Dominion Hockey Delivers Pull of a Lifetime for Michigan Collector Ernest Lantto

It took just five boxes for Michigan collector Ernest Lantto to fall in love with 2010-11 Dominion Hockey. But nine cards through what admittedly was "the most horrific pack"¬†imaginable,¬†he was second guessing his decision to purchase his¬†sixth and final box. His¬†first five boxes had yielded some truly spectacular cards,¬†but what Lantto¬†really wanted, more than anything, was to find the redemption…

Hoisting the Cup: The One Redemption Card Every Dominion Collector Wants to Pull

Beginning tomorrow, anxious hockey collectors across¬†North America will finally get their first crack at opening the¬†epic, buzz-inducing blockbuster¬†better known as 2010-11 Dominion Hockey. The busting experience¬†promises to be the collecting equivalent of hoisting¬†the hallowed Stanley Cup. But¬†one lucky collector will actually win the Stanley Cup -- literally. (more…)