PPI Special Report: Panini America Father’s Day Promotion Enjoys Continued Success

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For the second year in a row,¬†Marketing Manager Scott Prusha¬†has created what can only be described as an industry showstopper in the way of the¬†Panini America Father’s Day Promotion. Born out of the idea to bring sports, trading cards, fathers, sons, daughters and families all together for what can only be described as a truly monumental pack-busting experience. In this special edition of the¬†Panini Price Index (PPI), we take a closer look at what has basically become a North American holiday among collectors and their families.

In a checklist that can only be described as loaded with superstars, big hits and supremely-crafted designs, the Panini America¬†Father’s Day promotional packs offer a unique experience for all collectors. Some of the most coveted cards in this year’s collection include the new Lava Flow technology¬†and the continued popularity of the tantalizing Cracked Ice phenomenon. Several of these cards have already hit the secondary market and have risen exponentially in value.

In a meticulous and painstaking process of selecting and creating true scarcity, Prusha created several subsets worthy of high-praise and high-value. A perfect case-in-point is the¬†Panini Progression¬†cards. Take for example the¬†Alex Ovechkin Father’s Day Progression Magenta Plate¬†which sold for $61.05. ¬†Though not numbered, the Panini Progression cards represent a total run of five cards per color: ¬†Cyan, Yellow, Black and Magenta. So for example, only five of the Ovechkin Progression Magenta cards are in circulation and 20 of his progression cards in total.

Making a triumphant return for the 2013 Father’s Day Promotion are the¬†Super Bowl and Pro Bowl Memorabilia¬†cards. A non-autographed¬†Clay Matthews Pro Bowl Lava Flow Material card¬†sold for $75 while an autographed version of his¬†Super Bowl XLV Materials card¬†brought a sale of $83.07. Matthews’ teammate¬†Aaron Rodgers¬†has also been hot, with non-autographed versions of his Super Bowl XLV Materials cards netting $129.99 and $99.99 each.

Quickly becoming one of the most popular inserts across any product release are the Cracked Ice Inserts. The shimmer and allure of these cards are tantalizing to be sure, and they continue to bring huge sales for collectors. The non-autographed version of Kyrie Irving’s Cracked Ice Parallel #’d 25/less had a Best Offer Sale of $175 while fellow dual rookie class superstar and 2012-13 NBA Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard’s Cracked Ice Parallel sold for $57.50.

Other notable sales for the Cracked Ice Parallels include autographed versions of Rookie of the Year Mike Trout with two huge sales of $172.55 and another Best Offer Sale of $266. A couple of rookies from the 2013 NFL Draft also jumped in on the action, as Eddie Lacey and EJ Manuel Cracked Ice Autograph cards sold for $96 and $110, respectively. Minnesota Vikings’ superstar and 2012 NFL MVP Adrian Peterson showed up with a nice sale of $128.77 with his Cracked Ice Autograph card as well.

New to this year’s Father’s Day lineup but not necessarily new to collectors are the¬†Museum Collection inserts. Prusha added a twist to the popular insert by creating a¬†HD+ Technology Parallel. “I wanted to utilize today’s technology on a throwback design with the retired superstars from the past,” Prusha said. It turns out collectors agree with Prusha’s assessment.¬†George Brett’s Museum Collection Cracked Ice Autograph¬†card brought a Best Offer Sale of $275 while an autographed version of base stealing legend¬†Rickey Henderson’s¬†sold for $99.99.¬†Cincinnati Reds legend Johnny Bench¬†also sold for a respectable $70.89.

Also new for the 2013 Panini Father’s Day lineup are throwback versions of the Team Pinnacle and Studio inserts. “These two designs were personal for me,” Prusha said. “I can remember busting packs with my dad and these being some of the most popular designs back then.” There are currently several pending sales on eBay for both the Team Pinnacle and Studio inserts – one early sale of a non-autographed Andrew Luck Team Pinnacle Lava Flow Parallel sold for $75.

Another unique inclusion for this year’s set is the¬†2012 Pepsi Rookie of the Week¬†autographed cards. Several versions of these have already hit the hands of collectors. Take for example¬†Robert Griffin III, his autographed¬†Week 11 Pepsi Rookie of the Week winner¬†card sold for a whopping $279.99 while his autographed Week 4 ¬†winner card brought $270.¬†Andrew Luck¬†also chimed in with a sale of $156.50 with his autographed Week 5 Pepsi Rookie of the Week winner card.

