The Drool Gallery: 2010 National Treasures Football NFL Equipment Rookie Autographs

By the narrowest of margins, weekend readers of The Knight's Lance voted 53.6 percent to 46.4 percent to see the 2010 National Treasures NFL Equipment Rookie Autographs over their Reebok logo counterparts. Truth be told, the poll presented the ultimate win-win proposition. When it comes to the football card gems in question, there really was no wrong answer. (more…)

Panini Poll: Which 2010 National Treasures Football Gallery Would You Rather See?

To help honor the release of 2010 National Treasures Football in six days, I thought about posting a sweet gallery tomorrow featuring some of the set's most striking on-card rookie autographs. The problem? I couldn't decide which gallery to show. I've narrowed it down to two delectable choices: It's either the vertically vibrant, super-scarce Reebok logo version or the horizontally handsome, always-amazing…

Quality Controlling 2010 National Treasures Football (with Massive Gallery & Video)

  The anticipation is palpable. 2010 National Treasures Football is coming -- and as you can plainly see by the mouth-agape gallery below, it's equipped with some of the most breathtaking big-ticket memorabilia cards in NFL history. Not to worry, it's packing only the biggest autograph guns too, many of which are showcased in the exclusive video that follows the…

Before the Signatures: 2010 National Treasures Rookie Cards (Part 1 of 2)

There were people touring Cowboys Stadium a mile down the road who likely heard the joyous uproar this morning when we got the first glimpses of the devastatingly good-looking Rookie Cards destined for 2010 National Treasures Football. Every card in the set is a certifiable stunner that rivals, in its own way, Beyonce or Mila Kunis on the double-take scale. Just imagine how good…
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