Episode No. 12 of “Going Direct: The Panini Podcast” is Live Now with NFL Predictions, Product Reviews, Industry Summit Packs and More

Hosts Tracy Hackler and Scott Prusha deliver bold predictions for the 2021 NFL season, review 2021 Donruss Football and 2021 WNBA Prizm Basketball, quiz the NFL’s newest Rated Rookies and revisit a special Super Bowl tribute to the great Tom Brady in this must-see episode “Going Direct: The Panini Podcast.” Watch now! (more…)

The Panini America Quality Control Gallery: 2021 WNBA Prizm Basketball

Last season's celebrated debut of WNBA Prizm Basketball was absolutely one of Panini America's most surprising, expectations-shattering releases of the year -- and it immediately raised expectations for any WNBA Prizm release to follow. Tomorrow, that follow-up arrives with the release of 2021 WNBA Prizm Basketball in hobby shops across North America. As you'll see in the revealing Quality Control…