The 2010 Playoff Contenders Football SP Reveal: Super Bowl Contenders Black Autos

On Monday, we began slowly revealing answers with the list of SPs from 2010 Playoff Contenders' Legendary Contenders Black Autographs insert. Today we follow up with the skinny on short prints -- including some that are way shorter than others -- found within Contenders' captivating Super Bowl Tickets Black Autographs.

One of the most asked questions these days among passionate football folks has nothing at all to do with the NFL’s expiring CBA, Cam Newton’s 40 time or whether or not the Green Bay Packers have what it takes to repeat. No, the most prolific query making the rounds is something much more collecting focused.

“When will Panini America release short-print quantities for 2010 Playoff Contenders Football?” I’m glad you asked.

On Monday, we began slowly revealing answers with the list of SPs from the product’s Legendary Contenders Black Autographs insert. Today we follow up with the skinny on short prints — including some that are way shorter than others —  found within Contenders’ captivating Super Bowl Tickets Black Autographs

On Friday, we’ll finally reveal the highly coveted SP list for 2010 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket variations. Should be delicious. 

Until then, here are the pertinent digits for the scarcer Super Bowl Tickets Black Autographs, followed by a partial gallery of some of the sweet cards that comprise the legend-littered insert. Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance on Friday for more football card fun.

# Player Name Team QTY
1 Bart Starr Green Bay Packers 10
2 Jim Taylor Green Bay Packers 10
3 Willie Wood Green Bay Packers 10
4 Bart Starr Green Bay Packers 5
5 Willie Davis Green Bay Packers 250
6 Boyd Dowler Green Bay Packers 250
7 Joe Namath New York Jets 25
8 Don Maynard New York Jets 15
9 Len Dawson Kansas City Chiefs 15
10 Willie Lanier Kansas City Chiefs 65
11 Bobby Bell Kansas City Chiefs 35
12 Jan Stenerud Kansas City Chiefs 75
13 Chuck Howley Dallas Cowboys 10
14 Roger Staubach Dallas Cowboys 12
15 Cliff Harris Dallas Cowboys 75
16 John Niland Dallas Cowboys 65
17 Bob Lilly Dallas Cowboys 100
18 Lee Roy Jordan Dallas Cowboys 35
19 Mel Renfro Dallas Cowboys 25
20 Larry Little Miami Dolphins 50
21 Paul Warfield Miami Dolphins 15
22 Jack Lambert Pittsburgh Steelers 75
23 L.C. Greenwood Pittsburgh Steelers 45
24 Fred Biletnikoff Oakland Raiders 50
25 Willie Brown Oakland Raiders 75
26 Dave Casper Oakland Raiders 20
27 Ken Stabler Oakland Raiders 25
28 Randy White Dallas Cowboys 30
29 Tony Dorsett Dallas Cowboys 33
30 Ed “Too Tall” Jones Dallas Cowboys 15
31 D.D. Lewis Dallas Cowboys 20
32 Terry Bradshaw Pittsburgh Steelers 5
33 Terry Bradshaw Pittsburgh Steelers 5
34 Jim Plunkett Oakland Raiders 35
35 Joe Montana San Francisco 49ers 20
36 Russ Grimm Washington Redskins 65
37 Jim Plunkett Oakland Raiders 5
38 Joe Montana San Francisco 49ers 8
39 William Perry Chicago Bears 45
40 Jim McMahon Chicago Bears 25
41 Phil Simms New York Giants 5
42 Doug Williams Washington Redskins 25
43 Jerry Rice San Francisco 49ers 5
44 Joe Montana San Francisco 49ers 10
45 Tom Rathman San Francisco 49ers 35
46 Ottis Anderson New York Giants 50
47 Art Monk Washington Redskins 15
48 Troy Aikman Dallas Cowboys 5
49 Mark Stepnoski Dallas Cowboys 25
50 Emmitt Smith Dallas Cowboys 10
51 Michael Irvin Dallas Cowboys 5
52 Darren Woodson Dallas Cowboys 15
53 Steve Young San Francisco 49ers 15
54 Brent Jones San Francisco 49ers 5
55 John Taylor San Francisco 49ers 10
56 Deion Sanders Dallas Cowboys 5
57 Rod Woodson Baltimore Ravens 10
58 Brett Favre Green Bay Packers 4
59 Terrell Davis Denver Broncos 5
60 Ed McCaffrey Denver Broncos 25
61 John Elway Denver Broncos 20
62 Marshall Faulk St. Louis Rams 25
63 Tom Brady New England Patriots 1
64 Tom Brady New England Patriots 2
65 Tom Brady New England Patriots 3
66 Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers 4
67 Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts 2
68 Reggie Wayne Indianapolis Colts 5
69 Eli Manning New York Giants 10
70 Brandon Jacobs New York Giants 15
71 Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers 5
72 Santonio Holmes Pittsburgh Steelers 50
73 Drew Brees New Orleans Saints 1
74 Keyshawn Johnson Tampa Bay Buccaneers 25
75 Marques Colston New Orleans Saints 2

21 Replies to “The 2010 Playoff Contenders Football SP Reveal: Super Bowl Contenders Black Autos”

  1. Are the Rookie Ticket SP print runs going to be released today? Please say yes. We have waited long enough.

  2. i don’t collect football cards, but man the design on those cards are simply outstanding! (except UGH! stupid stickers)

    i would love to see a similar design for a panini basketball product.


  3. Are all the SB Ticket autos listed to the quantities above or do they have more of a refractoresque quality? just curious. bought 2 packs the other day and got the Willie Brown auto and that would be sweet if its only numbered to /75!

  4. also on subject of autos any idea what the status of Gerald McCoy signing his Certified cards and the timetable will be?

  5. im still looking for these cards i have about 20 cards to find to complete set anyone that has any of these cards 2010 contenders super bowl autograph and want to sell them please email me thanks [email protected]

  6. i have a question maybe someone would answer on the 2010 contenders super bowl ticket auto some are blue and i see a few that are black is there a different in price at all cause i see the black auto are hard to find i have 45 of the 75 cards for the set and looking to try to complete as much of it as possilbe if anyone has any of these cards and would sell them please email me at ([email protected]) thanks Stephen

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