Teaser Gallery: Panini America Breaks Early Boxes of the New 2015 Prizm Baseball

Panini America 2015 Prizm Baseball Teaser (1)

For many hardcore hardball collectors, Wednesday simply can’t get here fast enough. For Wednesday, you see, is the day Panini America’s 2015 Prizm Baseball releases to a hungry fan base seemingly champing at the bit to rip into the colorful, compelling and stacked release. Boasting a bevy of new Prizm paralllels (including baseball’s debut of Tie-Dye Prizms and Black & White Checkered Prizms) and a loaded, predominantly hard-signed autograph checklist, 2015 Prizm Baseball is equipped to be the best Prizm Baseball to date.

Each hobby box of 2015 Prizm Baseball will deliver two autographs and at least nine Prizm parallels. Earlier today, we got our hands on two early boxes for the express purpose of presenting you with this sneak peek Teaser Gallery that takes you pack by pack through the 2015 Prizm Baseball experience.

Enjoy the gallery and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for continued coverage of 2015 Prizm Baseball.


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  1. Panini America 2015 contenders draft picks football Earl Thomas
    Panini America 2015 Americana Qc (61) Hollywood blockbuster Vince Neil
    Panini America 2015 Optichrome peek (58) Rashad Greene

  2. Tracy, I am willing to help you out in regards to these 2 boxes you busted open. I will be happy to take the 2 Rusney Castillo Autos off your hands, just to cut down on trash. Instead of JUST throwing them away, I am willing to suffer a bit and take them, and give them a nice home!!!!

    Dave Casey

  3. Tracy….my bad…..I have “Rusney” of the Brain!!! I mean I will be willing to take the ONE Auto of him along with the Yasmani Tomas Auto as well. LOL!!!

    Dave Casey

  4. That Kluber is awesome. I think I’ve said this more than once already, but I’ll say it again: BRING THIS DESIGN TO THE NEXT FOOTBALL PRIZM!

  5. I’m enamored of the Prizm finish, it’s bright, it immediately denotes something special, and it provides a really nice optical **POP** when one is breaking a box!
    Of far greater significance, however, are the cards that lie beneath the technology…& I cannot find fault with a 2-box break that yields particularly scarce ON-CARD autographed issues of two of the most well-regarded Cuban prospects in all of MLB.
    That equally (if not more so) limited issues of Chris Sale (a bull who’s under-valued), Tanaka and Javier Baez came from the same break is really remarkable and only further bolsters the product’s ROI. And, for many collectors, present/projected ROI cannot be under-stated.

    The impact such creative print technology had upon the hobby has been quite impressive, but the value really lies in the yield. Prizm is far more than a box of trading card Skittles,
    Panini had yet another winner of a product that will be highly sought.
    Again, THack & Friends, great work. THANK YOU!!!

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