Teaser Gallery: Panini America Opens Three Boxes of 2014 Crown Royale Football Retail

Panini America 2014 Crown Royale Football Retail Teaser (1)

On Wednesday, just one day before Thanksgiving leads to the inevitable madness of Black Friday, Panini America’s 2014 Crown Royale Football hits hobby shops across North America. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: The retail version of the venerable, kingly release is already on its way to store shelves and, in fact, may already be live in some parts of the country. So to help properly prepare you for what to expect from the retail version, we’re about to take you pack by pack through three four-pack boxes.

Each retail box of 2014 Crown Royale Football delivers two autograph or memorabilia cards; the product also delivers some retail-exclusive parallel colors that add significant pop to the release. We’ll have additional coverage of 2014 Crown Royale in the coming days right here on The Knight’s Lance. But until then, check out the following Teaser Gallery that brings you up close to the retail experience . . .


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    1. in case you missed it, this was the retail version. I was confused for a few seconds as well at first, until I went back up and read it.

      As for the cards… very jealous of that Edelman /25. Will have to keep my eyes open for one of those.

  1. So Panini is following Topps in releasing retail before hobby. This along with Target only releases and case breakers that can bust product in their living rooms will lead to the demise of more and more brick and mortar shops. Sad.

  2. So, the “new” Rookie Signatures insert is essentially the 2010/2011 version of Rookie Silhouettes, with the jersey/patch swatch being replaced by a piece of wrapping paper?


    This product would sell much better if the Rookie Silhouettes looked more like the inaugural 2010 and then 2011 versions, as opposed to their underwhelming counterparts in 2012, 2013, and now again in 2014.

    The Die-Cut Crown autographs always looked sharp, and they’ve been replaced by ginger bread man cut-outs laid over the top of what appears to be Christmas foil wrapping paper…

    The non-auto/memorabilia inserts and the base card designs look really great this year, but overall this was a huge step back for the Crown Royale franchise.

  3. Last year’s Crown Royale was one of the best retail products in my opinion. I can’t wait to bust a couple of 2014 boxes! I really like the look of the Silhouette cards with the refractive background, too!

  4. The collation baffled me as well, until I, too, re-read and discovered that this is the retail iteration.
    I really like the redesign of the base cards, and the non-mem’ inserts work very well within the Crown Royale theme.
    That said, this product killed it in ’12, when every box contained an auto jersey/patch. Whats the MSRP?

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