Show Us Your MVP Basketball Card & You Could Win This 1/1 Derrick Rose Gem

Chicago Bulls electrifying superstar Derrick Rose made history earlier today by becoming the youngest player ever to earn NBA MVP honors. As a result, one lucky Panini America collector is going to win one of the sweetest-smelling Rose cards imaginable: A Black Box Authentic 2010-11 Limited Team Trademarks 1/1 sporting a most unhealthy three-color piece of Rose's game-worn jersey.

Chicago Bulls electrifying superstar Derrick Rose made history earlier today by becoming the youngest player ever to earn NBA MVP  honors.

As a result, one lucky Panini America collector is going to win one of the sweetest-smelling Rose cards imaginable: A Black Box Authentic 2010-11 Limited Team Trademarks 1/1 sporting a most unhealthy three-color piece of Rose’s game-worn jersey.

Rose, just 22, claimed his hardware by averaging 25 points, 7.7 assists and 4.1 rebounds during the 2010-11 NBA season and leading his Bulls to the Eastern Conference Semifinals. All you have to do for a chance to win yours is post a picture as a comment to this post of you clutching your MVP (Most Valuable Panini) basketball card. Feel free to add a brief explanation of how you came to own the card. That’s it.

Remember: The picture must be of you holding your Most Valuable Panini Basketball Card.

We’ll pore over all the entries and select one winner on Monday, the day after Rose’s Bulls battle the Atlanta Hawks in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Thanks in advance for participating and good luck.


83 Replies to “Show Us Your MVP Basketball Card & You Could Win This 1/1 Derrick Rose Gem”


    I absolutely love this John Wall Gold Team Logo Patch Auto. Its from 10-11 Rookies and Stars and there is actually quite a story behind it. So a lot of the time on your facebook and twitter pages, people complain about this and that, especially redemptions. I recently pulled 2 redemption cards and grew a little frustrated. I amlost quit on Panini there and then, but I decided to try one last time. I bought a box of 10-11 Rookies and Stars at my local card store. I literally opened 21 of the 24 packs in the box and I only had one hit (Caron Butler jersey card). I was about to go on panini’s website to file a complaint about quality assurance, because I was sure there was no way that those last 3 packs all had hits in them. They did. And guess what? One of them was a case hit too! John Wall auto #’d to 25! (And no, it was not a redemption) Definately not going to ever forget that. After that pull I went on to buy a ton more panini products which you can see scattered around the background in the picture. Now I can love Panini again 🙂

    Oh, and one other thing. You can see in the picture I’m wearing my Derrick Rose jersey (go figure) and I took it off to try to find out where the patch is (on the card being given away). The patch appears to be from the very center of the “R” in “Rose” on a Red Chicago Bulls jersey worn by Derrick Rose sometime between 2008 and 2010. Just wanted to let you guys in pn that cool little fact about the card 🙂 Hope I win!

    P.S. Thanks so much for posting the lists with redemption card updates. I’m really growing to appreciate all the hard work you guys are putting in to helping us get our redemptions in. Thanks!

      1. Dude, sweet story…that’s what collecting is all about. Don’t give up on us buddy, we are trying one collector at a time. I gotta be honest and let ya’ll konw that Tracy comes up with all that great stuff you see, he’s the one really getting behind the scenes and getting everybody answers.

      2. Well then thanks to Tracy and everyone else who puts in all the work to help us get the stuff we’ve been waiting for. Once you guys statred posting the lists it kind of opened my eyes to how much work is actually going on. Its crazy that you guys manage to get so many redemptions filled out almost every day. I’ve even seen one of the redemptions that I pulled before the John Wall posted on one of the lists (J. Johnson – T. Gibson Dual Auto from 09-10 Season Update) so that might even be coming in the mail sometime soon. And as for all the people complaining about voicemails when they call customer support, I don’t think that they are calling during office hours. I called once at 7PM and got the voicemail, then I actually listened to the office hours, called again the next morning and got on the line in 3 minutes. I really gotta give you guys props. You’re really making a huge turnaround for the better (or at least I’ve just started noticing what’s really going on). So one last time, thanks to Tracy and everyone else who helps keep us all satisfied and smiling 🙂


    These 2 are probably my 2 Best Panini Basketball Cards. Not sure which one is better but I love them both! Especially since I pulled them both too! The Iggy 1/1 NT Logoman auto as well as the Dual Kobe/Gasol Auto from NT /5 which was a redemption that finally came in last month that I pulled at the Panini Booth at The National in Baltimore last year during the Box War.

