Photographic Proof: Peeking the Greatness of 2013 Score Football’s Imagery (Gallery)

May 10, 2013


Yearning to capture the raw emotion, tangible intensity, unparalleled pageantry and profound passion of the National Football League? Look no farther than next week’s release of 2013 Score Football (yes, that Score Football), a true blockbuster beginning to the 2013 NFL collecting season that features some of the most spectacular photography in the brand’s 25-year existence.

As you’ll soon discover, the imagery included in 2013 Score Football poignantly captures the fun, ferocious, fascinating nature of the game like few trading card releases ever have. What the iconic NFL Films is to football on television, 2013 Score is to football on cards.

We quickly pulled 42 random images during yesterday’s Quality Control process just to illustrate our point. And we’re confident that once you see them, you’ll either flip (see the David Wilson image), jump (see the Steven Jackson image), hoist your nearest coworker in the air (see the Adrian Peterson and Stephen Hill images), raise your hands in exultation (see the Joe Flacco image), release a growl of pure elation (see the Von Miller and Tom Brady images) or otherwise leave your feet in celebration (see the Jason Pierre-Paul and Randall Cobb).

To be sure, 2013 Score Football delivers football card photography at its absolute finest — and a simply divine start to the new collecting season. Enjoy.