Shoot (Your Idea) . . . And You May Score

When 2010-11 Score Hockey releases to the puck-minded masses tomorrow, it will do so with a 59-card Hot Rookies subset sure to be in huge demand from the opening pack. But there are nine of those Hot Rookies in particular that collectors will find to be in considerably shorter supply than the others.

When 2010-11 Score Hockey releases to the puck-minded masses tomorrow, it will do so with a 59-card Hot Rookies subset sure to be in huge demand from the opening pack. But there are nine of those Hot Rookies in particular that collectors will find to be in considerably shorter supply than the others.

How short exactly? Never you mind. Just know that Cam Fowler, Derek Stepan, Nino Niederreiter, Tyler Seguin, Magnus Paajarvi, Jordan Eberle, Brayden Schenn, Jeff Skinner and Taylor Hall will be a little tougher to come by than any other Rookie Cards in the set.

Unless, of course, you happen to have a few good ideas. Apparently we know some people because we’ve managed to procure a complete nine-card run of the short-printed Hot Rookies and we’re looking to give it away to the collector with the most clever idea for future Score Hockey releases.

So put on your product development hat and tell us — by commenting in the area below — what you would most like to see in next year’s Score product. The collector with the most creative idea — as judged by an expert panel that includes the esteemed Al Muir, Panini America’s Hockey Brand Manager — will win the nine toughest Rookie Cards in all of 2010-11 Score Hockey.


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  1. As Score is a nice old school product, I would like to see an insert set called “Score by the Numbers”. It would comprise 99 cards and feature the best players to ever wear each number, for instance at 99 Gretzky, at 66 Lemieux, 33 Roy, 30 Brodeur and each card’s picture should feature a milestone or highlight of their career. Being a Roy collector, I am dying for a card on which he is doing his famous wink during the 93 Cup Final against the Kings. At the back, complete carreer stats and interesting tidbit of information.

    Can’t wait to see this year’s score! Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion.

  2. I love the retro look of this years set. Those buybacks are amazing.

    For next year, how about doing the 92-93 look, as that was my all time fav set score set.


  3. I would love to see cards featuring game-used pucks in 2011-12 Score. They would make for an excellent memorabilia piece, and each puck could be used for a multitude of players since presumably several of them would at least to touch said puck during the game. A very simple circular cut puck piece on the middle of the card would be aesthetically pleasing and would be a nice breath of fresh air in the hobby. To take it one step further, if there were to be a super-short-printed autograph parallel version, that would be so much the better. I have a couple of signed pucks in my collection, and the autographs looks very sharp on them. They last over time unlike signed jersey swatches, which is an even bigger plus. And of course there is the 1/1 version that would feature the home team’s logo on the cut piece.

  4. Really looking forward to the buyback autos this year. For next year, I’d like to see a return to what made Score huge in the mid-90’s. Canadian vs US specific inserts – Dream Team (Canada) vs The Franchise (US). Bring back the Check-It inserts as well which were some of the most popular hockey cards of their time. A return of the Gold Line parallels would add some value to the breaks as well.

  5. I would like to see a subset of redemption cards for the full game worn memorabilia, not just a piece of it. From masks to sticks to jerseys to the actual puck!! Autographed memorabilia would be even better!! 🙂 the top prize should be a game used stick or puck signed by the winning team in this year’s Stanley Cup.

  6. How about an over-sized box topper with a full-sized slice of a puck. The puck piece could have a team logo, important date in NHL history or player number in the style of their jersey on them for the generic version, an autograph on a rare variation…

  7. I really wish there was a way to get a bit of the ice from certain games (Cup Finals, Winter Classic, for example) onto a card. I understand that the water would have to be sealed very well in a clear plastic holder within the card, but it wold certainly put fans extremely close to the action knowing that their heroes may have skated over (or scored from) that bit of once frozen liquid.
    If that wouldn’t work, how about using some [melted ice] of it in the production of the cardboard used to make the cards? Basically giving the cards themselves a “game used” attribute! I bet the zamboni would have something to offer here after each period (after it was filtered, of course) !!!

