Show Panini America Your Favorite Card in the 2012-13 NBA Season Tip-Off Show-Off

Hoops heads, rejoice! Basketball is back. And to celebrate such a joyous occasion, we here at Panini America are in a giving mood. You see those three boxes of basketball cards at the top of this post? We're going to give them away to three lucky collectors. And all you have to do to be eligible to win one of them is simply post a picture of you holding your favorite Panini America NBA trading card as a comment to this post.

Tonight in Miami, LeBron James and the Heat begin defense of their 2011-12 NBA title against the Boston Celtics in a rematch of last season’s Eastern Conference Finals. Meanwhile, in Cleveland, Kyrie Irving and the Cavaliers host John Wall and the Washington Wizards in a showcase of two of the best young guards in the game. Finally, out in L.A., Kobe Bryant and the Lakers face the Dallas Mavericks in an early battle for Western Conference bragging rights.

Hoops heads, rejoice! Basketball is back.

And to commemorate such a joyous occasion, we here at Panini America want to give back to our passionate hoops collectors. You see those three boxes of 2012-13 NBA trading cards at the top of this post? We’re going to give them away to three lucky collectors. All you have to do to be eligible to win one of them is simply post a picture of you holding your favorite Panini America NBA trading card as a comment to this post.

That’s it.

We’ll give you until the end of the day Friday to locate your favorite Panini America NBA card and snap a quality shot of you AND your card. Together. It doesn’t have to be your newest or rarest or most valuable, just your favorite. And if you have a compelling reason why, please explain that in the comments, too.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Enjoy the games tonight, good luck, and thanks in advance for participating.


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    First off, I must say I’m a die-hard Oklahoma City Thunder. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed about losing James Harden over the weekend. Today I thought I would treat myself to a box of cards to kickoff the 2012-13 season and to cheer me up a bit. I ended buying my first box of Panini 2012-13 Threads that just came out. Was quite happy to land 2 Thunder hits in the box; a Nick Collison jersey card and an autographed rookie of our latest draft pick, Perry Jones III. Would like to wish good luck to Harden and the others on their Houston endeavor and a big welcome to K-Mart/Lamb for joining the Oklahoma City Thunder!


    It’s Nba time again!
    My son and I love Panini! Especially the Prestige…Our favorite would be the True Colors jersey cards. The clean and colorful design really emphasize its player beautifully and the patch/ jersey is just on the right spot. Kudos to Panini staffs and the design team on this one. It’s really good to look at and even more with all of them together.
    We love it so much that we decided to start a project to complete the 50 set of it. I’m sure with the help of Forums, youtube, and our local hobby shop we could do it. So far we have sixteen of them. This will be a very exciting treasure hunt, in the mean time it will be a great father and son experience. Plus i’m sure its going to be a life lesson for my ten year old son.
    This will just add to our closeness and bonds us even more, while having fun collecting them, we are also making precious moments.
    Thanks Panini!
    Salute Tracy!

  3. Decided I am going to forfeit my entry Tracy …..if that is okay….my nephew would like to take a shot with his favorite Panini America player card….he has a plan and should make for a cool entry…it will only be tomorrow though…again if that is okay…Thanks…

  4. 2012-13 Hoops is one of my favorite products this year. What makes it stand out the most for me is the photography. The photography on the cards are very important to me and this year’s hoops has some of the best imagery I have seen in any set, hands down. I had many cards I wanted to enter. In the end I chose photos of the coaches. I couldn’t just pick one, so I am holding my three favorite shots. Link below. I have to say though, that an honorable mention has to go to the Derrick Rose Courtside card #4; people should go check it out! Here is my entry: Thanks again Panini! You are the best!

  5. Hi everyone! What i will share to my fellow collectors today is a picture of me with my 2012 Panini National Convention Anthony Davis Graded 9.5 BGS. Really love this card because it is the reason why I started collecting Anthony Davis Cards. This type of card were found in the wrapper redemption given last 2012 Panini National Sports Convention. I really love the layout and the design of the cards that Panini produced ever since it has started producing top of the charts NBA cards. I am hoping that Panini will conduct a sports convention or tour here in my country. Congratulations in Panini in extending its exclusive rights with the NBA. Looking forward for more jaw-dropping quality cards in future time. I saw a sneak-peak of 2012 Prizm Basketball and it was sick! I really love to have one of those once it has been released. Thank you Panini for making us collectors whether Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Entertainment, etc. have a smile on our faces and making this “Hobby” a “Passion”. More power to you guys and God Bless Panini!

    2011 PANINI STUDIO ROOKIES NATIONAL FOIL PACK OF KYRIE IRVING STILL SEALED IN ORIGINAL SEE-THREW PACKAGING. I was so excited that the Cavs drafted Kyrie Irving but, at the time, I was having trouble finding any cards of him due to the NBA lockout. I did a lot of searching and only saw a few dealers selling just this one card that was distributed at the 2011-12 PANINI NATIONAL CONVENTION. I got lucky and was able to purchase this card for only $5.00! about a month later I was seeing this same card sell for $40 to $100 dollars. This is by far my favorite card because it helped me through those dark times without Panini trading cards and the NBA

  7. Hey Tracy!
    Here’s my favorite card:
    It’s not fancy, it’s an Panini Studio of Chris Bosh when he’s still in Raptors (I haven’t been able to get any better cards of him like jersey or autos) but he’s my all-time favorite player. The reason is because he’s from Georgia Tech, where I attend. So I like to show my Yellow Jacket pride! Funny random fact, Derrick Favors was in my English class Freshman year! 😛

  8. Contest submission from Budhi Purnama Utomo:

    I have only 2 dreams in collecting. I am honored to be selected as 2011 Beckett Supercollector for my 3,500 different Karl Malone cards collected over almost 20 years. My second and bigger dream is to meet The Mailman himself.

    This 2011/12 @paniniamerica Timeless Treasures NBA 50th anniversary GOLD Logoman 1 of 1 is truly a masterpiece. I wish to get The Mailman himself to autograph this super beautiful card.
    Hope this dream of mine can come true.

  9. Even though this card is not autographed or have any memorabilia a on it, it is still my favorite. I just sent you the email Tracy-

  10. Contest entry for Greg Malloy:

    I collected Xavier Henry and these are my favorite cards. IMO these are better than the auto’d one. The Adidas Laundry Tags match up 1/3 & 3/3. You did a story on me last year on my collection don’t know if you remember but I have put almost all of his cards together except a couple of 1/1s and 1/5s — the rest has been completed!

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