Panini Peek Preview: 2012 Gridiron Football

For starters, know this: That headline up top is not a typo. We didn't inadvertently and inexplicably forget to use the word "Gear" next to the word "Gridiron" there. Clearly, Panini America's 2012 Gridiron Football is not the same Gridiron Gear you're used to.

For starters, know this: That headline up top is not a typo. We didn’t inadvertently and inexplicably forget to use the word “Gear” next to the word “Gridiron” there. Clearly, Panini America’s 2012 Gridiron Football is not the same Gridiron Gear you’re used to.

In an NFL collecting season that so far has included — and will continue to include — numerous upgrades and improvements by Panini America, 2012 Gridiron Football, due out in October, is next in line.

Aside from a name change, there’s the radical base-set redesign incorporated to highlight stunning photography that captures the intensity and excitement of the NFL on every card. There’s also a slew of refreshing new insert and parallel designs. Even the trademark Rookie Gridiron Gems Autographs, football’s most unique Rookie Cards, are different this season — pulling up from the top of the card as opposed to pulling out from the side.

This is a new Gridiron for a new season. But just because “Gear” has been dropped from the product’s title doesn’t mean game- and event-worn gear has been dropped from the product. Each box of 2012 Gridiron Football (eight cards per pack, 18 packs per box) will deliver four autograph or memorabilia cards (at least two autographs guaranteed), 18 RCs, three Silver X’s parallels, one Gold X’s parallel and 10 additional inserts from a lineup that includes Crash Course, Arms Race, Aerial Assault and Monday Night Heroes.

Other highlights of Gridiron (200 base cards, 100 Rookie Cards, 35 Rookie Gridiron Gems Autographs) include . . .

  • The Rookie Gridiron Kings Signatures insert honoring top 2012 rookies on autograph cards numbered to 99 or less (also look for Rookie Gridiron Kings Jerseys Prime memorabilia versions numbered to 49 or less)
  • The landmark Rookie Gridiron Gems Autographs are numbered to 299 or less, while Gold versions numbered to just 50
  • The best players in the game lend their penmanship to the Gridiron Signatures insert on cards numbered to 99 or less
  • The 25-card Monday Night Heroes insert profiles the best individual Monday Night Football performances from last season with parallels numbered to as low as 25
  • Prime pieces of legendary game-worn memorabilia punctuate the Gridiron Kings Jersey Prime insert that’s numbered to 49 or less
  • Die-cut prime memorabilia versions of the popular O’s parallels numbered to 49 or less; die-cut X’s versions are numbered to 299 or less

We’ll have so much more on the new-and-improved Gridiron Football right here on The Knight’s Lance in the weeks to come. But for now, enjoy this extended first look at the product.


15 Replies to “Panini Peek Preview: 2012 Gridiron Football”

  1. First one on here to witness this beauty….wow! Amazing photography for base sets is up my alley. I like the design because the border doesn’t take up much of the base card and I like that. More photo…more I like! Gridiron Kings and Gridiron Gems make me drool as if I am teething.

    I like the name change, the base set change. A product that is a winner is now even more a winner! A definite head turner!

  2. Oops! “Gridiron” is misspelled on th Emmitt Smith mockup!! Thanks for focusing on the photography, makes these so much better!

    1. Nice catch. The typo has been corrected and the responsible party has been appropriately forced to write “There is no extra ‘i’ in ‘Gridiron’ ” 4,374 times. 🙂

      1. Glad you didn’t flog them too much! Feel free to send a Charles Woodson “GridIRON Kings” card my way as payment for all of my hard work! 😉

  3. Ahh, Hackler, you had me at, “For starters.” Given the undeniable truth that Panini has methodically applied a sleeper-hold to the industry, it’s imperative that the company not rest on it’s contracts. It’s critical that the company continue to improve products and providing the collector with gratifying box-breaking experiences. The Gridiron release has some really neat memorabilia cards, a rarity in today’s $5 jersey card landscape, and the relaunch of “Gridiron Kings” is sure to please. That Luck auto issue is a thing of beauty!
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Every football card-buying season there’s a few pieces of news that come out that make me say “I didn’t see that coming…but I like it.” This would be one of those announcements. While I’m in agreement with a few fellow commentors that the logo might need a little work, the overall picture looks pretty great for the release. Solid value, quality photography and new improvements to old favorites add up to a promising October product for the hobby. Thanks for the advance preview Tracy!

  5. Gridiron has always been one of my favorite boxes to bust! Ive always got my moneys worth and I always ended up pulling something good! Probably my most favorite insert set is in gridiron and thats Gridiron Kings! After all these years Gridiron Kings has always stayed true to itself and is a part of trading card history!!!

  6. Not to be that guy, oh hell I’ll be that guy, I don’t understand the concept of the logo. I assume it’s mean to be a stylized football field? So…there are only 80 yards in a football field?

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