Panini Unwrapped: 2011 Threads Football

In another must-see edition of the award-worthy Panini Unwrapped series, watch as Panini America's Tracy Hackler and Carlos Torrez shred a particularly hot box of 2011 Panini Threads.

In another must-see edition of the award-worthy Panini Unwrapped series, watch as Panini America’s Tracy Hackler and Carlos Torrez shred a particularly hot box of 2011 Panini Threads Football.

Not only can you win their hits from this box, but you can also win a sweet new Panini America T-shirt available nowhere else but here. Stay tuned to the end to find out how.


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  1. How cool is it to pull a Knute Rockne memorabilia piece? Rookies are great but keep these vintage items coming!


  3. Once again an amazing product. The base card design is very nice. The horizontal look gives collectors a chance to see more of the action. Not to mention i love the color design on the side to match the players team. As a set collector and a lover of great on card photography, this is much appreciated. The Gridiron kings and Star factor look great as well. The Von miller/Dareus dual jersey is very nice. the Tyron Smith auto was pretty sweet. The letter autos are always an awesome hit even though i never seem to get one no matter how hard i try. Nice laundry tag as well. This product, from the packaging of Ingram to the base to the inserts and to the top notch hits you can get from this product like you guys pulled from this hot box. overall i give this product an a++++!! Owning or winning a single base card from this break would be awesome. And very sweet Panini America T! Love the design. Thanks again for the contest. Keep up the great products.

  4. That was an insightful break. I didn’t know about action photos on the cards all being landscape, that is a nice touch. I like that Prime Memorabilia cards are one per box as well, I’ll be sure to pick up a box or two.

  5. awesome design guys!. Love the action shots of the base cards. I absolutely love the horizontal layout of these cards,because they allow you guys to express the beauty of your photography and design work. Of course the hits are very nice also. Love the look of that Jake Locker Jersey patch, that Von Miller auto was very nice also. If you guys continue to make quality products like this, my hard earned money will continue to spend.

    1. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I meant to say the Mikel Leshoure letter auto was nice. The guy is going to bounce back next year from his injury and be a stud. The Von Miller/Marcell Dareus duel jersey card is very nice also though.

  6. Great product this year. Love the way on how the base cards are horizontal. This will be fun for me to collect this year. And the prime patches seem to amuse me! I mean a laundry tag? What else can I expect? A shoe? lol. but back to business. This year’s threads looks way better than last year. The bases are more eye gazing and the inserts are beast. Triple threads sound fun! My grade? 9/10 😀

  7. Tracy, Yall did it again! LOVE them!!!! send that Spiller /250 my way, you know how i am about my clemson guys, like you and your bronco guys!!!!! WOO HOO!

  8. The horizontal design shows more of the field happenings where the diagonal seam border is a nice touch which does not take away from the action…..Star factor nice added touch not sure on the Gridiron Kings design sort of used to the old design which I liked quite a bit will have to wait and see once I have one in hand to really tell…….the Rockne card is awesome…I was hoping to pull an Ernie Davis card last season still trying…lol…the inclusion of past Stars is a huge plus for any collector and adds to the popularity of Panini Threads……

  9. I liked threads last year and it looks good this year. The prime laundry tag was nice. Look forward to getting some very soon.

  10. Threads is my favorite product!! I love that you guys keep coming with the auto letter patches and we are going to get a prime patch in every box! AWESOME JOB on the layouts! Keep up the good work!

  11. I like that you kept the horizontal design from last year. It is a good way to keep this set different from the other sets you produce.

  12. These cards look absolutely amazing! I just started to get back into collecting a month ago after 14yrs of the GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! stage of life. Now thats done and over i can start again. Looking at my 97′ collection and back makes these cards look like mine were made with a hand printing press. Especially the ones my pops gave me from the early 80s. Crazy what changes in a few years. High def has revolutionized this massive industry and the box you guys opened really makes me want to get get back into this full swing just to see whats out there. Dont rag on me to much but when u pulled that lions patch out was awesome. Gotta to rep my hometown boys!
    Cant wait to get started again.
    Lovin the cards guys! Keep up the good work.

  13. Really like the design on these. Action Pics always look great on a card and these really pop out. And of course the letterman are always a great touch. Surprised to see that Laundry Tag Looked good though.