  3. Seeing that I have just gotten back into collecting, this has to be one of the coolest pulls I have ever had…. A Prime Cuts Kareem Abdul-Jabbar card from 10-11 Rookies and Stars! I remember growing up watching the sky-hook, so it was great to pull a sweet patch card from the all-time scoring king! Thanks for the contest guys!

    1. I don’t know that you can say Rookie of the Year until tomorrow…oops it’s tomorrow so Congrats Blake!

  4. [IMG][/IMG]
    This has to be the most valuable. Great ebay pick up of a for sure future MVP!!

  5. This cool card has a pretty funny story to it. I was at Mossette’s card chop in Fresno CA and busting open some packs when lo and behold I see a Larry Bird autographed patch card and I went wild. Even though I’m a HUGE Lakers fan it’s still cool to get a legend’s auto especially one from a guy I grew up watching. Before I could celebrate much longer my buddy in the card shop said, “Hey turn that card over!” Tom my amazement there was another autograph, but this time it was of my favorite player EVER…Magic Johnson!!

    Back to back dual auto of Bird and Magic…great pull. I’ll never forget that day! (Bird card) (Magic card)

  6. This isn’t necessarily the most expensive, but it is the most valuable to me – it is the 2009-10 Timeless Treasures Home and Road Gamers Prime Kevin Garnett, which is a 1/1 in the set. This card is my most valuable because with it, I have the entire set, and because it is a 1/1, it is the only set possible in the entire world!


    I started collecting right when Panini came into action last season. I felt it was fitting to start by collecting last season’s rookies, but one rookie really impressed and stood out to me: Stephen Curry. I have since been collecting Stephen Curry exclusively. I could probably call the card I’m holding plus any of the 3 in the background as my “MVP” card. I purchased the card I’m holding from a Blowout card member and still happy with it.

    I recently posted my entire collection which you can see here:

  8. Here are my MVPaninis. Had a very tough time choosing just one, so I went with three. (Please excuse my poor webcam photo)
    1. Stat Stars Prime Auto 1/1 – I loved the looks of the ‘Stat Stars’ set in 2010-11 Prestige, but disappointed there wasn’t an autographed version of my favourite player. Well, Panini finally made it, and with a striking four-colour patch, too! Only one problem–it was a Black Box. I never thought I’d be able to get my hands on it, but fortunately it popped up for sale online almost immediately after the convention.
    2. Statistical Standouts Prime Auto #/10 – An awesome MeiGray laundry tag for the patch; rarer than it’s actually numbered, as numerous patches of the ten made are regular patches from the team crest/numbers.
    3. Limited Trios Auto #/5 – Although this card was released in 2010-11 Limited, whenever I look at it, it brings back fond memories of the 2008-09 Nuggets season for me–their best in my lifetime. I remember prior to the (08-09) season start, everybody was picking them to end up in the lottery–as they traded Camby for nothing, and Nenê was still injury plagued. They signed Andersen for a contract for less than $1 million, but nobody was expecting anything from him. Well, the season started, Iverson was traded for Billups about a week in, and the Nuggets took off! Finishing second in a tough Western Conference, then reaching the Conference Finals; it was truly an amazing and emotional season as a Nuggets fan. With all the attention Bird received for successfully returning and making an impact, hometown hero Billups returning and being the leader the Nuggets had been missing, and the maturation of Melo, it was a season I’ll never forget. And this card, although maybe not the most valuable in my collection, is one that always evokes strong, positive emotions when I look at it. I don’t think you can put a price tag on what this card does for me, and for that, it is probably my personally MVPanini.

