Panini Unwrapped: 2013 Black Friday Packs

In this special Thanksgiving episode of Panini Unwrapped, Panini America's Tracy Hackler, Scott Prusha and Chris Reed get a jump start on the phenomenon known as Panini America Black Friday by ripping through a few early packs of the special promotional set.


In this special Thanksgiving episode of Panini Unwrapped, Panini America’s Tracy Hackler, Scott Prusha and Chris Reed get a jump start on the phenomenon known as Panini America Black Friday by ripping through a few early packs of the special promotional set in an effort to give collectors an idea of what to expect.

Enjoy the video, and be sure to stick around until the end to find out how you can win some free Black Friday goodies, including packs, insert cards and so much more. Thanks for watching and Happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. My favorite Panini card by far is my 2012 Prime Signatures Andrew Luck Auto Rookie Card. The picture, on card auto, #’d, it is a greatly designed card. #Thankful

  2. Iam thankful you guys started this set in 2011 and kept it going because it has brought back my interest in collecting 100 percent as it was kind of fading and I wanted to get away from just the same stuff. It also gives me something to hand down to my little one, whenever that may be and Iam thankful for that. ALSO just because Scott told me he never gets tired of looking at my collection, here you go! Happy Thanksgiving guys and you know theres some additions coming to that bucket very soon!

  3. There are some sick cards in that set for sure. I posted me and my card on twitter but love the look of all the different styles of cards in this set. Great job guys, you put something for everyone in those black Friday packs.

  4. Thanks for the video guys. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m super thankful for my Panini Contenders Russell Wilson Cracked Ice auto. Woo hoo! Go Hawks.

  5. Panini makes Black Friday my highlight for the year!
    I’m most thankful for my Mark Scheifele Panini Certified SP Freshman Signature card!

  6. I LOVE the Christmas hats, and would love to get one! I entered through Twitter. Have a great Thanksgiving guys! From @Ky_Guy9

  7. Sometimes its hard to put into words what one is thankful for other than their family and friends…and most likely words will never be enough to explain how thankful but this video certainly helps give some perspective. Im thankful that I got back into this hobby and have met some cool people and have been able to help some out with trades and other things.
    Im thankful that Panini is so innovative and Im thrilled that Tracy is so interactive and entertaining. I know he is busy but he always helps when people need it. Bottom line is Panini as a company is one of integrity and thats what we should all strive for.

    My Panini card that Im most thankful for is a 12/13 Preferred Miami HEAT “Champs” Booklet card. I love the HEAT and its a very nice looking momento.

  8. The card I’m most thankful for is the Andrew luck RC patch auto I won from you guys. Thanks and happy thanksgiving.

  9. Something’s up with posting pics on my Twitter account tonight, so I’ll just post mine here. Might as well since I can type more than 140 characters here. haha.

    I just couldn’t pick one card, so I picked one from each sport I collect (hockey & football).

    I’m thankful for my 2012 Andrew Luck Rookie Inscriptions card. Still can’t believe I have that card in my possession. Really appreciate the contest you ran last year Panini giving out autograph cards from the 2012 NFL Rookie showcase. It’s the only big name autographed card I own as I’ve never been that lucky in packs as seem to always pull to players that don’t amount to much. 🙁

    As for Hockey, I’m thankful for my 2012-13 Limited Stanley Cup Winners Auto card of Lanny McDonald. Got to meet him up at the Hockey Hall of Fame in the 90’s. Really cool guy and an insanely nice on-card auto! Wish more current players would have legible autos like the older guys do!

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

  10. Awesome guys wish I had the funds to get a box so I could get some Black Friday packs, but oh well no funds. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. I am most thankful for my Brendan Gallagher 1/1 Rookie sketch card from the Fall Expo Packs via my online order. I had seen these types of cards in various forms at last year’s National in Baltimore, and of course thru the Knight’s Lance Blog. It was very exciting to pull the redemption card for it from my online order packs.

    I am very thankful for the ability I have to collect cards, to share that passion with my school students during special activity mornings as well as my own kids.

    I am also thankful for the number of scavenger hunts and other contests Panini runs (although my eyes might not be very thankful after scrutinizing all those pictures).

