Teaser: Panini America Rips Open Two Early Boxes of 2014 Certified Football (Gallery)

Panini America 2014 Certified Football Teaser Gallery (1)

Welcome to the unofficial national holiday known as The 2014 NFL Season Starts Today Day. Tonight, the defending champion Seattle Seahawks host the Green Bay Packers in a monumental season-opener. Tomorrow, as luck would have it, Panini America’s 2014 Certified Football releases in hobby shops across North America, offering its own special way to celebrate NFL Kickoff Weekend.

This morning we grabbed two early boxes of the product to deliver the following Teaser Gallery that showcases just some of what collectors can expect from this year’s Certified at the box level. The images below take you pack by pack through the experience. Enjoy the gallery. Enjoy the game tonight and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for continued coverage.


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  1. Any soccer coming out. Prizm has been the biggest soccer product ever, they should not let it die there. The blue waves from the national convention also are selling well. Are the other insert coming out?


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  2. Another GREAT SET! Would love to land one of those 1of1s! The designs are cool with all the refractor colors 🙂 Like that Blake Bortles autographed jersey also! Great looking cards here Panini! Another “Panini Packs The Punch!” Set to get! Thanks for the look and I’ll be LOOKING out for these! Thanks! Have a GREAT DAY Tracy and everyone at Panini!

  3. Always love this release..would love to see more Veteran -HOF laced products like you do with basketball..Seems like there are an awful lot of HOF football players that haven’t been on a football card yet. In fact leave the rooks out and come up with a new super HOF- veteran set (or 2 or 3). We get enough rookies..thanks!

  4. There was a flyer inside the case that said something about the Future Fabrics that are supposed to be one per box being replaced by points cards in some boxes. What is that all about? And are there supposed to be four hits per box or three or is there no set amount because I’m seeing a lot of three hit only boxes.

  5. Certified, much like Prestige and R&S, is a reliable and often surprising early season break. The Benjamin parallel is to his number, 13, the 1 of 1 is just sweet and the Bortles auto/patch rook’ is as nice a card as you’ll see in a product of this price point.
    Looking forward to cracking a box or 2 upon release while watching my Sunday games!

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