  8. I would like to see a parallel called “Game Winning Materials” and also “Game Saving Materials”. In the “Game Winners”, it would be cards of some of the top offensive players in the game that contain a piece of the players jersey or game gear and/or a piece of the players hockey stick or the puck used in a game, and maybe even a piece of the net from the goal that they scored the game winner in, where that player scored the game winning goal (or the goal that put his team ahead in the game for good).

    With the “Game Saving Materials”, you would take the top Goalies or Defenseman that made game saving plays on defense. The goalies and defenseman could have a piece of game used materials like that stated above and maybe even a piece of the goalies mask!

    Of course you could then go to a “Dual” parallel using a combination of those above.

    Then you could spin that into an even better and more limited parallel called “Playoff Game Winning Materials” – “Playoff Game Saving Materials”…..then maybe a 1/1 parallel called “Stanley Cup Game Winning Materials” – “Stanley Cup Game Saving Materials”

    Perhaps you could then have the mother of all inserts…..use the MVP of the league, the MVP of the playoffs/Stanley Cup……and have a card of that player using the combination of “Game Winning and Game Saving Materials” as a 1/1.

    That card would go through the roof…or burn a hole in the net…haha…

    As far as the rookies in the article above. It would have been cool to see a parallel called “Dressed to the Nines” . Have a piece of those rookies first game worn jersey in a very limited set with their autographs included. You could limit that set to /999 or /99 or….even /9. That would be some well “dressed” cards if you ask you me. I think collectors would go nuts for cards like these.

    Just my take. Hope my rambling didn’t bore you. Thanks for your time!

    1. Just to add to my original thought on the “Game Winning-Saving Materials” idea, i think it would be cool to have the game from which the game worn memorabilia came from noted on the card. That’s a given i suppose.

      I don’t know if it’s possible, but a “Legendary Game Winning-Saving Materials” parallel would be simply…awesome! Thinking of that made me wonder what it would be like to pull a baseball card of that nature with Kirk Gibson’s game winner in the ’88 series. Wow…or a basketball card of Dennis Johnson’s steal in the Finals. How about a card with a patch of Magic’s mini sky-hook in the Finals? MJ’s push off and clutch jumper against the Jazz in the Finals? I know i would NEVER get lucky enough to pull one of those, but if i did….i would probably dance naked on the beach….lol.

  9. Buybacks, Buybacks, and more Buybacks!

    You’ve got a lot of collectors in their 30s now, that were kids when Score first hit stores back in 1990. Without a checklist to go by I don’t know for sure what you’ve done this year, but I’m hoping to see a buyback auto from every player that laced up their skates in 2009-10, and was part of the 1990-91 set. Next year I would suggest doing the same thing, but off set by a year. Any player that plays in the 10-11 season, but was part of the 91-92 set – get buyback autos in there! There won’t be lots, but Mark Recchi, Niklas Lidstom, and Doug Weight are the first 3 that come to mind.

    Next year will also be the 20th anniversary of the first “Super Premium” Autographed inserts. Bobby Orr Autographs from the 1991-92 Score set. Would be great to find an all time great (not necessarily Orr) and do something similar – a 6 card insert set, with autographed versions.

    I would love to see a small insert set with a similar look to the inaugural ‘Team Pinnacle’ from the 91-92 Pinnacle release (#ed B1-B12). Black & White head shots.

    Bringing back some of the older inserts would be great too. “Dream Team”, “Check It”, “The Franchise”.

    Finally, I’ll make a suggestion on the base set itself. With it being 550 cards this year, I expect Score will (routinely) be your biggest release. Go for Giant!

    Too many players that get regular shifts in the league don’t get many (if any?) cards. It drives team collectors crazy. I realize you can’t get everyone into a set, but you could do 18 players per team. (Multiples of 9 is a must! Order the checklist by team, so all 18 cards per team are right in a row…. i.e. 1-18 are Anaheim, 19-36 are Atlanta, etc). Using Multiples of 9 looks so much better for those of us that use binders / sleeves.

    30 x 18 is 540. Add another 27 cards with season highlights, career milestones, and checklists. (567 running total).

    Up the rookie count to 63 (instead of 59) and that would boost the total to 630.