    Thanks again and have a great Thankgiving weekend everyone!!!

  12. If you skip to the 5:00 mark of the video, you will see the best box of cards I’ve ever opened in my entire life. The card I’m most thankful for is that Kobe auto/patch numbered 4/10. But the Durant patch, Elgin Baylor auto, and Hakeem Olajuwon patch all in the same pack was total insanity.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    1. And as far as the contest goes, I wouldn’t even mind at all picking up that Kobe Black Friday base card for my collection. I am a HUGE Kobe collector. Other than that, my favorite card pulled was likely the Oladipo headband! I definitely have the largest basketball collection relative to the other sports I collect. Thank you again Panini! I hope everyone at the company has a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  13. I want to start off by saying I love the Breast Cancer awarness cards, that leads me into what I’m thankful for which is that my Fiancee and myself still have her mother and grandma here for the Holidays, They found out recently that they both have Breast Cancer. I’m also Thankful I have a Fiancee that enjoys Collecting Cards. I’m not quit sure how to post pics here but I’ll try, here is a pic of The Andrew Luck Prestige rc auto that got her hooked on sports cards.Her first 6 packs she ever bought and she pulled this.

  14. The card I am most thankful for…its not my best one but it is my “Hoopla” Steve Nash auto from last years Absolute numbered 20/25

    Growing up I loved Steve Nash so much as a kid I literally opened so many packs of cards just so I could have a regular base card of Nash….I guess you can say Steve nash got me into collecting because opening the packs was always a rush of excitement. Steve Nash is a role model to me and I try to imitate him when I am on the court.

    That is the card I am most thankful for despite my Kevin Durant P&P auto, Anthony Davis National VIP RPA #/3, Dwayne Wade Brilliance Auto #/49 and my Kobe Elite on card auto #/99…and my paul george autos are paying off 🙂

    here is my Steve Nash auto

  15. I’m most thankful for my Plates and Patches card featuring my favorite player from my favorite team: Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions. It features a part of his signature on the patch piece which makes it that much cooler!

  16. These black friday cards look great. I’d love to get my hands on some packs, but I’m not going to be able to this year.

    I’m really thankful for family first and foremost. I’m also really thankful to enjoy a hobby that I will be able to share with my little boy once he gets a little older.

    I don’t use twitter so I hope this can count.

    Thanks again guys.

  17. I don’t have a twitter, but I am most thankful for the EJ Manuel Momentum triple jersey/auto I pulled earlier this year. I am excited to see how he pans out as a Bills fan. I also can’t wait to open some Black Friday packs tomorrow at the LCS.
    Thanks for the contest and thanks for all of the updates!

  18. Happy Thanksfiving and a great Black friday.
    What Im most thankfull for is that you brought back Pinnacle a while. I was like a collector of those cards some 18 years ago and it brought back memories so much. Im a pack person and I’m greatfull when I get a shiny nice card in a otherwise dull pack. If I had been a box or case person had been diffrent. So Im greatfull for the little things that you put into your products. So the pulls that I got of Starting 6 Rangers or the Team Pinnacle of Loungo,
    Those are what I’m greatfull for at the moment. Keep up the great work!

  19. Happy Thanksgiving first of all to my Panini Family! Secondly, this is one of my favorite promotions every year. The creativity, design and uniqueness put forth into the cards really drives collectors out to shops. This year, like past years, the holidays empty out the pockets so the only way I can try and get Black Friday packs, other than buying singles on eBay, is to try and win them. I put my post up on Twitter last night. Thanks so much for the chance and hope you had a great holiday!

  20. This is the card I’m most thankful for, the 2012 Anthony Davis National Convention Court Kings, because this is my very first Anthony Davis card and I have been collecting him since he got drafted in the NBA.