    1. [IMG][/IMG]


    I wouldn’t call this my Most Valuable Panini card but it is certainly my favorite. The reason for this is, I’m a lifelong Kentucky Wildcats fan and with this years draft class having 5 players to collect, I was hooked on trying to collect as many as I could. I have several John Wall cards which would probably be my most valuable, but this one is my favorite because I pulled it myself. I was down to the last pack out of the box and only had 3 hits so I knew there should be 1 more. Imagine my surprise when I busted the pack only to find this beauty inside. I literally screamed like a little girl. It was actually more like a squeaky man scream, but you get the idea. I was so excited. This kind of pull is why I buy boxes. Just hoping for that next great personal collection pull. I enjoy pulling legend auto’s or vet or rookie auto’s as much as anyone, but to pull a player I collect is amazing. Regardless of value, it will be my Most Valuable Panini card.

  10. Well this card may not be worth much but it is the best looking patch card I have. My daughter and I pulled this Marc Gasol Hardwood Heroes Prime numbered 01/49. It is the first card I have pulled that was number 1/anything, and I think the patch looks really nice. I had been out of the hobby for many years, and cards like this one are the reason I have gotten back into it. Also my 11 year old daughter is into collecting cards now too which makes it that much more fun.


    I ordered a single tin of timeless treasures off of blowoutcards and when the order arrived, it happened to be Derrick Rose tin (also shown in the picture)! I left the order sit overnight and the next afternoon curiosity got the best of me and I popped it. The pack had 5 hits in it (vs a guaranteed 3) I took my time going through the cards as I had never opened a more hits than base product before and it took me a minute once I saw this one to comprehend what it was. When I saw it was Kobe, I thought aww cool a Kobe jersey card, too bad it wasn’t the auto’d version. But then I looked at the “patch” and thought wait this has to be a mistake, where does something like this come from? The material suggested it was a piece of the tag but I had never seen the team logo from the tag used in a card before. Once I realized that’s what it was and turned the card over to see the numbering “2/2” my jaw almost hit the floor. This has to be one of the top 5 cards in the entire product and I pulled it out of a single tin! Kobe logoman cards and laundry tag cards, I have seen, but I’ve never seen anything like this one! To summarize, my MVP is a former MVP that I pulled out of a tin with the MVP on it!

  12. I am VERY VERY stoked to be holding these up today. first is my ridiculous 09-10 Certified triple patch with at least 7 color breaks PER patch of ROY Tyreke Evans and numbered 01/25!! Second (below) is my 09-10 National Treasures triple patch auto of ROY Tyreke Evans numbered 25/49. behind me is my mural of the capitol building in SACRAMENTO… and I am SOOOOO relieved that my lifelong team, the Sacramento Kings, is NOT moving!!!!


    I know it’s not the best card, but it’s the best Panini basketball card I have =)
    Classics is my favorite product both for basketball and football. I don’t have the money to buy cases or a lot of boxes, so I save up and buy a couple whenever a box that I want comes along. I hit this David Lee patch auto 23/25 from my first box and I was ecstatic because I’m a Warriors fan! Thanks Panini, I will continue to collect your products!

    Love your products guys. Saving up for your new Gold Standard basketball coming up!

  14. This is my best Panini basketball pull yet. A Marcus Camby 145/199. I haven’t had much luck pulling Rose cards but hopefully my luck will change. I am a huge Chicago Bulls fan and love D-Rose!! Go Bulls! Thanks Panini!!

  15. This is my son Max who pulled his first patch card for his birthday in April. He just turned 10 and loves to play basketball and I haven’t collected much in the last few years so I got him a few pack. I couldn’t believe how excited he was the running around the house screaming and yelling. I would love to see what he would do with a 1/1 Derrick Rose card. Thanks

