Show Us Your Championship Card and You Could Win a Panini Super Bowl Prize Pack

We all have it: That one Panini America football card that stands tall above all the others in our collection. The one we'd keep at the expense of every other card we own. It's the Lombardi Trophy in our collection . . . and it's sweet.

We all have it: That one Panini America football card that stands tall above all the others in our collection. The one we’d keep at the expense of every other card we own. It’s the Lombardi Trophy in our collection . . . and it’s sweet.

Mine? That’s easy. It’s the one a dorky-looking me is holding in the picture above — the John Elway Pro Bowl Souvenirs Signs of Greatness gem from 2001 Playoff Honors that’s numbered 25/25. So what’s yours?  In honor of Sunday’s Super Bowl XLV being played just down the street from Panini America headquarters, not only do we want to know what your Lombardi Trophy card is, we want a picture of you clutching it.

If you want to tell us the story of how you got it or why it’s so special to you, that’d be great, too. Please post your brief story and image or image link as a comment to this blog post or on our Facebook page. Sometime after Sunday’s big game, we’ll look carefully through the entries and select a few winners.

What do you win? Good question. Since we know many of you simply can’t make it down to Dallas for Super Bowl XLV festivities (heck, with the weather, many of us in the Metroplex can’t make it to Dallas), we’re going to bring some of the most collectible festivities to you.

Winners will receive a special prize pack that includes the complete 28-card NFL Experience-only set, the three-card wrapper-redemption set, the really limited 15-card Panini Pulse Awards set available only to attendees of  Thursday night’s exclusive NFL PLAYERS Pulse Awards gala and an autograph or two from the guest coaches of Saturday’s Pop Warner Panini Adrenalyn Bowl: Brandon Lloyd, Kevin Kolb, Ryan Mallett and Andy Dalton.

So, I’ll ask again: What’s your Panini America Lombardi Trophy card?


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  1. I just last week pulled this card and this must have been what my card shop owner saw when I realized what it was. Thanks Panini for putting The Chief, Art Rooney’s Cut Auto in 2010 Plates & Patches! I didn’t even know it was a possibility until I saw it. Awesome card that will never leave me!


  2. [IMG]–done/VHTG%20AUTOS/russgrimm-2.jpg[/IMG]

    Hail to the Redskins!!!

  3. Thougth I’d show a different one than Twitter. I thought when I read it there it was for one of the 2 teams in the game. Here’s a pic of one of my Sam Bradford auto’s I have. I’m from Okla so I watched him at OU and now get to watch him on Sundays. I have 2 other Sam autos as well but they’re not Panini so didn’t want to show them 🙂 Thanks

  4. I can honestly say that there are so many cards I love that I have either bought or pulled on my own. While perhaps it’s not the best card in my collection, this one card single-handedly put me on the road to collecting as many NFL HOF autographs as I could.

    How did I get this cut? Well, I was joining one of my first ever group breaks of one of my favorite products ever: 2007 Limited Football. I had two spots and ended up getting a triple patch of Starr/Nitschke/Hornung and this George Connor cut. I’d have a few HOF autographs before, but getting my first cut ever really got me started. I now 193 different NFL HOF autographs including greats like Walter Payton, Johnny Unitas and Red Grange. There are still plenty for me to try and pull as well as buy, but I can thank this one cut for getting me started!

  5. Back in 1998, my Dad took me to my first National Convention. It was a big deal because my dad was a Navy Admiral who was gone for up to 6 months at a time. Well, Donruss was doing the promotion where you opened packs and were able to get 1 card stamped with a special gold seal. I was really into Ryan Leaf at that time and my dad bought a few packs and we headed over to the Donruss booth to partake in the festivities. In the first pack he opened, my dad hit a Leaf RC and then I hit the Draft Picks insert of Leaf, both of which we got stamped. It was an awesome feeling and something that I still remember to this day. I still have both cards. Leaf’s career might have torpedoed but those 2 cards mean the world to me and remind me of a great trip with my dad. In the world of profit and “hits” that this hobby has become, it’s nice to have things to hold on to.

  6. This is not my favorite Panini football card but to me it is the most appropriate one for this contest………I was very happy when I pulled this card …….It is a rookie orientation jersey Big Ben card and seeing that I am picking the Steelers to win this one in a nail biter take nothing from Aaron Rodgers and the Packers but I am giving the edge to the youngest Super Bowl winner Big Ben and the Steelers I am a huge Polamalu fan “BAM” but unfortunately I don’t have any big cards of his yet……I think it is going to be a great Super Bowl for all to enjoy…….will we see three for Big Ben?………
    and an added Thank You for the opportunity at a great prize pack……..