Making use of draft materials and materials from important events has become Prusha’s forte. This year, Prusha acquired hats worn by draftees at the 2013 NFL Draft and signatures acquired from the¬†NFLPA Rookie Debut, an exclusive event at the NFL Draft, to beef up the Father’s Day program. Two notable sales from the new¬†Draft Day Materials¬†inserts include¬†Giants’ rookie Ryan Nassib¬†with a sale of $86.50 with his¬†Draft Day Landry Tag Autographed¬†card and¬†Tyrann Mathieu¬†with “Honey Badger” netting $61.05 with his¬†Draft Day Landry Tag Autographed¬†card.

In another clever move by Prusha, he also included event-used team towels which many of the top draft picks used to towel off in the Los Angeles heat at the recent 2013 NFLPA Rookie Premiere. A couple of the Father’s Day Tools of the Trade Towel¬†Cards have already hit the market with Geno Smith’s card selling for $61.99 and former teammate at West Virginia, Tavon Austin’s card selling for $66.99.

We’ve put together another stellar gallery of the 2013 Father’s Day top shakers and movers. There are still many cards which have yet to hit the market. Keep your eyes opened for any big sales and send us links. In the meantime, enjoy the fantastic images below and leave your comments for a chance to win a box of 2013 Panini Prestige FB – we’ll pick two winners!


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  2. Can’t believe how much this stuff blew up! Was thrilled when my family and I got to rip 6 packs at the LCS from the 2 boxes we bought. Overall this product was awesome! Loved the different parallels and the crazy auto’d cards that weren’t shown in the previews. You guys are setting the bar higher and higher and I can’t wait to see what is in store for black friday!

  3. Father’s day packs were good to me as well. I have one of the Mike Trout Cracked Ice autos up on ebay right now, as well as a George Brett Cracked Ice (non-auto). Have 8 more coming with 2 boxes of Prime Signatures too. I do thoroughly enjoy the promo packs (Black Friday, Father’s Day, Championship Finals auto sets too – hit a Messier from the NHL)

  4. I think the variety and sport variation made things exciting. I am slightly disappointed as I had acquired 10 packs through purchases and did not land one hit let alone one numbered hit. Not sure what the collation or availability regarding hits, but maybe an increase with next years distribution would be deeply appreciated. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  5. Cool looking cards! The cracked ice inserts were really a big hit for me because they seem to be rare in any product. The memorabilia cards are awesome as well-player used towels, and super bowl football & pylons. Among other things..Tim Tebow’s Father’s Day Jumbo Patches are selling in the $15 to $20 range. A good sign for his other cards. The promotions for these sets are sweet as well. Packs or sp black boxes with the purchase of products is a great way to market to the collecting audience. For instance, I bought a Limited Football box w/the black box promo pack. I got Egnewed but I hit a Hall of Famer’s auto #d to 25 in the promo pack (Michael Irvin). Thanks again for the giveaway-I will be on the look out for more outrageous sales.

  6. awesome! Any chance Scott can oversee the redemption fulfillment process? I would love to trad em 100+ outstanding redemptions for that page you have above!

  7. Really enjoy the cracked ice design and the lava cards are beautiful! I picked up a Datone Jones lava auto with a hat swatch for my PC. Any idea on the print run for these? Thank you panini! Great stuff!

  8. One of the best promotions out there!! The cards are so different and not just thrown together!! Awesome! I hit a Kobe/Irving team pinnacle lava flow, but haven’t heard if this was scarce or not, or if the market is giving it a good $$?

  9. Now we wait for the Black Friday Packs that I think will have better players in them since football will start and we can get a look of which rookies our blowing it up. Hope to see a Heisman trophy set with some Johnny Manzeil autos. That would be a monster hit worth $10 a pack.

  10. I also had some decent (though not show-stopping) success so far. This is a great promotion one way or the other!!

    I do wish the actual print runs of the parallels could be announced (rather than just the /25 or less, etc). There’s a big difference between /5 and /10 and /25 or /50.

    Last order should be coming in tomorrow, hopefully THE BIG PULL awaits.

    Looking forward to ordering some NATIONAL packs (if you do that again this year online), as well as BLACK FRIDAY-which I did very well with last year.


    Thanks for the interesting and informative article.

