Panini Price Index: Andrew Wiggins, Young QBs & High-End Heavyweights Dominate


Whether you tear into Panini America boxes to build your collection or to eventually sell new-found treasures, there have been plenty of impressive cards found by collectors in recent months. How can you tell?

Simply¬†by searching online auctions — but the Panini Price Index is here to help.

BK-AndrewWiggins-NT-16222While compiling this latest edition of the¬†Index, it’s apparent that one athlete — Minnesota Timberwolves guard and reigning NBA Rookie of the Year Andrew Wiggins — is boldly leading the way right now. One example? On September 4, a¬†2014-15 National Treasures Basketball Gold Rookie Patch Autograph sold for $16,222. One reason why this card went for so much? It was serial-numbered 22/25 — the only one matching his uniform number.

That’s not the only big sale of a Wiggins Rookie Card — a pair of National Treasures cards limited to 10 recently sold for $10,000 and $9,350, respectively; and he’s also led the way on cards found in boxes of 2014-15 Gala Basketball, 2014-15 Immaculate Basketball¬†and the Target-only 2014-15¬†Excalibur Basketball. There, for example, his Kaboom! insert has sold for as much as $1,525 in recent auctions.

But that’s just the start of things with this latest PPI. Keep reading to see a sampling of all the real-world sales after the jump.


Over on the baseball diamond, the recent arrival of 2015 Immaculate Baseball¬†has sparked many sales of game-changing memorabilia cards as well as rarities of retired players who simply haven’t signed much in recent years after leaving the game. This Kris Bryant 1/1 fielding glove card? It sold for $1,499 just a couple days ago. Trumping this impressive piece? There were a few, but one impressive sale was $1,725 paid for a 1/1 Andres Galarraga Immaculate Ink auto. Another was $2,025 for a Bryce Harper bat knob.


On the gridiron, recent notable sales are led by the NFL’s top quarterbacks of the last few years as well as this year’s rookie crop. This 2015 Spectra Football 1/1 of ¬†Marcus Mariota¬†sold for $1,900 on Friday, while sales have been noteworthy for Jameis Winston, Bryce Petty, Johnny Manziel¬†and even a few older guys¬†such as Tom Brady and John Elway. None of them touch the demand for Andrew Luck‘s high-end cardboard. How much? Find out¬†in our gallery below.


With 2015 Donruss Soccer¬†coming soon, collectors are clearly readying for new cards of international stars while also chasing greats from the landmark 2014¬†Prizm World Cup release. This Combo Signatures Prizms card of Pele and Cristiano Ronaldo¬†limited to 10 copies sold for $6,300 on Thursday, while a¬†Prizm Black 1/1 of Brazil’s Oscar recently sold¬†for $1,809.

Sold for $499

On the non-sports front, Miranda Lambert‘s autographs from 2014 Country Music¬†continue to top the eBay charts. Her Authentic Signatures card has sold for $499 in recent weeks, while her Silhouette Materials Signatures cards (above) have done the same.

That’s just a small sampling of what’s been¬†discovered in Panini America boxes and sold online. Check out our gallery of notable recent sales below.

Chris Olds is a Dallas-based freelance writer and former Beckett Baseball editor who has covered the sports card industry for more than 15 years. Follow him on Twitter at @chrisolds2009. 


9 Replies to “Panini Price Index: Andrew Wiggins, Young QBs & High-End Heavyweights Dominate”

  1. I love the price index. It affords collectors an idea as to just how products are being received, and which athletes / autographed issues are changing hands at stratospheric prices.
    Great stuff!

  2. Note. I saw an old Pinnacle card 1997-98 Be a player prismatic autograph #1 Eric Lindros that was sold for 745$. I had no chanse getting it. I hope my National Treasures Lindros All Star card will go up. Its one of the greatest cards ever made in Hockey.

  3. Great info guys! I think you guys should release these price index’s at least once a month because collectors like myself love to see what certain cards we love sold for. Keep up the great work Panini

  4. So not only do you guys almost have monopoly over sports cards your now setting the prices?
    You write a price index to justify the astronomic price of your cards? how is that fair?
    In saying that though a price index is almost a waste of time as a lot of collectors sell cards at rock bottom prices when they are trying to re-coup money spent on cards. Prices don’t make sense, one of the hobbies many flaws…how are andrew wiggins rookies worth more than Shaq, Sprewell or Reggie Miller rookie cards?
    Boxes cost a bomb yet collectors expect Dirt cheap prices when buying on the secondary market but they expect top dollar when selling.
    How can a rookie auto be worth so much when there are so many available now?

  5. Panini is merely collecting and presenting closed auction pricing, Hegz. Those who purchase via eBay set the market, not Panini.
    Only the most well-heeled collectors will purchase products such as Flawless Basketball, National Treasures Basketball, Spectra Football or Immaculate Baseball. BUT… The VERY reasonably priced, Diamond Kings Baseball, Cooperstown Baseball and Elite Football are also well represented in the above Index. Providing collectors with a cross-section of realized prices certainly has ME thinking about stopping at my LHS on my way home from work….I view it as both a service to the TKL community and good business.
    Good conversation!

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