die-cut stat window specific to each player (numbered to 49 or less)
  • Onyx Materials Jumbo Prime Jersey cards feature an oversized piece of event-worn jersey from the top 2012 NFL rookies with numbering to 10 or less
  • Marks of Distinction autographs incorporate signatures from football’s most popular players (from the past and present) on cards numbered to 99 or less

We’ll have much more on 2012 Panini Black Football right here on The Knight’s Lance in the coming weeks and months. But for now, enjoy this extended first look at the product:


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  1. Ugh, just tripped and ran into a wall looking at this… Awesome work, now to chill, take a breather, and keep moving.

  2. The “Black” series looks great, but what steps are going to be taken to prevent the corners from being damaged during packaging, leaving white edges? It is very disappointing when you open a higher end product and the edges are white when the are not supposed to be white, especially on thick cards.

  3. Nice-looking high-end product. Except for the rookies, are the memorabilia/jersey game-worn ones? Material Quads with Favre/Elway/Marino/Moon may have got me hooked if their materials are game-worn.

  4. This looks A M A Z I N G! Is this a regular product or a “Black Friday” since it says late November release?

  5. Tracy,
    This product is really sharp looking, maybe one of the nicest all year. What is the anticipated release time and the SRP?
    Also, do you have any Tannehill previews?

  6. Simply STUNNING product, I can’t wait to see more about this release. The breakdown per box seems fantastic, the printing plate program is revoltionary and that Andrew Luck makes the gallery really pop for a Colts fan like me. I do share the concern raised previously about the black edges turning white, a number of previous products have had this type of issue including one where the cards were put in a foil pack them pressed into a foam space-filler inside the box. As long as that is not a big issue I am all for Black (my favorite color btw). Fantastic job on this one folks, thanks for the sneak peek Tracy!

  7. Tracy, what price range are we looking at for this new product? By the discription i am guessing $350 per box at least! Please let me and the rest of panini fans know so we can save some coin for this awesome looking new product.

  8. Panini must be truly excited about this product, when Black comes out itll be flying off the shelfs! You guys have a real winner here! Can u tell me if youll be putting out a checklist for us in the near future! Would love to see who else will be in it? Oh yeah i forgot one more thing i always see Panini having some of the greatest players of all time added into todays products but theres one player that is most of the time left out! To more one of the most under rated and greats of all time Kurt Warner! Tracy could u please bring this to The Creative team and others attention, I would truly be truly grateful!!! Thanks

  9. Wow, gorgeous!! Impressive! Please select your adjective of choice. Making un-auto’d memorabilia issues relevant again is no small feat.

  10. that is a sick looking product! do u know how much it will cost per box? and is it just 1 pack per? and how many hits?

  11. Tracy will these be coming in $3 packs as well? That way I can pull some cards at Target or Walmart.

  12. Wow these are amazing looking. Really stoked for November now. That is one of the prettiest cards I have seen you put out. Great Job Panini

  13. I’m super excited. Tracy I wondering if maybe you could make a contest for some sort of well-known football player (Rg3, Tim Tebow, etc.) 1/1 card. It could be like a promotion to showcase a new brand that is coming out. A lot of people would enter, and give that brand some publicity. For instance, a new brand such as BLACK and that 1/1 card would be from that brand. Just like that 1/1 contest for a D-Rose card earlier this year. Let me know what you think about that idea. Thanks for your time.

  14. Wow! I would give my left kidney for that Eli! This is a great product! The rookies in this product look incredible..any David Wilson or Reuben Randle previews yet?

  15. Tracy, sweet looking cards. I’ll have to start saving now for my one box! Idea for next year: Since “Black” has been used before, why not call it something cool like “Obsidian”? Black, sleek, shiny… I know, you love it. I’ll be waiting for my 2013 royalty check.

  16. Looks great Tracy!! Will there be a base set to this release? I see Mo Claiborne in there, can I expect anymore Cowboys cards?? Auto’s or Patch chasers I mean. Look great though, nice sleek look and very nice change from gold standard and limited series that you guys put out. I will be sure to try some.

  17. Know what I think? I think Panini should have some of these for collectors to ogle at Comic-Con, NY lol.
    I’m a broken record about the Javits Center function bc it’s my only opportunity to meet you guys. Getting to the National is impossible for me…& many like me. NY awaits Panini!

  18. Hey Tracy, this addition to the Panini line is “SICKTASTIC” !!!! Can’t wait to get ahold of a few of these when they release! Keep em’ coming! I just hope the black borders hold up from the journey from packaging, to shipping, to our hands.

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