    Assuming there were no short prints, collectors would be able to finish set in (approximately) 2.5 boxes. Short Prints would obviously change that a little.

  10. I think some retro looking die cut insert and parallel sets would be cool. Something similar to Donruss EEE status and aspirations autos and non autos just with a retro Score Hockey theme. Random thoughts: I’ve always thought a Canadian players card cut in the shape of the Maple leaf would be cool or you could cut a U.S. players to look like the statue of liberty etc. Insert sets of players in their college or international unis would be cool too. As mentioned before Dream Team/Olympic Team inserts are always cool IMO. Letterman patch auto or non auto redemptions. Top 5 or 10 draft picks group box topper with all their autos redemptions. Draft day relic inserts ie. clippings of a players hat, tie, jersey etc that they wore on draft day.

  11. Been looking over a few sets from the 70’s and while obviously not a Score or Panini products, I used to love the quirky facts about each player. Since the other companies are not doing it anymore, why not add them? Might get collectors interested in base sets again. Maybe you could include comments submitted from the collectors. Also gives Al just a little more to do, he obviously has a tonne of free time judging on that hair!

  12. I would love to see Score keep the large set size and good price point. In addition, I think that Score should try and go with a “new” retro design for their set. Rather than copy old styles like some companies do, invent something a little new and fresh, but staying true to what a hockey card SHOULD look like.

  13. just loved the idea of hot boxes in certified.why not have a hot pack in random boxes of some autographs from the biggest stars of the 90’s. auto’s of guys ud don’t put in their products( lindros,clark,sakic,bure,etc..) people will chase these autos because they may not have any in their collection.example look how popular itg’s 1972 set was because of rare autos. I hope someone will put out a whole set of retro 90’s stars in new pictures we have never seen before. thanks

  14. A insert called “Scorers” with the top shooters of the previous season.
    Each card would be a hologram of the player shooting

  15. my idea for score 2011/12 : first to be realease the first week of the start of the nhl season.
    and why not include team logo , and on the back the history and stats of the franchise .
    also team photos , like old product did in the 70`s . and maybee picture of the trophee .
    thanks and hope to see my idea next year !!!

  16. I think what the Score product does is gives the hobby a ‘throwback’ feel. What’s old is new again.


    I think that type of set will please current fans, but will get people talking about hockey cards the way they were meant to be.

    I think to stay in the filter and mindset of the product, I would stay away from the giant ‘hit’ or huge dollar card. I think that those ‘extras’ would be better suited for other releases.

    I think Score should introduce a subset that celebrates the best the season has to offer. ‘The Year In Cards’ could take the best moments of the season, the best photos of the season, the most memorable moments and convert it into one heck of a subset. I would also promote this via multi-product.

    Have 10-12 cards prepared for the early release (Certified) and in each subsequent release during the season, have 10-12 cards added to the checklist. Documenting the best the NHL has to offer during the season. The best goals, hits, saves and milestone moments.

    By the end of the year, that would make one nice looking set.

    A slick, yet simple card design. It would be an insert (so a shorter print) rather than a serial numbered set. I think having the price point low is key as it represents what the product is all about.

    Thanks for your time and for the contest.

  17. Following along with a theme that looks to be appearing in Panini products this year (Collision course, Hanson Brothers autos). I would like to see dual autograph cards of some of the greatest fights of the 2010-11 season (or all time) that would include the 2 players pictured during the fight along with each of their autographs. And to show the result of the fights close up shots of each player on the back of the card to show off any damage that might have been inflicted during the fight.

  18. Score 2011-12

    Olympic Heros Insert Set – Have a 20 card Subset of the greatest players in Olympic Hockey History – Even have a version with Very Limited Autos #/5 or #/10

    Hattrick Insert Set- Insert set of all those who collected hattricks during 2010-11

    Gordie Howe Hattrick Insert Set – Insert set of those who achieved the legendary “Gordie Howe Hattrick”

    Famous Lines Insert Set – Insert set of the greatest Lines in Hockey (not just the best lines on paper but the ones with Catchy names attached to them)…..ex Triple Crown Line, Production Line, Kraut Line, Punch Line, French Connection, Legion of Doom, etc