  16. Hello! Here’s me holding my 2010-2011 Panini Absolute Memorabilia Kobe Bryant Star Gazing Jumbo Jersey# Patch Auto #D 2/5! I pulled a similar card out of 2009-2010 Absolute (Kobe Bryant Star Gazing Jumbo Jersey Auto #D 20/25) and had instantly fallen in love with the uniqueness and beauty of Absolute Memorabilia Star Gazing cards. After pulling that Kobe I had always dreamed about how great it would be to own the patch auto version of the card. After much searching for the 2009-2010 version, the sheer rarity of the SG Kobe patch auto version (#D /5) made it very difficult for me to acquire a copy; I made it my mission to obtain the 2010-2011 version of the Kobe SG jumbo patch auto. Upon the release of 2010-2011 Absolute Memorabilia (besides opening a case) I searched Ebay multiple times each day in hopes a copy would surface… The day finally came when a 2010-2011 Kobe SG jumbo patch auto became available!!…only problem was the card was listed for all of an hour or two and already had 15 [U]pending[/U] offers!! I knew to have any chance at the card I would have to come in hard and strong!! I went for it and made an extremely high offer….After a couple hours (and a lot of sweat 🙂 ), I finally heard back from the seller…my offer was accepted!!!
    If you look closely at my picture, you will also notice a 2009-2010 Panini Court Kings Kobe Bryant lithograph auto in the background. I was at my LCS the day Court Kings was released and had first crack at the sealed case…I picked out a couple boxes and pulled the Kobe litho redemption (I redeemed as soon as I got home from the shop)! Can’t be certain, but I am quite sure I was the first person to pull this card and redeem it! As soon as the litho arrived I had it framed, and boy is it stunning!
    Thanks for the contest Blowout/Panini!

  17. After my Enlistment I ended up in San Antonio texas, where there is one of the coolest cardshops I ever seen (Sports Cards Plus). I googled card shops in San Antonio and Charlie’s (sports cards plus- owner) blog came up so i went to check it out and bought some cards and i saw he had 09-10 Panini Crown Royale one of my favorite cards from when i was growing up. So i thought next time i come in im going to buy a box, but on his blog he posted a pick of a costumer who had pulled the Blake griffin auto rc. So the next time I went in I asked about it and he said the guy had pulled it from another case he got in february. So I asked Charlie if I could pick a box and he lined the boxes up and i picked one. I told him there was a Blake Auto rc in the box, he laughed. I opened the box there at the shop because charlie gives you top loaders for every Auto or Jersey card you pull in his shop (plus he has contests for best pull). I wasnt doing to good with the hits but in the fourth and last pack I pulled a Blake Griffin Auto Rc. Well thats how I pulled my MVP 09-10 Panini Crown Royale Blake Griffin Rc #108. Good luck everyone. The Derrick Rose card is Awesome.

    1. Congrats! I saw your picture on Sports Cards Plus facebook page. That’s certainly a sweet pull!


    This is my Most Valuable Panini card because it’s my favorite card. I acquired this card through my local card shop, Sports Cards Plus. I went in and bought a 2009-10 Panini Certified Basketball blaster box. When I opened the cards I got a Sam Young auto. Since the Grizzles were playing the Spurs at the time, I asked if the owner would be willing to trade me for another card, he accepted. So, I looked through his Spurs stack and found this card (2009-10 Threads Jerseys Prime #11 Tim Duncan /25). He accepted the trade and I was extremely happy. This is the first card that I’ve ever own that is a multicolored patch, and it’s of my favorite player! I was sad to see the Spurs lose so quickly, but there there’s always next year! Good luck everyone, and have a blessed day!


    i know it is supose to be your one favorite card but for me these two cards can not be separated. Yes the patch auto /10 on card is my favorite and the more valuable of the two but i couldn’t not put them together. I came accross these two cards the best way possible. this year on my birthday. About a month ago i went to my local card shop to get some boxes. I got a box of timeless treasures and three boxes of absolute memorobilia. To be perfectly honest i did awful. I pulled nothing worth over 20 dollars in value. I was a little dissapointed knowing that it was my birthday and i didnt do well but i had no more money to spend to try to redeem my day. I went home and after dinner and cake my parent come down stairs with a surprise. I rip the wrapping and inside is an absolute memorobilia basketball box. im sure you can tell whats coming. This box was the greatest box i ahve ever gotten. On the first mini pack comes the beautiful on card jersey kobe auto /25. I would have said it was a great birthday mojo from just that. But it didnt stop there. On the last mini pack comes out that INSANE!! ON CARD PATCH AUTO KOBE 1/10. I went crazy. Not one but two kobes in one box. And of course on my birthday i get the greatest mojo of my life. These are two spectacular cards that deserve the award for MOST VALUABLE PANINI BASKETBALL CARD and new mvp drose deserves to be with former mvp kobe bryant in my collection. AND THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING BDAY MOJO AND GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE IN THE CONTEST.