  7. My card is a 2005 Absolute Aaron Rodgers RC /999.

    I had never been a huge follower of the NFL but when I moved to the U.S. it was hard not to get entangled in the NFL season as well. I still had no idea what team to support, since Los Angeles has no NFL team. A friend and I went to watch the Packers vs Cowboys game in November 2007. Favre had a crappy game and ended up wimping out “injured” and Rodgers took over. He rallied the team to get within 3 points and although the Packers didn’t win I decided that I would start supporting the Packers.

    My collection is mainly basketball but when Favre left the Packers and Rodgers became the starting quarterback I decided I wanted to get a few rookies of his.

    I actually traded for the 2005 Absolute rookie on the forum and I didn’t realize it until it arrived it was graded BCCG 10. It is still my favorite Rodgers card and it is awesome to see him get to the Super Bowl. Go Packers!

    Sorry for the bad pic. I tried to get myself and the card in the same photo and this was the best I could do.

  8. A few years ago, there was a big autograph show here in Pittsburgh and a fellow Steelers collector that lives on the other side of the state wanted me to get him his Santonio Holmes jersey signed for him. In return for helping him, he sent me this Ben Roethlisberger patch auto. Now THAT is what collecting is all about!!! Helping other collectors add nice items to their collections is what makes this hobby so enjoyable.

  9. dont you love how people cant read?
    not a picture of the card, heck, I could rip one off ebay if that was the case

  10. The one card that I could not find my self to part with is the 2004 Playoff Prime Signatures Proof of Tiki Barber:

    This was the card that reintroduced me to collecting after being away for 10 years. I am a Giants ticket holder, and watcher Barber run week after week was great. After their game against Kansas City (December 17, 2005) where he broke the Giants single game rushing yards with 220 yards (Larry Johnson also ran for 167 yards that day), I decided to purchase the card. Now it is about 6 years later and i have over 90+ auto (Still need to scan in a few) :

    And 45 jersey cards:

    If is was not for this card, i would probably not be collecting today.

  11. My card is not my most valuable but stands above all others due it’s journey into my collection.

    This last fall my family was gathered at my parent’s house. The lady folk went to do whatever they do so my son, brother, dad and I went of to the card shop. We each decided to buy a box. I perused the shelves and finally decided on a box of Elite football. I choose it for one reason, with the hope of getting a Tim Tebow base RC. I have been a fan of Elite RCs for many years and Tebow is such a special player the prospect of getting his Elite RC was very exciting. Now, when I buy a box hoping to get a single card it never works out. The entire ride home I was thinking, “I am not sure this was the best decision.”

    We got home and all started ripping our boxes. I got a nice auto and some cool inserts so I was pretty happy. About ¾ of the way in there he was, Mr. Tebow. I was so excited, the feeling was over whelming the feeling that Harold and Kumar so famously professed in their first movie, “The feeling that comes over a man when he gets exactly what he desires”. They got their sliders, I got my Tebow.

    Tim Tebow still has a ton of upside so this cards full story has yet to be told.

    There it is, my top Panini card.

  12. Mine has to be my Reggie Wayne team auto the one with the helmet and another of his zoning commission jersey.He is a great player without fear of getting hit when making a catch he sacrifices his body.I will post a picture on the main page sorry for the quality at such a short notice my newborn son also likes Reggie Wayne as he got his hands on it and did not want to give it back.LOL.

  13. My card probably isn’t close to as nice as most of them, but it does have great meaning nonetheless. I had basically gotten completely out of collecting Football cards, just didnt have anyone to really collect. Well at the Baltimore Nationals I was kinda bored so I bought a 2010 Classics Football box. I took it to Panini’s booth to bust, the pull of the box happened to be a Paul Brown Cut Autograph. However the hidden gem for me was this:

    A Dan LeFevour Classics Blue RC /25. I live in Michigan and plan to transfer to Central Michigan in the 2012-13 school year. I’ve always followed Central’s Football program, and LeFevour is probably the greatest college player ever. He was such a great QB, as will as my favorite player on CMUs team. I was unaware that LeFevour cards were being made, and because of pulling this card, my intrest in Football cards peaked and I have been collecting LeFevour ever since then. I’d like to think I have one of the best LeFevour PCs out there. The card pulled wasn’t a high dollar card, but it was my first PC card and the one that got me back into collecting Football.