    And lastly……if you want people to get close to the players and “get to know them” better….then someone needs to hit the NHL teams and find out all their nicknames…..What do the players call their teammates and have that on the base set – Ex. Kings came out with a Calendar and listed their nicknames – Raitis “Bam Bam” Ivanans, Anze “Kopi” Kopitar, Dustin “Brownie” Brown…..all players end up having nicknames for their teammates…It would be really cool to find out from the players what nicknames they created for players on their team – (vs nicknames like Mr Hockey – The Great One – Although nice names, their teammates didnt call them that on the ice)

    I also like the 18 card per team (14 of players, 1 team photo, 3 highlight/milestone/achievement) idea as stated before me

    Thanks for reading my idea

  19. I would love to see something old, something new for next years set.

    But off the top of my head the 100 greatest players of all time subset, from Howe, to both Hulls, Orr Lemieux, Gretzky,both Rockets, Bourque, Coffey, both Espositos, crosby, ovechkin, Malkin, Yzerman, Messier Bossy, Roy, Sawchuk, Fuhr, brodeur, Lafluer, Robinson, gainey, Trottier, Clarke, sittler, Hasek, Billy smith, Parent, etc….. you get the idea, and make the top 10 harder to get (out of 100 or so) and on thier card how about a picture of them in thier glory, (ie holding cup, trophies, numbered pucks etc..) .

    Or even a 30 card set with the greatest lines from each team past or present (Ie the Islanders of late 70’s, or the montreal dynasties, or the Oiler dynasty, or even the wings with Howe, Yzerman and delveccio, lidstrom, coffey and Sawchuk.).

    Those are my ideas.
    Thank you for reading.

  20. Please bring back The Score ARTIST PROOF cards with foil and a red Artist Proof seal! Limit them with serial numbering /25! Have a Gold Artist Proof 1/1 version as well. As for the base set I just don’t like the retro style. It is too out of date for the market today. I have boxes and boxes of old Score base and they are appealing. The designs from the late 90’s were actually decent for a low end set.

    The Artist Proof cards look like this: (NOT MY CARD or auction)

  21. Since my blog is called Drop The Gloves, how about a subset of tough guys numbered to their previous year PIM totals? Or at least make the numbered version a parallel to that, like autographed (ON CARD!) versions. You’d think that there would be no more than 250 copies of any one signed tough guy card.

    The NHL/NHLPA might not let you get away with called it Drop The Gloves or Enforcers or whatever, but what about something as simple as Tough Customers?

  22. I think one good idea, since these guys are rookies, would be to have a short-print set of the new rookies witha jersey and/or patch of their develomental teams that they came into the draft from. Many of these canadian amateur league jerseys have very detailed and creative jerseys for their teams. It would also create a great desire for the new American hockey players since so many are starting to be prevalent in the entry drafts. I think a peice from a US national development team would be a much sought-after piece especially if they played on the national u-18 teams in the world juniors. The other idea I had ties into the same theme of having a u-18 national team set short-printed, whether it would be with jerseys on them or not. Many of my friends follow the junior teams and know who many of these players are already. My other idea that could work for a insert set would be a team parallel, in which the new rookies are shown on a card with a famous player from the past drafted by the team in the same position. ex :gretzky, hall or adam oates and seguin card. These could have possibly a rare /10 dual auto for some luck customers. thanks guys good luck love the new set.

  23. I would love to see an on card autographed set called something like Ice Legends. This set could include hall of fame players and former all stars. It would expand through multiple years only releasing a few players per season. The release list will only include players who have signed the cards, maybe 20 per year. This would make sure that there are no sticker autos and there are no redemptions.
    I think that the insert set should look the same every season with the only difference each year being the card numbering. The cards released in 2011 would have 11 copies, 2012 would be numbered to /12, 2013 numbered to /13 etc.
    If say 20 are released per year at the end of 10 years it would be a 200 card insert set.

  24. If any of these have already been posted I apologize as I didnt read all of them.

    First off I love the size of the set , but I think you could make it a little bit larger. As I think coaches and maybe even owners should be in the base set. I think in sports a lot of coaches are the stars of their teams but are hardly ever on cards. When it comes to the NHL many are ex players so they would appeal to a very wide group of people. Owners maybe a stretch but as a fan of the game I are about the people who make it possible for it to be played and I would like to learn more about them.