  20. Thanks for this awesome contest Panini!

    First off, I am a HUGE Chicago Bulls fan and have been since the 90’s. I am also a HUGE Derrick Rose fan and collector. I have been watching Derrick Rose play basketball since he was a Sophomore in highschool at Simeon High in Chicago. While watching Rose in highschool and even college at Memphis, never did I think that he would be the superstar on my favorite team, let alone the NBA’s Most Valuable Player (MVP!).

    Anyways, here is my story on how I obtained my 2 favorite Panini cards, which both happen to be of Derrick Rose and are both 1/1’s. So when the first release of Panini National Treasures came out last summer I took a look at the checklist and spotted two Derrick Rose cards I HAD to have. I searched daily on websites, message boards, and auction sites for these cards to pop up for sale as I had money saved up to buy them. Then a few days later a friend of mine on the BlowoutCards Forum messaged me and said he was opening a case of National Treasures at his local cardshop. He said it would be funny if he pulled one of the Derrick Rose 1/1 Logoman cards that I was looking for. Oddly enough, later that night I received a message from him stating that he had pulled the Derrick Rose Colossal Logoman card 1/1. We worked out a deal and the card was mine! 🙂

    Then just 2 days later hundreds of other collectors and myself were on BlogTV watching a case of National Treasures get busted by a collector. I was sitting there hoping that the other Derrick Rose Logoman card might just be in that case. Unfortunately it was not, but while watching the break I decided to do a little search on eBay for newly listed National Treasures cards. Low and behold there it was, just listed with a very fair Buy it Now price… the Derrick Rose National Treasures NBA Logoman 1/1. CLICK! It was an easy decision and I am very proud to have both of these cards in my possession.

    Below is a picture of me and my 2 favorite Panini cards. As you can see, I am wearing my Derrick Rose Jersey and standing next to Signed Derrick Rose Jersey & Photo. Thanks again for the contest!


    well this is my very first insert card of rose that i pulled.
    why i cant post any patch or auto cards? coz i still havent yet got one
    actually i’m a fan of chicago bulls, which is also the very first girl supporting bulls among the lil fans club.

    one day i juz saw my friend buying cards of derrick rose, and i started collecting cards of bulls since January.
    i’m not a rich girl, so i could juz collect the cards slowly
    and even dont have a chance owning a patch or auto card of derrick rose.
    it’s definitely a big pity as i search for such cards of him everyday on ebay
    and i could juz stare at them, having no chance to get one as far as he’s becoming MVP.

    few months later, i bought packs of cards as usual and i pulled this die cut jersey card
    well, like what i said before, it’s the first insert card of rose that i got.
    It is a card with real good cutting,
    but my dream’s not yet fulfilled, when i saw this competition, i juz told myself
    i want to get my first patch card of rose though i dont have any sky high value cards of him yet.

    he really deserves to be MVP….since i saw his performance in playoff games against boston in 2009,
    i knew he’d be the MVP soon. though having injuries last year,
    he still came over it this season which really makes people delighted for him
    it’s a big honor winning such title, but i feel like he’s not fulfilled like my lil dream
    we all hope him winning champion this season.

  22. My Limited Decade Dominance John stockton auto is easily my most valuable Panini bball card. Stockton was a favorite growing up. He was a guy that didn’t seek the spotlight, he just quietly went about his job, becoming a HOFer and one of the all time greats in the process. In many ways D Rose reminds me of Stockton, in his work ethic, his team focus and limitless skills with the ball. D Rose may bring a little more flash though.

    This card is worth more than any other Panini bball card in my stack and holds the most value to me personally. Not a bad combination.

  23. I’m an Absolute Panini fan I just recently started collecting again about a year ago after losing all my basketball cards because of a thief. So from zero i tried to build up a new collection and what more of better way for me to have started off with Panini. Your Company made Basketball cards More affordable again and better cause here in the Philippines basketball is a Big fuss but basketball cards is not such a big demand due to the fact what we are a 3rd world country and our purchasing power is far far far from all the other countries, but we can only hope. I’m more of collector and as you can see I’m an Absolute Memorabilia fan and what better way to join this contest than to promote the guard that guards the MVP, Jeff Teague I was so in love with Absolute Memorabilia that I had to have the really best cards of Absolute Teague I have 2 1/1 Auto tags of Teague these are my MVP’s. This is a great way to show that even here in the Philippines were we only get charity from The USA, Basketball cards has still a chance to survive and thrive even though one baby step at a time. Great job guys on the affordable and Top of the Line Cards, here in the Philippines A few dollar off from the packs really make a big big difference. Thank you.