    A better scan of the card is here:

    Also here is a link to my entire LeFevour PC! :

  14. The card that I recently got this past summer was this:

    It is the Emmitt Smith card from the Hall of Fame set Panini put out during the 2010 Enshrinement Ceremony weekend. I have been waiting and planning to head to Canton, Ohio for five years to watch my favorite player be enshrined with the elite players of the NFL. This was my first trip to Ohio and the Hall of Fame. I was able to go to many special events throughout the weekend and see Emmitt enshrined, but the most memorable event was the Round Table Luncheon when all the enshrinees walked through the tables we ate at. I was able to shake Emmitt’s hand and congratulate him as he walked by. I was truly starstruck and blown away because, now he was a Hall of Famer and I just shook his hand – the All-Time Leader Rusher’s hand!! Previously, I met him after his rookie year at the National Convention in Anaheim and got his autograph, but this time it was extremely more special. This card reminds me of that incredible weekend and moment – it always will. It was truly one of the best weekends of my life.

    Thanks Panini for this contest and making me write this memory! If only my Cowboys were playing this weekend at their own stadium. I hope the Packers win, because we can’t have the Steelers winning ring number 7 there!

    1. Any idea when the winners are supposed to be announced? I can’t wait to see the winners, especially if I am one of them!!

  15. My new favorite card is a 2010 Leaf Limited Monikers auto of John Elway. I have always loved the Broncos and especially John Elway. I still remember the day he was drafted back in my teenage years. Trying to pick up the Terrell Davis Monikers auto now. Tracy, if you ever get rid of your Elway hit me up. That’s a sweet card!!

  16. Mine would have to be a card I just pulled, the 2010 Panini Plates & Patches cut auto of Sammy Baugh. It’s become an instant family heirloom . Member of the first class to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame, able to play quarterback, defensive back and punter with same level of skill and the man who transformed the game of football from mostly “run & grind it” to an open passing game, this is one card that I’ll carry with me forever.

  17. I’ve never had a card-collecting moment like this before, and I likely never will again. Pulling a card where 25-30 exist in a set is nice, but pulling a signature where only 25-30 exist TOTAL is a different story.

    I pulled this in August of 2008, a week after my birthday:

    Pulling the 08 Classics Thorpe cut has got to be the football collecting equivalent of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

  18. Having a perfect season is something the ’72-’73 Miami Dolphins did, and I highly doubt any other team in the NFL will do it again. One of my favorite cards is my Bob Griese 2005 Donruss Classics – Classic Pigskin relic. It sits atop my Miami Dolphins shelf with pride overseeing all my other cards. I would love to see more cards commemorating their perfect season. There are a lot of great players from that team that don’t have modern day cards.

  19. i pulled this card about a year ago from my local target. i decided to go target to kill some time cuz my classes had been cancelled and i had about 4 hours to spare. i bought a pack of gridiron gear and i pulled this beauty. i like it a lot not only cuz i think willis mcgahee is awesome but the numbering of the card also 1/55. check it out

  20. Pulled this in 2003, watching the Super Bowl, all the while trying to explain to my friends what I was doing..! I couldnt drink cards! lol…I was just hoping for a good rookie or maybe a jersey card and got this. I still dont think my friends understand how cool it is…A challenge to keep wing sauce off it though, everyone wanted a look…Thanks for the contest!
    2001 Rookies and Stars Player Collection #PC-13 Kurt Warner Helmet 55/100

  21. I hope you’ll do this with basketball cards also. Even though I have at least twice as many FB cards as basketball ones, my top FB cards aren’t as good 🙁

  22. Well I may be late but here is my entry! I haven’t been able to buy alot this year because I have been out of work since Dec 6th because of back surgery. I did however get a box for Christmas because I ALWAYS buy Prestige Football EVERY YEAR! ( Wish I could buy more right now!) and this is what I got! This GREAT looking Arrelious Benn NFL Draft Logo Autograph! SWEET CARD! Thank you for making these! Thi is my FIRST and ONLY Draft Logo Auto card and I am keeping it! Thank you ! Here is a link to the picture on Facebook!

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