  14. I’ve never bought a threads product before. I like the base design and the hits were very nice. I think I’ll be picking up a box from the card show. Thanks guys

  15. Love the design of this years product. Cant wait to get me a box or some packs!!! lol would be nice to win something in this contest too

  16. Great card design The horizontal look is differant you see more action whihc is allways a good thing.The Gridiron kings look amazing and well im a Broncos fan so you know i love the Von miller/Dareus dual jersey. Very Sweet Benson laundry tag as well. Panini has done it again with a great product!

  17. I have always liked the Panini design. I’m all over the Rookie Class letter patches for Locker, so I’m sure my wallet is about to take another hit.

  18. This looks like an awesome product, I really love the landscape style, makes it easier to see what else is going on on the field and possibly to find out what game the picture was taken from. That shirt looks very cool too. Also, I love the effects during your little sign-off thing lol.

  19. Tracy,
    The cards are great…but, it’s hard to beat that ending!!! Love the explosion! Now, gotta call the cardshop to see if they have them yet!

  20. Need to get my order in for a box! Nice stuff and wasn’t that 5 hits??

    Love to see the extras. The cards look good and the inserts are sharp. Need to get one of those Packer inserts with Rodgers, Driver & Jennings.

    Is that card also a triple jersey card also?

  21. Wide-angle shots, shimmery parallels, Rookie DOUBLE-swatches, what’s not to like? I’ll be looking for these in two parts of the country, can’t wait! 🙂

  22. Nice box definitely worth the money love the laundry tag #ed /99 rare hit thanks for the video’s keep up the good work. Tom Brady nfl logo-auto would be nice!!!

  23. Stufflooks great. I have always liked the action shots on these cards. I also like the autos letters a lot. Thanks for the preview Tracy and Carlos. Cant wait to do a box myself.

  24. that is a great product this year love the design of the base and i need one of those shirts keep up the good work guys

  25. Awesome product. Love the horizontal design and all the great action photography. Inserts look nice and that laundry tag is just too awesome!!!

  26. Threads looks sweet again this year guys! Can’t wait to rip some for myself. As a bengals fan i would love to get that Ced prime for my collection!

  27. I just sold my computer to buy some packs when I saw the local card store had these in stock. I did not pull anything great, but did like the cards. I enjoy opening a product such as this that is clean and simple, but has a few layers(parallels, auto, #’ed) that are included. It is rare for products to contain numerous inserts that are attractive, good ratios to pull one, and are not forced on a customer (5 in a pack of 10 cards). It looks like Panini has released a real good product here and I just wish I could afford more (can’t sell everything I have). I hope to spread the word on the accomplishment of Threads and hope to add to my collection somehow and someway soon. A+ on this one Panini


  29. To tell you the truth I have never bought Threads in the past, but watching this break, I really like the design and am looking forward to the product. Love the horizontal design, and I like the fact you get one prime mem card per box. Nice going Panini!!

  30. Watching this break….nice looking cards! Definitely agree with the horizontal design showing some cool stuff!

    The story behind the star factor is pretty cool.

    The Hines Ward card shows the Buffalo game that had the epic overtime drop by Stevie Johnson.

    The Rookie Collection Card of Miller and Dareus is a nice card!

    Knute Rockne “You can find pieces of him in the program”….good thing I knew you were talking about the jacket and not actually him!

  31. Very cool looking cards, amazing angles and visions of the players and field. The inserts are awesome as well, can’t wait to crack some packs. Is there any Marc Mariani cards in the bunch you opened? Thanks

  32. Great loooking cards, any Marc Mariani cards in that bunch? Thanks for the opportunity to see some of those inserts.

  33. Very nice !!! I will be picking a box up next time i hit the card shop. Lotta hits,great designs, another fine product put out by Panini. How much will the box run.

  34. Threads got me back in the hobby. I went to my LCS to pick up a Peyton Manning Rookie. It had been years since I bought packs, but a fresh box of 2010 Threads had just been opened. After a few packs I pulled a Bo Jackson Patch /5. Could not of been happier because I was an avid collector of Bo as a child. Ive been a full blown card addict every since. Thanks Panini…

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