Teaser Gallery: Panini America Breaks Four Early Boxes of 2014 Limited Football

Panini America 2014 Limited Football Teaser (1)

With Panini America’s 2014 Limited Football slated to release on Friday, we’re going to switch things up just a bit here at The Knight’s Lance. Normally at this stage of a product’s release cycle, we’d bring you a comprehensive Quality Control Gallery that showcases a little bit of everything the product has in store, and then follow up with a pack-break Teaser Gallery the day before release. But today, we’re going to reverse that order. First we’re doing the Teaser Gallery, then we’ll follow later this week with the Quality Control Gallery. Consider it kind of like having dessert before the main course.

Earlier today, we received a small shipment of early 2014 Limited Football boxes. We reserved two of those for an extra-special episode of Panini Unwrapped coming up later this week that was filmed on location from halfway across the world. Trust us, this is one that must be seen to be believed. As for the other boxes, well, we ripped them open as quickly as we could for this Teaser Gallery that takes you pack by pack through the experience. Enjoy the gallery and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for additioanl coverage of 2014 Limited Football.



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  1. Forgive the length, but I’m growing concerned by what I see.
    I like the new look, but I confess to being very disappointed. Here’s why, and I don’t believe I’m making these observations in a vaccuum as I’ve heard the same grievances from other collectors at shows and my LHS.

    1. The movement to “1-pack boxes.” I’d much rather see the hits dispersed throughout 10 or so packs. A huge component to the joy of breaking wax is busting packs! As an example, I enjoy opening packs and sharing my love of the hobby with my daughter as we watch Sunday & Monday Night Football. The “one n’ done” box holds very little excitement, for the pack cracking process IS an inseparable part of the collecting experience.

    2. “Who is on that card!?” Although the Cin’ City 4 player patch is very nice, the vast majority of collectors would much rather have seen Giovanni Bernard or A.J Green included on that card as opposed to BGE. Same thing with the Doug Martin cards. Neither player should have been included in such a high-end product, and the inclusion of such marginal, “past their peak” athletes is an issue I see cropping-up with increasing frequency. It’s also alienating collectors who expect more for their box-buying bucks.

    3. “Perceived Value”: No collector wants to pull a low-ceiling rook’ but we understand that they come with the territory. HOWEVER, when athletes such as Doug Martin, who hasn’t played in more than 6 games since his rookie campaign of ’12 due to injuries…or Benjarvus Green-Ellis, who had a nice couple of years but is important only to those with BGE PCs or Bengal fans? Those cards become commons. The real and perceived value of a box with such over-exposed under-producers is minimal.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. Very nice on the design this year, they look great. Not sure these boxes are worth the $110 price tag though. ROI is declining for most recent releases across all products IMO.

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