    I’m most thankful for our Almighty God for all the blessings that He gave me and my family, for giving us strength in everyday life. I would like to thank my family and friends for being there for me through good times and the bad. For my parents, who’s my inspiration and always guiding me in life. Lastly, I would like to thank Panini for giving the collectors satisfaction for every product release. I would also like to thank Tracy, Scott, Keith, Karvin, Chris and all the staff of Panini for conducting promotions and contests for all the collectors to relax and have fun. You guys are really awesome indeed! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you guys! 🙂

  21. Well, for me it’s not that hard to decide wich card I’m most thankful of, oh well maybe it is now when I’m thinking about it. The card wich first popped up in my mind was this, though:

    It’s not only a great autograph from a great goaltender in one of the greatest auto sets ever, it’s also a huge memory. I actually got it directly from you, for free, in a box that I won in one of your fantastic competitions. It was one of my first wins in any competition, and I was so excited that I couldn’t even stand. When I finally recieved my box(es) I opened them slowly, spread over many days. And in one of the Certified Hockey packs i got that card! Well, I really sent you a thankful thought to you immediately back then, but now I do that again.

    Thank you Tracy and thank you all at Panini! You are outstanding when coming to trading cards!

  22. Just posted my favorite card via Twitter with a picture! 2013 Black Friday Pack- Alex Galchenyuk Jersey Rookie card 3’d 39/99! First time I EVER been able to get a Panini Black Friday Pack! !

  23. I’m thankful for SportCardCollectors and Panini NFL POD for my RG3 RC patch auto I got because of the contest. I bought 2 packs of 2012 Rookies and Stars and pulled it. I collected cards over 20 years and I got away from it. Once I entered the contest and pulled that card I have been hooked since. Thanks Panini!!!!!

  24. Still one of the best in my collection only better in that it was a gift from a fellow collector Hudsonfan15 my ’11 Elite throwback threads booklet o f Bears Jim McMahon and HOF Richard Dent..sorry i dont have twitter or an online album and have no idea how or if i even could attach a photo so if i dont get in i can atleast share a memory Thanks Tracy

  25. Good Looking Cards, saw some sick ones come out today. Thank you guys for the addition of something different in the hobby, something to look forward to and be excited about. Way to think outside the box. My favorite cards are constantly changing cause I enjoy the hobby so much, so in order to post anything I would have to post my complete collection, not trying to overload the computer with pics and I would need a good amount of time… Thanks again, cant wait for what comes next.

  26. Unfortunately do not have much money these days and haven’t been able to collect as much as I used to. Hell, don’t even have a working digital camera (so no photo unfortunately). But I am thankful for my Panini Gold Standard Black Gold serial numbered to 99 Glen Davis Orlando Magic jersey card. A friend of mine knew I collected his cards when I could, and grabbed it for me on eBay as a gift. Just a beautiful BIG BIG swatch with 2 pinstripes. A gorgeous card of a player I collect, and one I truly cherish. I hope eventually to be able to collect some more of your wonderful cards, as I have yet to be able to get any Panini hockey cards. And hockey’s my favorite sport! Thank you for your awesome cards, I hope to be able to support you guys more in the future. You do absolutely amazing card designs, and the amazing “hits” you produce. Happy holiday season to everyone at Panini!

  27. OK, we’ve got tons of winners to get to over three contests, so let’s start with this one (but before we get to that, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving). OK, congrats to our winners in this one (which incorporates both Blog and Twitter winners): James M., Ced Batts, Drew B., tlvincent, Curtis Bunch, Thomas Auyeung, Hudsonfan15, biggie5malls, David Panopoulos, Roger_Chen, pointfivepast and The Ginter Godfather. Winners, we’ll be in touch for your addresses. Thanks so much to everyone for participating.

    1. First of all, Congrats to all the winners!

      And thank you again Tracy & Panini for an awesome contest. I’ll be awaiting for the e-mail to show up in my Inbox. 🙂

  28. Oh my god!!! This just made my day! Thank you so much for selecting me as a winner! This totally made my holiday season amazing! And I’m so glad I was able to share some links (video and photo) of the card (and box of cards) that I was most thankful for! I hope everyone had a phenomenal Thanksgiving, and thank you so much again to Panini and Tracy! SO PSYCHED!

  29. As a Cavs Fan, I must say that anthony bennett card is nasty. I wish I knew about this product before seeing this just today. Next year, I plan to hunt for these for sure.

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