    Also Buy Backs are Cool , but they should be rare. So I think you should insert graded buybacks into random boxes off setting the weight with large dupes or maybe even a couple less packs.

    I think an insert series highlighting the award winners of the last say 20 years be great and maybe even have a parallel die cut version in which the card would be cut into the shape of the award.

    Those would be my ideas for Score , plenty more for other sets!!

    Thank you for your time.

  25. A insert with players who were drafted from round 6 and below, and they become good players, win some trophy. For example: Pavel Datsyuk(1998- 6th round), Jaroslav Halak(2003- 9th round), Stephane Robidas(1995- 7th round) or Henrik zetterberg(1999- 7th round).


    A insert with general managers, coaches and another staff in clubs who were good players in NHL. For example Steve Yzerman, Ron Francis or Tom Barrasso(Assistant coach in Carolina hurricanes)

  26. I’d like to see diecut cards in the shape of the player, pieces of game used net, pieces of game used glass with autos on them (don’t think I’ve seen those in cards yet), redemptions for poster sized auto cards (suitable for framing!) and finally mini autographed team banners.

  27. Love to see an insert of game used nets. Place the net swatch in the middle and lay a die cut image of the goaltenders accross the net like he is protecting the net. Sweet. Also would love to see a short print auto set of the 1980 Olympic Hockey team, say numbered to 100, with a cut sig of Herb Brooks numbered to 10. Lasty put not least, for the “dummy cards” make them postage paid to the NHL offices and pre printed to say “Get the NHL off VS. and back on ESPN where it belongs, so we can watch Hockey every night, not two or three nights a week!”

  28. You do realize they want suggestions for The Score release in 2010-2011. These are $0.99 packs that have autos but your not going to get game used nets or auto plexi glass or hard signed autos or redemptions for full memorabilia in a product like Score. These ideas seem more suited to Limited or National Treasure or any mid-high to high end products.

  29. I think the most important thing for this set is that it stays within the same SRP and is affordable for the kids. and new people entering the hobby, especially within our current economy.

    When I first bought score 20 years ago, it was cheap and fun. Those two words should be the basis for this set.

    Make sure you have plenty of inserts and I think the cartoon-like designs are great, especially to draw in new collectors. Maybe you could a set of cards displaying this:

    That ties in perfectly to this type set and the aforementioned “cartoon” graphics, kid appeal (and some adults too!).

    On a side note, while I admire others mentioning game worn redemption’s, that is too high end for a product like this.

    Also I believe the game worn market is a separate entity from hockey cards and defeats the purpose if you put something like that in packs. If you want game worn items you can purchase them somewhere else. The idea behind hockey cards with memorabilia embedded is to slice these items up into pieces and give you the ability to own a “piece” of the item at a fraction of the cost without having to purchase the whole thing.

    Overall, keep it simple here, lots of inserts, big team sets, low price point, with a smattering of autographs.

  30. Score had a great thing going with subsets when they were in their prime. The Franchise cards featuring hokey 90s style graphic arts, some truly horrendous artwork on a card celebrating Brett Hull’s 500th goal, etc.

    The random cards that were inserted into base sets seem to have vanished in recent years. Throw in some cards celebrating guys who scored a thousand points or 500 goals. Make the set a bit less formulaic by adding in some oddities. Don’t make them SPd or hard to come by, just add a bit of variety to the base set. Update the graphics, but keep things fresh.

    Simple rookie cards are something that has been lacking for a while as well. Make them fit with the set, adding a banner or small graphic to identify them. And number them as part of the team set, so they are in the right place in a binder. They can still be SPd, but make them part of the base set in looks and sequence.

    Ridiculously long odds on a vintage superstar autograph also worked well for Score in the past. Just sayin’.

