Short Story: Panini America Releases Final 2011 Playoff Contenders Football RC SPs

Quick: When's the last time a Rookie Card of an offensive lineman sold for more than $450?

Quick: When’s the last time a Rookie Card of an offensive lineman sold for more than $450?

That’s a rhetorical question, of course, but chances are it’s never happened. Welcome to the wonderful world of 2011 Playoff Contenders Football Rookie Tickets Short Prints. To be sure, there’s likely not a more astute collection of collectors on the planet than the one that builds Playoff Contenders Football sets every year.

So not long after the 2011 edition released a few weeks ago, Playoff Contenders enthusiasts wasted little time in identifying the Rookie Ticket RC of Dallas Cowboys offensive tackle Tyron Smith as one of the shortest SPs in the set. How else to explain one selling in late February for the staggering sum of $475? Others have sold for $427.50, $416.12 and $374.95, making the one that closed at $267 on February 23 seem like a bargain.

The fact of the matter is that Smith’s is the shortest RC in the set with a print run of just 23 total copies.

What follows is Panini America’s official list of Rookie Ticket Short Prints limited to 400 copies or less that were randomly inserted in 2011 Playoff Contenders Football. Take a look:

#185 Tyron Smith, Dallas Cowboys — 23
#140 Jeremy Kerley, New York Jets — 82
#102 Aaron williams, Buffalo Bills — 99
#115 Cameron Heyward, Pittsburgh Steelers — 99
#116 Cameron Jordan, New Orleans Saints — 99
#118 Cecil Shorts III, Jacksonville Jaguars — 99
#119 Charles Clay, Miami Dolphins — 99
#128 DeMarco Sampson, Arizona Cardinals — 99
#146 Julius Thomas, Denver Broncos — 99
#155 Jake Ballard, New York Giants — 99
#160 Nathan Enderle, Chicago Bears — 99
#162 Owen Marecic, Cleveland Browns — 99
#187 Weslye Saunders, Pittsburgh Steelers — 99
#196 Jacquian Williams, New York Giants — 99
#106 Aldon Smith, San Francisco 49ers — 102
#103 Adrian Clayborn, Tampa Bay Buccaneers — 114
#148 Kealoha Pilares, Carolina Panthers — 127
#157 Martez Wilson, New Orleans Saints — 134
#179 Stephen Burton, Minnesota Vikings — 140
#161 Niles Paul, Washington Redskins — 152
#122 D.J. Williams, Green Bay Packers — 171
#141 Jimmy Smith, Baltimore Ravens — 173
#105 Akeem Ayers, Tennessee Titans — 188
#171 Ronald Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles — 192
#183 Tyler Sash, New York Giants — 193
#135 Greg McElroy, New York Jets — 204
#165 Prince Amukamara, New York Giants — 213
#130 Dion Lewis, Philadelphia Eagles — 224
#151 Lance Kendricks, St. Louis Rams — 298
#167 Rahim Moore, Denver Broncos — 316
#199 Patrick Peterson, Arizona Cardinals — 343
#163 Phil Taylor, Cleveland Browns — 371

* Bolded lines indicate cards were inserted as redemptions

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46 Replies to “Short Story: Panini America Releases Final 2011 Playoff Contenders Football RC SPs”

  1. Panini finally gives Kerley a nice looking auto (since Bilal Powell got all the good ones) and you make it impossible to get without paying 200.00… thanks a lot

  2. If the bolded names are inserted as redemptions, how come we’ve only seen a select few on eBay or anywhere, yet we’ve seen multiple Tyron Smith?

    1. Nick, I agree. I haven’t seen any Jake Ballard, Owen Marecic, Cameron Heyward, Weslye Saunders, Demarco Sampson, Aaron Williams, David Ausberry, Charles Clay, Jaquain Williams or Nathan Enderle Autos. Seems like they should be popping up somewhere since there are a lot more of these guys than of Tyron Smith who’s already had 5 autos listed on Ebay.

  3. How have more Tyron Smith autos popped up on ebay than the /99 redemptions? I think the only redemption I’ve seen from that list is Cecil Shorts III. Were the redemptions added late or will they be in a retail version of the product?

  4. Thanks for the list. On another note, I noticed David Ausberry wasn’t on the list. Is he a redemption card or was his card replaced by another player. Just curious cause have yet to see his auto version yet, any help would be appreciated.

    1. David Ausberry is a live autograph in the program, many of his autos were dropped into retail blaster boxes.

      1. Nick Fairley does not have any autos in the program, we were not able to secure an autograph deal. Nick only have the Playoff Ticket /99.

  5. hey,
    Great product!!!Ripped two cases and hit some great cards. I don’t see the raiders player ausberry online at all….Is he a short print as well, cause no one that I know or associate with has seen him either?When are the subset auto numbers coming out?

  6. The Tyron Smith that sold for $267 was a printing plate so it can’t really be considered with the rookie tickets.

  7. What about the print runs for ALL the cards? I’d like to know how many Newtons, Daltons, Lockers, etc. are out there, too!

  8. Would like to see the print runs on the SP’s in the Super Bowl and Legendary Contenders autograph sets- when is that coming?

  9. I wanted to know why some players are shortprinted like Tyron Smith where 23, yes 23 cards are made but other players are issued as redemptions only.
    Those redemptions are for 99 cards.
    Why didn’t Panini requested Tyron Smith sign 76 more stickers, release them all (23 + 76 = 99) when they are returned back to Panini and put on the cards.

    That gives Contenders and Cowboy collectors the chance to get the card.

    We know there are both types of collectors so it’s impossible to make all those collectors happy with 23 cards.

    Did Tyron Smith have to sign only 23 cards, not every 2011 1st rd pick was in Contenders so why include Smith with so few cards released??

    Just asking

    1. I have to agree with this, its almost impossible to build the set now with the idiotic photoshop variations and then an impossible short print of 23. I decided ill just save the money i would have wasted on this and put it towards a product that has a realistic possibility to collect.

  10. Tracy,

    Do you have an idea when they might be getting the autographs of Jerry Rice (2011 Absolute) and Reggie Wayne (2011 R&S)?

    1. Is there any real idea on how many David Ausberry autos there are in this set? Any real guess, even? Any information that will help?

      1. I assume he is not even short printed, they just released him in retail just like the Carlos Dunlap last year. People are paying way too much for this card right now. In a few weeks, this is a $10 card.

  11. I got two Jake Locker on card auto’s and one has the number 12 on the sleeve and it is missing on thge other…

  12. I know this is an verrrry old thread, but….I’ve been wondering forever how many blaster boxes in total were produced by Panini for this set. Is there any record of this??

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