  11. Hats off to Panini for a HUGE promo success again. As a Packers fan, I LOVE these XLV game-used ball and pylon cards. Not sure how the Steelers fans like them (ha), but to me they’re just about the most perfect thing a card could/should be!!! I have been picking them up from each of your promo releases since the big game and I seriously could not be more excited. I think the design of these last ones is so, so, so nice!!! Also psyched about the first ever card of Rodgers in a Pro Bowl uniform. Thanks a million for the promo and keep em coming ūüôā

  12. I really like what Scott Prusha did with this year’s Father’s Day set. I like how he produced the cracked ice parallel. Out of all the inserts that Panini has made this year, this insert is my favorite. The cracked ice gives a fresh touch to each individual card produced in this year’s set. I opened my Father’s Day promo packs and I got two cracked ice inserts and one lava flow. The lava flow inserts have also been very impressive as well. The cracked ice and lava flow inserts provide a nice look. When I first look at each insert (cracked ice & lava flow) the cracked ice and lava both jump out at me. It makes the card seem more special than a generic base card. Thank you Panini for making what I think was the best Father’s Day ever!!

  13. Very cool sets.
    Our LCS did not have one of these very cool Panini promo!
    Anyway, super happy that alot of Youtubers and collectors
    Enjoyed this once a year event.
    Mojo cards after another.
    Kudos to panini team design.
    That is why this is super hot
    So as the finals promo which we have and enjoyed.

  14. Saw a video on Youtube from my buddy mikeschieve where he pulled an RG3 auto /5. Best hit I’ve seen pulled live but there havr been many other online that I’ve been impressed with. Thanks Chris!


  16. The Father’s Day Promotion is an awesome incentive to continue to collect your favorite Panini Products! The hits that I saw come from these cards are amazing and I’m sure all kinds of collectors are salivating for next years release and its only been 2 weeks! The Lava Flow and Cracked Ice Parallels are beautiful and its no wonder when you add in the Ink and the Mem that the secondary market has been blowing these babies up! Hats off to Scott, Tracey and everyone else over at Panini for a fantastic promotion that I’m sure many children and Fathers were bonding over!

  17. Disappointing I wasnt able to get any from my LCS as he was already sold out. However Love the cards and quickly acquiring some of the Boggs cards. Any idea on when a print run may be posted on the autographs?

  18. how is the Best Offer price accessed nowadays? I thought that was “shut down” to public view………?/?

  19. Wow, these packs look incredible. I love the promotion packs that you guys always do. Please keep doing these in the future, I love opening them with my dad as we do this hobby together! Thanks Tracy!

  20. I also remember busting packs of pinnacle hockey looking for the team pinnacle and pinnacle masks cards! I missed out on the other amazing contest and my birthday is June 28th so this would be an amazing birthday gift. It stinks that there is no card shops near me only Walmart and target so I wasn’t able to get my hands on any Father’s Day packs and can’t afford what people want on the secondary markets. I’m also a die hard Jets fan and having Geno on the box is AWSOME! I love just the fact Tracy and Panini give the less fortunate a chance at winning products that are otherwise not affordable for me at this stage. Thank you and happy belated Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. Thank you for keeping the hobby alive for all of us 80s-90s fanatics that got hit with the downfall of the hobby. If I am lucky enough to win me and my father are going to split the box and open 12 packs each.

  21. The cards are fantastic and I am so thankful that Panini offered Father’s Day packs with purchases from its online store. It was the only way I could afford to get some of these cards! Thanks!

  22. My Grandson couldn’t wait for Fedex delivery so we picked-up at their office earlier today. The excitement and anticipation is such a large part of collecting…..and the memories we “made” today are priceless! Although there were no big hits (best was LaMichael James Rookie signed 114/199 from Prime Signatures pack), my Grandson was so proud of every single card ! Collecting Panini started with the Pylon 1/1 auction and looks like it will be a long-lasting hobby for him…..he asked if there will be a Grandfathers’ day promotion? Thank you

  23. Definitely like the promotion! I didn’t get any autos, but did get a James Jones pylon card in one of my packs, so definitely was happy about that, being a Packers fan and all!

  24. I loved the promotion as well. I hit 2 cracked ice, 1 of the Prizm parallel cards and an auto out of 6 packs. However I do agree that an ACTUAL print run rather than the /25 or less would be helpful and very welcomed

  25. I enjoyed the fathers day promotion. I did my purchase online because i don’t have a cardshop near.I got three fathers day packs and pulled one nice looking Bradley Beal Rookie cracked ice card. Thanks panini for this promotion and keep up the good work.

  26. ***CONTEST WINNERS*** CONGRATULATIONS TO Michael W. Carreiro & Colin Giustino*** Please check your email and send your address for your FREE box of 2013 Prestige FB.

  27. The shop I have been a member for over 20 years now, had a great event with this promo; it was a lot of fun watching all the dad’s ripping through packs like they were 8 years old again! Thanks, Panini!

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