  31. I think a set called Hanging from the Rafters would be awesome. Not sure how many cards it would be so it might need to be split up between a few years releases but have a card of every players number thats been retired by there team and hung at there arena on a card. Im sure it would be a very popular card set for collectors to get into. thanks for the contest and oportunity to send a suggestion. Scott

  32. i would like to have piece of game used glove/skate/helmet from players instead of game used jersey or stick, there enough game jersey/stick right now on the marke and those piece would bring different look for collectors.

  33. I would love to see a dual autograph (possibly up to six auto’s on one card) of some of the hot rookies titled rivalries. A rivalry does not necessarily have to be players that played in a minor leauge tourney head to head. It could be like taylor hall vs tyler sequin as who would be the number one pick (as the media turned that into a hot rivlary topic). One could also have a rivarly for who would be the number 1 goaltender, d-man, etc taken in the NHL Draft. You could even have rarer subset cards of possible tournament lines of the top scoring lines or goalies pitted against each other in the calder cup, world cup, or other tournaments etc. The idea really has no limits but would offer a set that has not truly been done in theory.


  34. I’d love to see a an insert set paralling the Hot Rookies, but using maybe a vet from each team. Maybe calling them Cold as Ice (to pair with the Hot Rookie).

    Probably minor..but would be great for Score…bring back the Zambonie’s! Pictures of each teams pride and joy would be interesting (and/or maybe the chance to ride on one at your local teams game)?

    What I think would be a great autographed insert set would be to use an overhead shot of the rink ice and have it autographed by the player (or maybe rookie since on card would be preferred)?

  35. how about making this a more retail friendly product (yes, let the flaming begin). some of use don’t have hobby shops in the area and are forced to go buy packs at the local drug store or gas stations.

    odds for pulling autographs from retail could be comparable to those odds in hobby boxes.

  36. How about a redemption card for an uncut sheet of the extra shortprinted (551-559) rookies. A few of the sheets could have autographs from all of the athletes.

  37. I believe an awesome insert would be past and present “Skaters On The Line.” Consideration should be given to producing these with jersey inserts: 1 of 1, 1 of 5, etc., etc. And, serial numbered in some creative combination 1 – 500 or 1 – 999. Thanks for the opportunity.

  38. I have a few ideas:

    1) One-of-a-kind inserts of hockey legends (ie. single-card print run).
    2) Have a short print run of “Amazing goals/saves” showing multiple images of the goal or the save on the card (ie. step-by-step snapshots).
    3) Have a short print set of rookie cards showing the draft day picture of the player and prominently show the pick # (eg. 3rd overall pick, Washington Capitals). On the flip side, you could write the prospect report and future potential of the player (ie. potential: 1st line winger, 3rd line enforcer, franchise player, etc.)
    4) Shootout cards w/ pics of the shooters &/or goalies and whether they scored or not.
    5) Shootout specialist cards showing the players, # of shootout chances in the season, success rate, etc.
    6) Make a line of short print inserts that don’t have numbers so that people don’t know how many cards are in the mini-set.

  39. One on one- have the card showcase 2 players on it a goalie and a shooter and their head to head stats. for example how many shots the player has taken on that goalie, how many goals he’s scored on him, and for the goalie put how many saves he has against the shooter and his save percentage against that goalie

    Meet the Mascot- i think this one speaks for itself. kids will love collecting these fun things showing the 30 NHL teams mascots

  40. My idea is for 4 different subsets, the first one is a subset featuring the old time arenas and the history or some kind of fact about them, There are many out there to choose from like Maple Leaf Gardens, The forum in Montreal and The old Boston Garden, the Igloo, Old Madison Sqaure Garden, The Spectrum in Philadelphia.

    My second subset is kind of quirky but neat as well. What about a subset of the Hairest players in the game dating back from the 70s up to now. They could have the old time hockey mullet or be rocking the “moustache” like Jagr did or Ian white does now.

    How about a subset of game changers but in a different way so people like Willie O’ree, Jarome Iginla, Or Borje Salming, People who have broken the color barrier or came from overseas and helped pioneer the way for future generations of players.

    What about a strictly captains subset, maybe with each one autographed, its 30 cards so its not that big.

