Returning King: Panini America Planning to Bring Back Gridiron Kings Football in 2015

July 28, 2015

Panini America 2015 Gridiron Kings Football Main

Bolstered by the regal return of Diamond Kings Baseball as a standalone brand earlier this year after more than a decade away, Panini America officials recently announced that the art-card renaissance is crossing over to the NFL, too. In early October, the fabled Gridiron Kings Football makes its resounding comeback as a standalone brand for the first time since 2003, and it will exhibit the unique artistic flair that has drawn critical acclaim in years past.

Each 12-pack hobby box of 2015 Gridiron Kings Football will deliver one autograph, one memorabilia card, one Blue Frame base card, seven Rookie Cards, three Red Frame Rookie Cards, one Blue Frame Rookie Card, one Red Frame Limited Lithos, two All-Time Stat Kings, one Red Frame All-Time Stat Kings and five additional inserts or parallels.

The highlights of 2015 Gridiron Kings Football are many and include . . .

  • A colorful and artistic array of NFL trading cards set against a canvas backdrop, giving every card the look and feel of a masterpiece.
  • Three different autographed rookie inserts, including Sketches and Swatches, which includes pieces of memorabilia and autographs from the top young stars entering the league.
  • Sovereign Signatures showcases signed memorabilia cards from current stars and legends alike.
  • Five masterfully designed memorabilia inserts, including Art Noveau which highlights memorabilia worn by the 2015 NFL Draft Class.
  • Find framed parallels of the base set, Rookie Cards and select inserts such as Limited Lithos and All-Time Stat Kings.
  • The Performance Art insert features a jumbo swatch themed around a dated and majestic performance from star players; look for base versions are numbered to 249 or less, Prime versions numbered to 25 or less and Laundry Tag 1/1s.
  • Some of the most recognizable nicknames in sports can be found in the NFL. The AKA insert showcases those monikers and the men whose passion gave them meaning.
  • The Dual Signatures insert features star teammates, including rookies from the 2015 NFL Draft Class. Look for five different versions including a base numbered to 125 or less, a Red Frame parallel numbered to 49 or less, a Blue Frame parallel numbered to 25 or less, a Green Frame parallel numbered to 10 or less and a Black Frame 1/1.
  • Look for other compelling signatures such as Stat Kings Signatures, All-Time Stat Kings Signatures, Rookie Studio Signatures and more.

We’ll have plenty more on 2015 Gridiron Kings Football in the coming weeks right here on The Knight’s Lance. But for now, enjoy this first extended sneak peek:

All information is accurate at the time of posting – content is subject to change. Card images are solely for the purpose of design display. Actual images used on cards to be determined.