  24. Hi Panini,

    Attached is a photo of me holding my best Panini pull ever. I am a huge Derrick Rose fan, but it is not a Derrick Rose – but it is someone he has gotten awfully familiar with this series, unexpectedly! In fact, he is playing better than anyone would have guessed.

    It came from my first case of National Treasures last year – in my last box! I had pulled some nice cards, Steve Nash auto, Jerry West auto, Collison redemption, Curry auto, but this was the big prize – my very first Logoman, auto’d, and an awesome true RC 1/1 to boot!

    Being a big ACC fan I was super excited as he was a terrific PG at Wake and is breaking out in front of our eyes in the playoffs!


    i love rose but i have to give my love to my boy jordan crawford, i pulled these two rookie autos from the same blaster from a target near my house. I just bought the box because i love panini basketball stuff and i felt the need to bust some packs. The next thing i knew, i was holding two autos of one of my favorite players. Really like the auto with the draft patch, great design! Thanks for what you do panini, keep it up!

  26. My MVP would have to be my Blake Griffin Contenders auto from last year… But because I have used it in a previous contest… How about something more recent – My DeMarcus Cousins Classics auto. Both were pulled from one of my favorite card shops in Phoenix, the Phoenix Card Co-Op, about one year apart. I love the fact that both of them are on card. I didn’t follow much of Cousins this past year, but now having a rookie auto of his, I will follow him more closely next year, which to me, is part of the fun of collecting. Having Blake’s Contenders auto at the beginning of this NBA season made me follow him closely from the beginning, and I loved it even more as he took the NBA, and many of its fans, by storm.

    Thanks for the contest – and sorry for the lateness of my entry! Hope I made it in time!

      1. Hey I go to hoopers sports cards up in Scottsdale. Can you give me an address for this shop? I might head down there and check it out.

      2. The Co-op is located on the northwest corner of 43rd ave & Bell Rd next to the Baskin Robins… Another good shop in the area is Rookies and Legends on the northwest corner of 35th Ave. & Greenway Rd. There’s a 3rd shop in the area on Bell Rd near 31st ave as well, though they specialize more in singles and vintage cards (at least from what I’ve seen). Sorry, I don’t have the exact addresses but hope this helps! It hurts the already limited pocket book having so many shops around me, but its definitely cool having multiple shops on the west side of the Valley to choose from, especially since I usually only buy a few packs at a time!

  27. My MVP Card is of my favorite player in the NBA and my main Player Collection, Ersan Ilyasova. It had been 3 years since he had any cards made, so I was ecstatic when I saw he was going to be included in 2009/10 Panini Court Kings in the Artistry insert set. I love the classy and clean look of this set. I quickly obtained all the variations of the card within the first couple days of release, except for the 1/1 black-framed version. Fortunately, not too long after the 1/1 popped up on ebay one night and I made the seller a very generous offer for it, and it became mine!


    My Most Valuable Panini card would be this gorgeous Kobe Bryant Inside the Numbers autograph that I got from 2009-10 Prestige. Even though I live in Chicago and am a huge Bulls fan, I love this card and the beautiful on-card autograph from Kobe. It is really nice!!

    I haven’t been able to pull any really amazing Bulls cards yet from any of my Panini boxes, so I’m hoping I can win this awesome Derrick Rose Team Trademarks 1/1 card. If I do, it’s going to my son in college who collects cards with me and who actually played against Derrick in high school. My son’s high school team played against Derrick’s Simeon team in a summer league game and lost. By the fourth quarter, Simeon had a comfortable lead so Derrick started messing around and shooting 3 pointers – with his left hand! And he was making them!!! So like I said, if I win the Rose 1/1 it will go to my son as a remembrance of playing against a future NBA MVP.

    Thanks for the really fantastic contest guys. And thanks to everyone for showing off those great Panini cards.

  29. My most prized card is a Kobe Bryant ALL NBA Autograph from National Treasures 20/25, it was a birthday gift from a friend, I really love this card.
    Sadly the Lakers got swept this year! Oh well!

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