  41. I would like to see Second year cards – and designated as so – what 50% of the rookie card value but
    a nice completment to next years rookie card selection. You continue the love with the Oiler rookies and Skinner etc. but also present next years hot rookies too. Rookie logos why not second year logos and as last point why not end of career logo on the player’s last issued card. So you have a set of final season for stars and maybe journeymen too. Ah, I have a Taylor Hall second year!

  42. because score is one of the lower end sets i don’t think that the set needs more hits inserted. i think that my idea would add a little bit more collect-ability to score.

    i think it would be cool to have a base set with variants of each player as part of base set. the variants would consist of each player wearing a different one of their 3 teams jerseys. so for example

    Alexander Ovechkin would have his Home jersey in card #1 his away jersey in card #2 and the “throwback jersey” is card #3.

    thanks for the contest!

  43. How about an Edmonton Oilers subset next year, not just limited to the superstars (Gretsky,Messier,Fuhr, etc etc.) but some “did you know that Ken Dryden’s bother Dave played for the Oilers” or Jacques Plante, or Colin Campbell… Maybe have 6 cards devoted to their new cheerleaders… and one card should have the phrase “Sorry Edmonton Oilers fans for shafting you by having 3 of your most anticipated rookies in our 9 card short print hot rookies set”

  44. How great it is to finally have an alternative to Upper Deck to collect. I have been collecting cards and memorabilia (hockey) for about 15 years and since hearing that Panini was getting (back) into the “game” of sport (hockey) cards, I have been overjoyed and excited to say the least. Upper Deck has monopolized the market and gotten way to sloppy and greedy for far too long.
    Since the release of “Score” hockey cards, I have purchased a total of 228 (two hundred and twenty-eight) packs (in variuos sized boxes and individual packs) and have not yet come accross even 1 (one) rookie redemtion card.
    Now, I may just be a very unlucky guy or, maybe it could be that you have made it just a little to hard to get one, or all, of the nine top rookies of the year.
    Might I suggest that you make it a little easier in the future to get the rookies that make up a complete set of cards and save the redmption factor for cards that are signed and accompanied with a piece of jersey (memorabilia) by the “Past” stars, “Present” stars and “Future” stars of the game.
    We All Love the Jersey Cards!

    1. Here’s the skinny, straight from the email box of Hockey Brand Manager Al Muir: “There are no Rookie Redemption cards. We delayed the release two weeks and put the rookies live into the packs. No waiting!”

      1. Thanks for your reply Tracy. I am a little confused. It seems that from what you are saying there are no rookie redemtions. All 59 “Hot Rookies” are obtainable without redemtion cards? The reason why I ask – and I don’t want to sound arguementive – is, when I go to the ‘’ website and view the checklist for the score hockey product it shows me two different rookie lists suggesting that the last 9 are only obtainable by redemption.
        The first, titled “Hot Rookies” is a list of 50 cards starting with #501 – Nazem Kadri and ending at #550 – Scott Jackson. Looking further, a second list, titled
        “Rookie Redemptions” shows a list of 9 more rookie cards starting with #551 – Cam Fowler and ending at card #559 – Taylor Hall.
        I have also noticed that, when I visit ‘ebay’, I have seen the occasional listing of cards numbered from 551 to 559 that are advertised as rookie redemtions. I am glad to hear that the idea of these cards being redemptions is an error and that they are out there “live” as you put it. I will keep buying and (cross my fingers) keep trying. Thanks again for your reply and thanks to Panini for offering such a great collectable product. I look forward to seeing more in the days to come.

      2. Hi Tracy,

        Are there stated odds for the short printed rookies? Websites that previewed Score Hockey stated that the odds of a SP rookie redemption was 1 per box. If the redemptions were pulled for actually cards, do they still fall in the same ratio? In my first box of Score, I was lucky to pull a Nino Niederreiter (I’m a Winterhawks fan!) but my second box did not have a SP rookie.

        Can you please help clarify?



  45. Lots of interesting ideas so far!

    Mine mostly have to do with possible subsets. I would like to see the following in a future release:

    Honor a single Hall of Fame player from the past, much like the Bobby Orr subset from the 91-92 Score edition. Can include auto’s and memorabilia redemption for a signed jersey or stick. Player suggestions: Gordie Howe, Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky. Perhaps a group of players could be honored rather than just one? The possibilities are endless!

    “Triple Crown Winners” Subset
    Include players from the past and present who have won all three championships in their career – Stanley Cup, Olympic Gold and World Cup of Hockey Championship. This would be a pretty exclusive group due to the NHL’s inclusion in the Olympics only 1998 and after. Examples would include Scott Niedermeyer, Martin Brodeur, Joe Sakic and Adam Foote to name just a few. An alternative idea with a somewhat larger scope, the set could include players who have achieved at least “three” of a particular award in their career such as three Stanley Cups or three Norris trophies.

    “Big Hits” Subset
    Include acetate cards depicting big hits from the past season. Not the “dirty” ones but the good, clean hits that we all love to see in the game! A “clear” portion of the acetate card would represent the “glass” in the boards while the rest of the card would show the players colliding, etc.

    “League Leaders” Sub-set with some differently themed cards as follows:

    “Blockade Battalion” – goaltenders with highest save percentage and the leading shot-blockers for the previous season
    “Ministry of Defense” – elite defensemen – highest point-scoring and plus-minus category ( let’s give “props” to the “shut-down” D-men around the league!) for the season
    “The Cavalry” – assist leaders, enforcers and players recognized for other skilled contributions to their teams – could be league-leading faceoff winners, physical/hit-makers, fourth-line shot-blockers, best plus-minus records, etc. This is almost like a “Hard-hat Award” category.
    “Sniper Squadron” – leading goal-scorers, shoot-out scoring leaders for the season
    “Iron Men” – either past and/or present consecutive games played leaders – Doug Jarvis, Trevor Linden, etc. Given the physical nature of the game and frequency of injuries, these players definitely deserve some sort of recognition!

    I am collecting this years’ Score hockey set with my children and I do believe that it is important to appeal to young people as much as possible by making a product that is both fun and collectible. Producing a set that also includes items of interest to older collectors (buy-backs, etc) is brilliant and the Score set for this year is a great example of this. Thanks for considering my ideas!

  46. I would like to see subset profiling the players that took place in World Hockey Championship as well as the future stars participants of World Hockey junior championship. Something like a top 5 players from each nation participating with association logo card and information card. It would be nice to know the players from all over the world since hockey is global game might as well have the global hockey cards.


  47. Insert set entitled “Signs of Fandom”
    The 30 card set would include a glossy image of 1 fan favourite from all of the teams in the league, along with a swatch sized cutout of an actual fan poster that was brought to a game. The reverse side of the card would show the entire sign, as well as the name of the sign holding fan, and a description of which game it was held, and what the players outcome in that game was.

  48. Ok, I’ve been warming up to these short print cards, my newest idea is to have another 9 short print rookies next year as well, but also have a subset devoted to this years short print players documenting their first games/goals/assists whatever fits. Would like to see it as a recurring theme in the score series.

    Also probably not suitable for the score series, but with flash drive getting smaller/thinner and so many home electronics usb compatible would like to see hockey cards that could have a video highlight of a goal or play embedded into a card.

  49. It would be interesting to see cards (sub series) of previous cup winners and where they took the cup during the summer holidays .I’m sure there would be some interesting stories to follow each picture as well.

  50. Having a little hockey player at home. I think having a redemption such as “include a photo and stats” and have a custom made score card. The kids would love having a card of themselves that looks and feels just like a short print rookie – not the rink side version. Obviously the option would be made available for an alternate for the collector etc… who know’s maybe someday one of those custom made “novice, atom, peewee, etc…” cards will end up being a first round NHL pick.

  51. I just purchased a jeff skinner HOT ROOKIES autograph numbered only to 9 made,but the card isnt authenticated on the back just numbered ?/9….any one know about these?ITS A STICKER AUTO.

  52. i would like to have an oportunity to meet a top player ie Crosby as a contest in the set. And as part of this meet tickets to a game and a autographed memorbilia or photo.

  53. You could do a jersey or patch card with a overtime winnig goal puck for stanley cup finals what a nice low production set that would be and to kick it harder autos on lower numbered cards and for sure 1/1crest of the stanley cup in the middle of the puck game winning goal autographed I can see it sweet looking card

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